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The Most Dangerous Game: Or, My Journey to Have the World's Best Orgasm

The Most Dangerous Game: Or, My Journey to Have the World's Best OrgasmThe first time I masturbated was one of the most special moments of my life. I was young, too young to have discovered the joy of rubbing your own genitals, but as soon as I tried it, I was hooked. I started with my panties on, using the edge of my bed, or a stuffed toy's nose, or a folded up pillow to rub until I couldn't rub anymore. Ask any girl how she first masturbated and she'll tell you a similar tale. One day you realize that rubbing yourself on cushioned objects feels really, really good. And when you discover this you tell your friends. And soon slumber parties turn into "ok now you try it" masturbation discovery parties. While I'm only 28, I still grew up without free access to the Internet and we didn't know that these pillow humping marathon sleepover parties were, well, highly inappropriate. We would just play and giggle and it all seemed very sweet. Eventually we all figured out that what we were doing wasn't exactly innocent and we stopped. And never mentioned it again. Ask your girlfriend, or wife. I'm sure she's had a similar slumber party experience.

Slumber parties aside, I became obsessed with touching myself. I would do it during school in the bathroom, I would do it when I came home from school, I would do it in the bathtub, I would do it anywhere and everywhere I could. I never told anyone about my private time once I realized it was meant to be private. And before I turned 18 I didn't have access to sex toy stores. Until I left for college my only toy was my incredible shower head which had the best pressure of any showerhead ever created and it could be used to tease and tickle or hit the exact spot you needed it to hit. Needless to say, I ran up a very large water bill in high school.

Then, when I left for college and turned 18 my world changed. My boyfriend at the time went to a different school and one day he sent me a gift: the first edition Rabbit vibrator. Remember those? It had a thick shaft, spinning beads inside the body, and little ears attached to a vibrating bullet. Even though it was hot pink I found it to be incredibly intimidating. Perhaps this is TMI but my gynecologist once told me "you have the vagina of a 12-year-old girl." Which means I can't exactly accommodate a lot of girth without a lot of effort. So instead of using the Rabbit as God intended it to be used I just held the buzzing ears up against my clit and let the magic happen.

I've never done heroin but I assume that having your first vibrator orgasm is a lot like doing heroin for the first time. You're constantly chasing the dragon. Since my first time buzzing myself to a state of bliss in my dorm room eight years ago I have been on a hunt for a toy that would get me off like it was my first time. I've had some great orgasms since my first time using a toy but nothing compared to that first, beautiful experience in my twin long size bed with jersey cotton sheets all those years ago. Nothing compared, until recently...

Like I said before, I've always been a bit wary of using any kind of toy that has to be inserted. I just never thought it was for me. But then I was gifted a beautiful toy, a realistic seven inch plastic-y piece of heaven and with my husband out of town for the weekend I decided to give it a try.

So I tried it. And tried it. And I tried it again. I tried it on my back. I tried it on my side. I tried it upside down. I tried it until I no longer had control of my limbs. I had come so many times that I seriously could not walk to the bathroom; I had to take a nap before I could move. It was the best sex I ever had. And it changed my masturbation game.

But, like all addicts, soon the dildo wasn't enough to get me over the edge. I needed more. I needed something else. It was like I was allllllllllmost there but not hitting a spot that needed to be hit. And then I realized what it was: for the last 20 years I had been missing out on one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon women-I had been missing out on touching my G-spot.

Now, the G-spot is a mysterious little spot inside a woman. It's an erogenous zone located inside the anterior wall of the vagina and when massaged causes strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and potential female ejaculation. These are all things I want! These are all things I need!

Like any true orgasm enthusiast I researched the best toys to achieve a G-spot orgasm and spent $200 on toys that users with names like "Hurtin4aSquirtin" reviewed as "a surefire way to make you squirt on your ceiling!" I WANT TO SQUIRT ON MY CEILING, I thought as I clicked the purchase button. I was so excited to squirt on my ceiling that I overnighted my new G-spot wand. But I didn't stop there. I then drove to two different sex shops and bought their highest rated G-spot toys. Within 24-hours I went from not really knowing or caring about my G-spot to wanting nothing more than to give it the same attention you would give a visiting foreign dignitary staying in your home. I wanted to wine it, dine it, make it comfortable, happy, and above all, burst out with joy and excitement. I wanted to make my ceiling wet.

