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Beta Tip - Showing or Hiding Tags

As I've read through feedback, tags were a highly requested feature.  They made their return recently, and those of you that love tags will be happy to see them.

But what if you don't?  What if you don't want to see tags?

We've got that covered.!

While you are logged in the Beta version of the site, look for the Gear icon in the upper right.

Click that.  That opens your Settings window.  You can then set the display of tags to your preference.

Click Set Options.

That's it!  Tags will now be displayed or hidden, based on your settings.  They can be changed at any time.

Have a Beta question?  Send it to our Customer Care Team.  They'll be glad to help.


“Presenting” Una Piccola — steamy still photos + magical movement…

Una Piccola: Presenting, by Rylsky, new model in hot explicit nude pixI haven’t had an opportunity to critique a set by the gifted and prolific artist Rylsky for far too long. He’s got his own domain in the Metart Network, of course — — and that’s where the bulk of his new work now appears. But the Metart archives contain no fewer than 1,330 photo sets by Rylsky, dating back nearly a decade, and he continues to contribute new work to Metart, of which “Presenting” Una Piccola is one impressive recent example.

Rylsky isn’t simply a gifted artist and technician, he’s also something of a “model whisperer,” with a practiced ability to coax layers of emotion and expression out of his subjects. And, on top of that, he’s also gifted with an eye for new talent — numerous Top Models have been discovered and first photographed by Rylsky over the course of his lengthy career. Una Piccola is Rylsky’s latest discovery, and she is a delight.

Una Piccola swings from sweetly innocent to searingly sexual with ease. She’s completely comfortable in the most explicit poses (of which there are many), and every image — whether she’s pensive or passionate — is brimming with charming aspects of her alluring and inviting personality. Her natural, unshaven, state will elicit the usual range of reactions, but nobody can argue that this girl is a scrumptious physical confection from head to toe, and everywhere in between.

So, a gorgeous new model, with an engaging personality and a mouthwatering little body, photographed by a seasoned and gifted erotic artist. If that was all “Presenting” Una Piccola had to offer it would be enough. It would be great, in fact. But there’s something more to this set, something unique and wonderful. As I selected favorites from the batch of 120 images I started to notice patterns, clusters of shots that formed sequences and suggested flowing, natural movement. This wasn’t simply a model “hitting her marks” as the photographer called out poses, theres a fluidity, an almost filmic quality to numerous groups of images here. Take the sequence beginning with #007 and ending with #011. She’s on her back on a bed, shot from above, her legs are parted, she touches her right breasts, then she squeezes both, then she pinches and pulls on her plump nipples while subtly lifting her butt off the bed. In a flip book or zoetrope the images would flow together logically and seamlessly. And this magical sense of movement is prevalent throughout the set.

Of course there are numerous individual images in the series that impress and intrigue. #106 (eyes open) and #107 (eyes closed) are two similar variations on a cleverly posed headshot. The spontaneous and genuine autoerotic joy captured in #048. The dreamy and steamy explicit invitation of #022. And the playful, candid, cuteness of Una Piccola’s lips pursed in a kiss with her hands reaching toward the camera ends “Presenting” on a perfectly playful note. Simply put: a wonderful new model wonderfully shot by an inventive master photographer.


Beta Tip - Downloading Zip Files of Gallery Images

Over the next few weeks, I'll be periodically updating with answers to questions that we've received in our Beta Feedback mail bag.  Today's question has to do with how to download zip files for image galleries.

When viewing a gallery, there are details about that gallery in a section above the thumbnails.  You should see a camera icon in the same box as the gallery cover.  Next to is it a down arrow. Click it, and you should see the zip download links.

A more visual explanation can be found here.

If you have questions, please either use the Feedback tab on the left side of the screen, or contact our Customer Care Team.


