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Luca Helios: interview with a MetArt artist

Luca Helios: interview with MetArt artist

Luca Helios needs no introduction to MetArt members. A magnificent artist with a superb eye for female sensuality, he has created some of the most memorable images of the past few years, and photographed some of our most iconic beauties. Today’s new photoset of Adel C displays the restrained elegance we have come to expect from this master of eroticism. I invited him to share a little of his world with you...

What is your background in photography?

LH: I started when I was young with an old reflex I had at home, just for fun. With time it became an important hobby for me. At the age of 25 I went to photography school to learn fashion photography, the use of light... After that I started working professionally, way before I started with art nudes and later with erotica for MetArt.

What inspired you to start shooting erotica?

LH: I was always attracted to the beauty of the female body, and to portraying the art of the female form. I still try to combine explicit and sensual photos with showing simple artistic nudes the best way I can.

Which model most inspires you?

LH: Lorena B. Over the last six years we have developed a close friendship and I have a special feeling for her. Also Iveta, Eufrat, Lilly A, and Indiana are great models to collaborate with.

Are you influenced by mainstream art and photography?

LH: Yes - Helmut Newton, David Hamilton, Steven Meisel, Jeanloup Sieff and Marco Glaviano, among many others.

You seem to prefer shooting outdoors - why is that?

LH: I like nature, the vividness of the colors and natural light. For most models it is more difficult to pose outdoors, so now I try to combine my outdoor shoots with indoor sets, to make them feel more confortable and to get a wide variety of poses from the model. I have to get 120 good shots instead of just a single shot, as I would for a calendar.

You have been shooting photosets for MetArt since 2007 - which are you particularly proud of?

LH: Iveta B - Venice, Lilly A- Padrona, Lorena B - Pyrenees, Caprice A - Cesaret, Eufrat A - Litorali, and Lily C - Sunsubiro.

We also see the occasional movie from you - what inspires you to do this?

LH: I am always looking for new challenges and I never tried it before, I wanted to do something different apart from just photography.

Can you tell us about your latest movie, starring Mango playing the piano? It was very popular with MetArt members.

LH: When we arrived at the location she liked the piano and began to play a little bit. She was inspired and we simply decided it was the best place for her to shoot her video. It was very easy to work with her!

What are your ambitions for your work with MetArt?

LH: To improve my work, to get better with each shoot and to present the best models I can find.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

LH: Thank you to the whole MetArt family, the members and every model I have worked with. It is an honor to be part of MetArt!

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    If you are not already a lover of redheads, surely you are now! Adel, is one gorgeous woman. Not only lovely freckles on that beautiful face, but a sprinkling of them on her magnificent bum!

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    Goffo 38 minutes ago

    Beautiful face, lovely tits and a smashing bum!!

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    fireball-xl5 2 hours agoLifetime member

    My all time favourite, I miss her everyday.

    on Lidiya A

    fireball-xl5 2 hours agoLifetime member

    Dear Lidiya,

    I really wish that you would return to MetArt, you are my all time favourite MetArt model and the reason I joined MetArt. Never have I seen a girl who is so perfect in every way, you not only sexually excite me, every time I even think of you my heart beats so very fast. I fell in love with you at first sight and lust after you every day and night.

    If I one wish it would be to marry you.

    Love, Hugs and Hot Kisses, Paul, XXXXXXXXXX!

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    Nightingale 2 hours ago

    I have just seen Lucretia in Staff Selections and she can clean my house any time that is suitable.I will supply the the floor cleaner.Go Lucretia!

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    Puscifer74 2 hours ago

    It's called depth of field. It is done with a wide aperture to allow light in and a faster shutter speed. Also done purposefully for effect.

    on Yuki

    Puscifer74 2 hours ago

    I fat fingered my keyboard and came across this buxom, bright-eyed, beauty, and I am not disappointed. Best spelling mistake I ever made.

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    Borbonicon 3 hours ago

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    YouTube - The Heartbreaking Truth About Dairy!
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    This is the stuff the dairy industry does not want advertised,and pictures say a lot more than a thousand word in this presentation.
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    Love the crotchless panties. Not a big fan of the shaved cooter.

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    Milk. It is perhaps interesting to note that the general population has been totally hoodwinked about its supposed healthy aspects and properties.
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