I let the anticipation build and waited until 8 p.m. the following evening when UPS dropped off my new little friend. I ripped open the box, installed the batteries, turned on some Enya, lit some candles, put on some perfume and stripped off all my clothing. I was ready to squirt.

45 minutes later I was out of breath, sweating profusely, and my hand was cramped into a decerebrate posturing pose like a Pompeian mummy. Frustrated and now incapable of accessing my limbs full mobility I gave up. Ok, well, I didn't give up, I just got out my tried and true favorite vibrator and had a pretty nice orgasm. But I didn't understand why I wasn't able to squirt. I researched, I Googled things, I watched informative videos, but still, no grand finale.

For the next few weeks I was all consumed with having a G-spot orgasm. I tried different positions, ordered new toys, I had my husband help me until we had to stop to massage his hand from the Charlie horse that was paralyzing him. We went back to work and eventually gave up. It looked like it wasn't going to happen now, or possibly, ever.

But then I realized something. Even though I may not be capable of achieving G-spot orgasm, I had a lot of fun trying to reach it. I had an arsenal of new toys, and my husband was very interested in going spelunking to find my elusive spot. It dawned on me that even though I was frustrated because I wasn't squirting, I was having a really good time trying to make it happen. If your wife, girlfriend, partner, or neighbor is having a hard time reaching a G-spot orgasm, don't worry about it. It's not about reaching the top of the mountain; it's about the climb it takes to get there. Sure, you may not reach the summit but it's going to be one hell of a great story about how you almost got to the top.


Lorena talks about her life and loves

Lorena: interview about her MetArt career

In a world of beautiful girls, Lorena B is something special. The sexy Spanish sweetheart is not only spectacularly beautiful, with that radiant smile and irresistible body, but has an energy and charisma that makes every one of her appearances memorable.

Lorena is one of the most popular girls on the MetArt Network. Not only has she clocked up a staggering 73 appearances on MetArt itself, but she's also starred in some superb girl-girl movies on our sister sites SexArt and VivThomas. This month, she made an attention-grabbing return to VivThomas with the lead role in ‘After Hours,' which showed a whole new side to her character. Never a girl to hold back, she now seems to tear into her partners with a hunger and urgency that is incredibly arousing to watch - and yet, her sweet and tender nature is still in evidence.

I was lucky enough to get to interview Lorena for the Viv Thomas blog, and as she's so immensely popular here, I thought you folks might enjoy reading it too...

Lorena, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am 28 years old, I grew up in Spain and Barcelona is my new hometown. I enjoy charcoal drawing, sports in general, and to spend time simply on my own. I have fun spending time in tune with nature. I also like to spend too many hours searching for and listening to music. It's almost all I do when I grab my computer.

Do you have any favorite TV show? Books? Music?

I never watch TV... On my computer I love to watch documentaries, sports, old music clips, comedians like Bill Hicks, Louis C.K, Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson, Jim Carrey... Or even cartoons. I have many favourite books, two of them are The Book of Children by Osho, and The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin S. Sharma. Loving music, I do have a wide variety on my playlist but I got stuck in the pre-2000s! Classical, R&B, Rap, Heavy, Disco, Industrial, Soul, Rock, sometimes popular music... A few artists I like: A Perfect Circle, Staind, Rob Dougan, Genesis, Billy Paul, Prodigy, Faithless, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Can, Tindersticks, Alexander O'Neal, The Sisters of Mercy, Pantera, Bach, Vivaldi...

Your fans love to hear you speaking in your sexy Spanish accent. Is there an accent that really turns you on?

I do smile when I hear others' accents, and find many languages beautiful to hear. I find the deepness of a voice or the way a person might talk more attractive than the accent itself.

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

In general I embrace my body as it is. If I have to pick one thing in particular, the first that comes to mind is my small chest. Most of the time it only gets attention when it is truly needed! (Laughing)

What is the difference between stills photography and making movies, for you?