“Calita” starring Pandora B — Macedonian magnificence…

Pandora B: Calita, by Fabrice, nude, blue-eyed, and spread wideMetart is a many splendored thing. It offers inspiration, entertainment, spiritual uplift, and erotic stimulation. And, as I’ve been vividly reminded today, Metart also  serves as a window on the world that allows people all over the globe to experience models from a dizzying array of different countries and regions. Last week I wrote about a French girl. Next week I’ll be discussing a young woman from the Russian Federation. And today, perhaps for the first time in the history of the Metart Blog, I have the pleasure of experiencing a model from Macedonia. This girl is a many splendored thing in her own right, and I’ll sing her praises in a moment, but her Macedonian origin inspired me to learn a little about her homeland, and now I’m not only dazzled by her beauty and talent, but also a bit more informed about an intriguing land I never knew much about. Metart — where flawless beauty meets art, and where a member can get thought provoking lessons to international geography.

This is Pandora B’s third Metart erotic photo series, and the first one I’ve seen. All I can say is better late than never! In “Calita,” Pandora B can do no wrong. What few tiny gripes I might have with the set — not her fault, by the way — are trivial and easily ignored. In every way Pandora B is utterly charming, breathtakingly beautiful, and overwhelmingly appealing. She is as cute as the proverbial button (#008), as pretty as a pin-up (#062), and as steamily, sweetly, explicitly and deliciously sexy as can be (#016). Face, eyes, mouth, breasts, legs, feet, hands, hair, and that tantalizing butterfly spreading its luscious wings — Pandora B is a banquet of beauty for the eyes and mind.

Even if Pandora B is only half as charming and personable as she appears in these photos I’d have to guess that the photographer, Fabrice, found her a delight to work with. The set takes place around an indoor swimming pool, and the artist makes good use of the space. Pandora poses on and near a comfortable “papasan” chair that affords numerous opportunities for eye-opening (and that ain’t all!) explicit poses. The windows provide a mirror to showcase the lithe and curvaceous beauty of Pandora’s body (see #062). Then, after taking her long hair out of a high ponytail, Pandora dons a white blouse and slides into the pool for another assortment of images. And “Calita” also makes excellent use of a tiled shower for another group of shots at the end of the series (#130 is my favorite).

So, what have I learned today? That Macedonia is a landlocked Balkan nation bordered on the south by Greece. That “Calita” is filled with beautiful and explicit erotic art images of a stunning girl. And that Pandora B is a truly magnificent Metart model!


Beta Tip - Locating Your Recently Viewed Items

Thanks to all of you who have explored the Beta version of the site and have given us feedback! One thing that was asked for was a return of "Recently Viewed". If you haven't yet located that, look in the upper right hand corner of the site. You should see a down arrow next to your name. Clicking that opens a menu, and "Recents" should be one of those options. When that option is selected you should see your Recently Viewed at the top of the page. If you want to turn off Recently Viewed, just follow the same steps that you used to turn it on.

Do you have a question about navigation or features on the Beta version? If so, contact our Customer Care Team. They'll be glad to assist you. You can also visit our Customer Care Center for more information.


“Presenting” Katia — a fine (and fiery) French femme…

Katia: Presenting, by Deltagamma, French model’s nude Metart debut.Critiquing a new model’s debut in a Metart erotic photo gallery is one of the highlights of my job. Although Metart sets the bar exceptionally high in terms of beauty and talent, there’s really no way to anticipate what’s in store when digging into a model’s first Metart series. Will she be a girl next door type, lacking in experience, but making up for it with beauty and enthusiasm? Will she be beautiful but “rough around the edges,” and shy, tentative, or even somewhat inhibited while sharing herself with the camera? Will she be a true newcomer to modeling, a girl who is only just now learning the skills and techniques that professional photo models employ to maximize their on-camera impact? In the case of first time Metart model Katia the answer to those three questions is: no, no, and no, once more. This is an exceptionally beautiful girl who is confident, self-assured, completely uninhibited, and a polished and talented professional who does a wonderful job of presenting both her beauty and her personality in “Presenting.”