In the beginning there was no difference. It was all about how to learn to stay relaxed during the shoots and movies. To simply stay still and stare at the camera was not simple or natural to me. I do tend to move too much and too fast and some photographers still struggle a little bit with me in that respect! Once I began to feel more comfortable in front of the camera, the differences started to depend more on the kind of photographer or videographer. What they look for, their way of working...

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

I enjoy sharing a passionate and fun experience with my partners and having a good connection with the team in general. I also enjoy seeing how a scene is built and the progress of it.

What made you decide to start making girl/girl movies?

I was willing to try something new after gradually changing how I felt about it. One day I got a call asking if I would replace a model that didn't show up at the location. I agreed after talking and thinking about it for while.

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life before you did it in a movie?

No, I did not and I still have not done it in my personal life. My first time was with Miela A, and then right after with Mia Knox for SexArt. It was a very strange feeling and I was completely lost about how to touch a woman. Knowing the cameras were rolling didn't make it any easier!

Which is your favorite of the movies you have shot for the MetArt Network, and why?

‘Be Mine' with Tess B, for SexArt. It was the first girl on girl movie I made with Don Caravaggio and his team. I felt it was intense, natural, flowed well, and there was a good vibe behind the work.

Who was your favourite partner?

I would like to mention more than one: Brandy A, Tracy Lindsay, Eve Angel, Mia Knox, Dido, and Tess B.

You seem like a very happy person, always smiling and laughing!

I do try to feel my best in whatever I do. Smiling, laughing... Sometimes it comes naturally, other times it helps me to feel more relaxed. I can smile for the camera, yet it starts for myself. It raises my energy up.

Do you feel competition or rivalry in this business?

No. Everyone is different. Comparison, rivalry, popularity... I prefer to let the ego sleep while trying to enjoy what I do, as long the team and members are pleased with the work.

Are you a dominant or submissive person?

I like passion, to play...and yet I do like it when it is 50/50. I am pleased to give and receive.

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?

No, I am happily single.

Please tell us about the recent shoot with Guy Ranieri Sblattero, the new director for Viv Thomas.

The shoot was in Barcelona and the women were all nice to meet and work with. It was also my first work after almost one year not being involved with lesbian movies, and it put me back on track with how hardworking Guy's team is! I did not see any of his movies for Viv Thomas before, yet it was easy to see he was looking for something different and dynamic. I felt very good around him and the way he directed us during every scene.

Do you have Twitter, Facebook?

I never used Twitter, honestly I have no idea how it works. For now I am no longer active on Facebook, the only platform I have ever used.

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

Yes...To all the members of the MetArt Network: desertrat, mep1... Others not mentioned here, and those who might not be active on the comments section so I don't know their names - thank you very much for all your support!



“Jande” starring Adel C - lithe, lovely, luscious, and Latvian…

Adel C: Jande, by Koenart, sexy nude erotic Metart photo setI won’t hazard a guess as to the number of Metart erotic photo galleries that have been shot in bedroom settings, but it’s certainly a sizeable amount, for obvious and appealing reasons. For his series titled “Jande,” Koenart has chosen a bedroom decorated in whites and neutral tones, and then flooded the space with soft light diffused by gauzy curtains. The lighting and the color scheme create a warm, dreamy atmosphere that provides a particularly flattering backdrop for his subject, Adel C.

Adel C, a proud native and resident of Latvia, is uniquely beautiful. Her pale, creamy complexion, lush head of long, wavy auburn hair, and big, bewitching eyes can sometimes suggest a princess in a Pre-Raphaelite painting, but her attitude and presentation are completely contemporary. While she tends to operate in a somewhat limited emotional range, her personality is as inviting as her physique - which is to say very inviting, indeed!

The lacy white bra and panties that Adel C is wearing as “Jande” begins are particularly well chosen, striking the idea balance between sexy and sweet, which is also an apt description of Adel’s personality. The very first image in the collection, #001, is an ideal introduction to the set, blending a dose of classical pin-up style with the painterly design and execution of the gallery. Other “nothing showing” shots in the series are equally compelling, and #011, with Adel C looking right into the camera, is a personal favorite.

Adel C delivers a pleasant range of poses, and Koenart provides excellent coverage - from thoughtful, creative figure studies (#096), to bold and erotically explicit views (#059), to a series of disarmingly beautiful images of Adel standing next to the softly glowing curtains (#072).

The inviting bedroom setting, Koenart’s sensitivity and skill, and Adel C’s delicate beauty make “Jande” a particularly enjoyable interlude with this lithe, lovely, and luscious Latvian lass.


More Than Friends - a tribute to Emily and Milena

Emily and Milena: More Than Friends, a tribute

Erotic fiction by Frank, inspired by ‘Nisake' by Erik Latika, featuring Milena D and Emily Bloom

Milena answered the phone and said, "Hi Em, yeah I heard from Erik also. He wants us to play on a motorbike for a photoset for MetArt. Sounds like fun, right? I'll pick you up about 9:00am. Erik says he has the outfits he wants us to wear - or not wear, as it develops! Can't wait to see you!" It had been a while since Milena and Emily had an opportunity to shoot together, and the good friends always enjoyed each other's company.

Milena showered, brushed her hair back into a ponytail, and then pulled on an old pair of ripped jeans, a ‘Free Pussy Riot' T-shirt, and the brand new Adidas sneakers she had picked up in Prague. She looked more like the cute girl next door than a glamorous model as she climbed into her prize possession, an Abarth Edition Fiat 500, and headed off to pick up Emily, who was staying in a local hotel. Emily, always the flirt, was chatting with the doorman as Milena pulled up. She was also dressed casually, in jeans, an oversized T-shirt with some classical musician's image on it that Milena didn't even recognize, and flip-flops. The doorman's eyes were wide as he took in the sight of the two pretty girls greeting each other with a kiss that was a little more than just friendly.

The girls caught up on each other's gossip on the way to the shoot, and on arrival were greeted by the sight of their photographer, Erik, standing next to a big black motorcycle.

"Wow, I hope Erik lets me take it for a spin," Milena said longingly.

Emily screwed up her face and asked, "You can handle that thing? You ride?"

Milena just laughed and replied, "Yes, and you'd better hold on tight behind me or I will have to wear my T-shirt that says, ‘If you can read this I lost the bitch,’ won’t I?" Emily turned white.

They changed into their sexy outfits for the shoot. When Milena pulled her jeans off, she thought Emily was going to jump on her right then. Emily hadn't seen that part of Milena since she had been waxed. Milena laughed at the expression on Emily's face, and said, "If you want, you can examine it much more closely back at your hotel..."

Throughout the shoot, both girls could feel themselves getting more and more aroused. It was hard to restrain themselves from touching each other too explicitly. When they had finished, Erik let Milena take the bike for a short spin. Emily held on tight behind her; she clamped onto Milena's breasts as she rode and whispered into her ear, "You're going to pay for this when I get you back to my room!"

She wasn't kidding. They were barely in the room before Emily stripped naked and dived onto the bed. She flipped onto her back, spread her legs and said, "I get really horny when I am scared, and that bike ride got me scared. Now don't stop until I tell you."

Milena giggled as she climbed on the bed and dove into Emily. She was telling the truth about being turned on, Milena soon realized, because Emily was already wet when Milena's tongue spread her lips.

The first flick of her tongue on Emily's clit, and Emily came for the first time - but Milena wouldn't let her stop there. Number two came when Milena added a third finger to the two she was pumping into Emily. Milena came up for a kiss, Emily licking all of her juices from Milena's face, and then lay down beside her. Emily reversed direction and lowered herself on top of Milena in the classic soixante-neuf position.

"I miss your full bush, it was so much fun to play with," Emily whispered between licks. But it didn't stop her from exploring every inch of Milena's smooth bare mound with her tongue. She moved her arms behind Milena's sexy long legs, and lifted Milena's ass so as to have complete access. Then she buried her tongue as deep as she could.

It became a game, to see which one was going to make the other cum first. Milena realized Emily's clit would be way too sensitive after her earlier orgasms, so she moved to the rear target with her tongue. Emily let out a deep moan, but then returned the favor. Neither one wanted to lose this battle. Finally when she thought Milena was ready, Emily sucked Milena's clit in as far as she could and whipped it with her tongue. Milena was starting to get those involuntary shudders when Emily slipped her finger deep into Milena's rear orifice! Emily won!

Much later, when the girls had both recovered from the many orgasms they'd given each other, they showered together and decided to put a perfect cap on the day. Rather than dressing casually as they had done earlier, they went through Emily's stuff to find her sexiest outfits. Looking like the beautiful models they were, they went out for a night on the town.

Thank you to our MetArt member, Frank, for writing this story. If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!


“Presenting” Salomja A - mouthwatering erotic movie magic…

Salomja A: Presenting, by Marlene, Metart HD erotic movie

New models don’t often make their first appearance at Metart in an erotic movie, but the short film format provides a particularly enticing introduction to willowy beauty Salomja A in “Presenting.”

Every detail of director Marlene‘s creation is perfect - the location, costuming, accessories, the camera work, editing, and the soundtrack combine to create an extremely alluring cinematic interlude. I’ve only critiqued one of Marlene’s previous contributions to Metart - a still photo series (and her debut as a Metart photographer), and here she proves equally adept with motion pictures.

The film was shot in a particularly scenic location, on the banks and in the rushing waters of a stream. Salomja A, clad only in a gauzy white blouse and a few well chosen pieces of jewelry - most notably a delicate anklet - is dipping her pretty feet in the water as the film opens. As “Presenting” unfolds Salomja presents more and more of her lean, lithe, and beautiful body. She takes a dip in the stream, eventually discards her top, and moves gracefully through a wide variety of pleasing poses.

There’s a soothing quality present throughout the film, underscored by the relaxing tones of the ambient soundtrack, the flowing water, and the natural beauty of the landscape. And Salomja, exquisitely beautiful and at ease, displays not only all of her delicious physical attributes, but also a sweet, sultry, sincere, and irresistible sexuality.

If you’ve ever imagined stumbling across a magical water nymph - or simply happening upon a gorgeous young girl skinny-dipping in a mountain stream - “Presenting” Salomja A is an extremely enjoyable erotic dream come true.


Red hot new girl/girl movie from superstar Lorena!

Lorena: red hot new girl/girl movie from Viv Thomas

Lorena is one of the most spectacularly gorgeous girls ever to grace MetArt - her radiant smile, effervescent personality and lust for life have made her a firm favorite right across the MetArt Network. If you enjoy your girl/girl action a little spicier than you'll find here at MetArt, you might like to know about Lorena's brand new movie, ‘After Hours,' which launches on VivThomas this Friday.

If you're not a VivThomas member, why not take advantage of the new Pay Per Scene feature to check out this awesome new film? Packed with super-hot action and intense oral coupling, it pairs Lorena with three hot new girls; the cherry on the cake is a mindblowing encounter with blonde bombshell Tracy Lindsay!

The premise of ‘After Hours' is simple - it's all about what happens when work is done and it's time to enjoy a little fun. Shot in a fresh, raw style that captures the urgency of mutual desire by new VivThomas director Guy Ranieri Sblattero, it lets us see Lorena's voracious sexuality in full effect. She's supremely confident, at times even dominant, and refreshingly uninhibited when it comes to giving and receiving pleasure. It's all part of her irresistible charm. I'm particularly proud of this movie because I wrote the script - my first ever movie, and Guy allowed me to pick Lorena as the star! If this is a dream, please don't let me wake up...


“Untria” starring Lydia A - three pretty pairs…

Lydia A: Untria, by Arkisi, blue eyes, round tits, luscious labiaThe subject of the Metart erotic photo series titled “Untria” is a striking beauty. Her graceful, slender limbs and long, jet-black hair contribute to an overall effect that balances the delicate with the dramatic. But six of Lydia A’s most impressive attributes - or, rather, three sets of two items - really stand out in this gallery. I’d like to take a moment to sing their praises, in descending order - and by “descending” I mean direction, top to bottom, not in order of importance!

Lydia A has absolutely beautiful eyes. They’re a particularly pale shade of blue, and in certain light they can appear grey or green, but in any light they are magnetically attractive. And there’s a spirited, flirtatious energy animating those eyes - Lydia could render most men helpless with just a seductive glance and a bat of her eyelashes. #099, on her back with her head “upside down” in the frame, captures the beauty of those eyes, as does #016, a head and torso shot in which Lydia holds her right hand between her beautiful breasts.

Ah, yes, those breasts! Lydia is, overall, quite slender and delicate. In pleasing contrast, however, her breasts are wonderfully full, fabulously round, and stunningly sculpted. Clothed or stripped, Lydia’s bosom is truly beautiful, and Arkisi has taken care to include several detailed studies of those awesome orbs - see #018 for one enticing example.

And, finally, we arrive at Lydia’s third and perhaps most thrilling pair, her lips. While I feel the need to be appropriately discrete when discussing a Metart model’s most intimate attributes, I know that I can not be the only viewer who is tantalized by Lydia’s erogenous architecture. Her luscious labia are generously majora, and Lydia takes justifiable pride in displaying them with easy, candid generosity. Arkisi, once more to his credit, captures the splendor of Lydia’s sex in considerable detail, at close range and far, as well as from a variety of libido-pleasing angles. Imagine you were reclining on the floor and looked up to see #048 - the gates of heaven in the flesh.

One of my favorite images in “Untria” skillfully captures all three of Lydia A’s pretty pairs, and it somehow manages to give them equal emphasis in the bargain. In #095 Lydia is seated, her head is tilted to one side and she’s fixed an enticing gaze on the camera; her full, round breasts sport erect and enticing nipples; and her thighs are spread wide to emphasize the two-lipped prize. Those three pretty pairs make for one stunning Metart erotic photo series!


NEW FEATURE: Pay Per Scene!

If you’re dazzled by all the choices on offer at the MetArt Network, here’s a brand new way to dip your toe in the balmy waters of one of our sister sites. An exciting new feature has just launched on SexArt, VivThomas and The Life Erotic, which allows you to purchase individual movies to play and download on a Pay Per Scene basis. You can select your scenes at a range of different resolutions – SD, HD and UHD (4K); if you choose to pay a little more for the higher resolution, you get access to all lower resolutions too! You’ll always have access to the scene on our site in our ‘digital file locker,’ so you can download or re-stream it as many times as you like. And if the scene comes with pictures, you’ll also be given access to the images and zip file downloads. There’s no commitment involved – select a scene and make a one-time purchase, with no rebilling. You’re in control of how much you want to buy, and what type of scene you choose to enjoy. It’s a great way to see more of your favorite girls, sample a site you haven’t tried before, or simply add to your collection of top class erotica. Just look for the download button beside the movie that tempts you, and try something new!


The Meadow... a tribute to Genevieve

Genevieve: erotic fiction dedicated to beautiful MetArt blonde

Erotic fiction inspired by Genevieve Gandi

You stroll through the meadow in the heat of the day, naked as nature intended. Naked, because you want to feel the gentle stir of the breeze against your bare skin, ruffling your hair and teasing your nipples. All your senses seem intensified. The sounds of birdsong and insects buzzing among the wildflowers, the smell of your own sun-warmed skin, the vivid colors of earth and sky, all threaten to overwhelm you. Spreading a blanket, you sink to the ground, the tangled blades of grass and flowers surrounding you. Inhaling their perfume, you feel your body cradled by the earth, tuning in to the rhythm of your own beating heart. You've never felt so alive.

You feel your pulse surging through your core, heat spreading throughout your body, making your fingertips tingle. A light breeze kisses your skin, starting at your toes and sweeping up your leg, up between your thighs, caressing your pussy like a soft breath from a lover. All your attention is focused on this sweet tribute to your sex from the nature goddess herself.

Licking a finger, you run it around your stiffening nipple, feeling the air cool it as it hardens. It's pulsing, echoing the throb between your legs, a primal vibration that needs its release. Your fingers creep lower, stroking the hot, taut skin of your stomach, and lower still, over your plump mound of Venus. They skim the slick groove of your pussy; you slide them along the slippery channel again, lifting your creamy fingers to your mouth to taste yourself.

The sweet tang of your arousal engulfs your tastebuds, igniting a burning desire to be filled. You thrust your hand back between your legs, fingers gliding up and down between your pussy lips, searching out the tremor that occurs each time they hit the sweet spot. Your free hand roams over your body, squeezing your nipples, brushing hair from your face; then pressing down on its partner to increase the pressure as three wriggling fingers push their way into your honeyed hole.

Turning onto your knees, your face buried in the warm blanket, you feel the full force of the sun bless your upturned pussy as your expose yourself to its bright gaze. You pause for a moment, acutely aware of every sensation coursing through your body, then plunge your fingers back inside to pursue the rising crescendo of your pleasure. Riding your fingers, rocking your hips, you let out a cry of ecstasy that rings through the still air as your orgasm sweeps over you.

Trembling, you sink back to the ground, your pulse racing, your fingers and thighs drenched with your juices. And as your breathing slows and your eyes drift closed, you feel the earth gently rock you to sleep...


“Apake” starring Altea B - the curious case of the cramped closet…

Altea B: Apake, by Erro, hot nude girl on a closet floorAs I write, Metart contributor Erro has 404 galleries in his portfolio - four hundred and four - that is a whole lot of erotic photography! And that’s in addition to the work on display at his personal site, Errotica Archives. A connoisseur of erotica could devote a considerable amount of time to evaluating this artist’s body of work with little hope of “catching up” because Erro is at the height of his productive and creative career, and continues to craft erotic pictorials and movies at an impressive pace. As a further measure of his standing in the creative community, Erro is currently #3 on the Metart Top Photographer’s list. In the world of erotic photography Erro isn’t simply a prolific veteran, he’s a living legend.

Altea B, the subject of Erro’s “Apake,” has a long history with the artist. He photographed her Metart debut pictorial which was first published in June 2006 (!), and he’s been behind the camera for the overwhelming majority of her 63 total Metart galleries. I’ve only had the privilege of critiquing one previous Altea B gallery, and this was nearly three years ago, but I was impressed and welcome the opportunity to revisit this beautiful model.

Altea B has a physical gift well beyond the obvious beauty of her slim, shapely body and beguiling face - this model has an absolutely age-defying youthful quality. While she has certainly evolved during her career, she’s retained her nubile beauty to a striking degree - there are few visual clues to distinguish from the nubile 19-year-old who first appeared at Metart and the 28-year-old we see today.

Having said all that, “Apake” is a somewhat curious series. The lighting is expert, giving an appealing warmth to Altea’s naturally appealing complexion and coloring. And Erro captures a wide range of poses and compositions within the limits of a rather truncated total of 70 photos. But the setting is undeniably odd. He’s thrown an assortment of pillows on the tile floor of a cramped closet. There’s a mirror on one wall, louvered doors on the other, and Altea - clad only in a pair of strappy gold metallic high heels - never rises from the floor.

Even so, in the cramped space and with limited options, Altea B delivers an admirable performance. She uses the mirror to excellent effect in #006, offering two views of her fine body and face. In #045 she offers an irresistible spread invitation that makes the awkward setting suddenly seem like the idea place for an erotic interlude. And in explicit images like #043 a carefully placed hand underscores Altea’s unspoken desire.

Apake” certainly has its quirks, but the talent and beauty of Altea B, and Erro’s style and skill make the most of the set’s odder elements.


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    I too admire navels Mr. Czechers.

    I always think that Ms. Schön helps choose models based in part on their navels.

    Some are downright amazing.

    on Black Mesh

    a.k.a. 33 minutes ago

    Let's hope so ☝️😆

    on Black Mesh

    a.k.a. 35 minutes ago

    Gets more unreal all the time, Arkisi.
    However, see my comments under Cassia's set today.
    Fingers are getting closer and closer... reality ☝️😸

    on Black Mesh

    a.k.a. 46 minutes ago

    If they can "now" pinch their nipples maybe that means they can move their nice lush bushes out of the way for those who must see flesh? 😜
    Why not? No mo' excuses not to be "natural" down there!
    I'm ahead of my time, of course, but...
    Back to the future we go! ♻️
    Anything, ANYTHING to get away from always-bald pussies ☝️😾

    on Natural Brow

    prehensile 47 minutes ago

    Pretty, attractive girl
    As ever, Arkisi and his models give us plenty of cunt.

    on Black Mesh

    prehensile 51 minutes ago

    Great gash
    Nice buttfuck invitations
    Luv the cum-in-my- mouth suggestion, #116

    on Natural Brow

    a.k.a. 59 minutes ago

    Some folks are easy to please 👌 👠

    on Natural Brow