Only after I’d examined the entire set did I learn that Katia has appeared in numerous photo sets elsewhere on the Internet. And that previous experience pays real dividends — there isn’t a moment of hesitation on display here, from the first image to the last (and there are 186 photos in the collection!) she delivers the goods. And those goods are truly exceptional. Her blue eyes radiate smokey sexuality, her lips are almost impossibly plump and luscious, her hair is thick and a bit unruly, projecting a raw sensuality of its own, her body is lean, but shapely, and brazenly enticing. And the little gap between her front teeth adds an extra bit of distinctive charm to an already pleasing package.

Deltagamma, ever the inventive artist, has chosen a subtly decorated room in muted neutral shades to showcase this uniquely French and uniquely sultry beauty. There is a bed, of course — with a face and eyes so dramatically “bedroomy” how could there not be? — and the diffused light in the room seems to reflect off the tiled floor that gives the entire series a pronounced and cohesive style. The photographer also skillfully (and playfully) includes colorful (green, specifically) accents throughout the set. There is a ficus tree that remains largely out of sight in the foreground of the room, but its leaves appear in the upper right corner of many images, adding a bit of color to the otherwise pale neutrals of the décor. And the green of the leaves is subtly repeated in the two glass sconces on the wall behind the bed (see #047). That kind of attention to detail is as impressive as it is effective.

Deltagamma’s subtle style keeps the emphasis where it belongs: on the model. And in “Presenting” Katia does not disappoint. From the “nothing showing” introduction in #001, clad only in a white tank top; to the open mouth (and two additional parted lips) in #039; to the simple beauty of #095; to the teasing invitation of #125 (on tiptoe, squatting and spreading); the cute spontaneity of #170; to the final BIG smile in #186, new Metart model Katia is one fine (and fiery) French femme.


"Efula" starring Candice B - Motion. Picture. Perfection...

Candice B: Efula, by Leonardo, Metart HD erotic movie

After viewing and critiquing I don't know how many Metart HD erotic movies I've come to appreciate the format. The very best ones are no-excuses works of cinematic art delivered in a compact and easily enjoyed package. But many of my personal favorites are notable not simply for their cinematic excellence, but for how they show off and showcase Metart models in a way that still photos simply are not capable of. "Efula" perfectly illustrates my point. Although skillfully crafted and artfully assembled, there's nothing ground-breaking about the technical or creative elements of the film. It's professional and polished, too be sure, but what makes the film so enjoyable is the way it presents and captures aspects of its stunning star.

Candice B is among my favorite Metart models. Her body is breathtaking. She's stunningly sculpted, supremely shapely, and enticing in every last physical detail - from those generous breasts to her intimate bits Candice B is simply delectable, and I mean that in the literal sense. But beyond her obvious physical charms, Candice B has an absolutely irresistible personality that she's eager and able to share with the camera. And it's something beyond simply being "photogenic." With a smile or a glance Candice captures the eye and the imagination. She does it wonderfully in still photos, and it's something I've been aware of since her very first appearance at Metart. But her personality really shines in movies. Everything I love about Candice in still photos is amplified and expanded in movies. A still photo is made in fractions of a second. A film knits those seconds together into minutes, and in those extended moments there is depth, detail, nuance, and enticing energy.

Leonardo has shot Candice B many times before, both in still galleries and films, and he's clearly aware of her all her talents, physical and emotional. In "Efula" he starts on Candice's face, specifically her warm, playful, engaging smile. This girl is so sexy that, even fully clothed, she can melt your heart and make your pulse race with just the smile on her lips and the look in her eyes. After this introduction Candice opens her blue silk kimono to expose her breasts, and the slow reveal is followed by extended display and breast-play. The kimono eventually goes away and Candice shows off every inch of her body, moving with ease and grace and radiating sexy, playful, tantalizing energy. She also, if briefly, spreads her legs wide and pushes her feminine perfection towards the viewer as a vixenish light dances in her eyes.

I've you've only experienced Candice B in still photos you owe it to yourself to experience her in a movie, and this film an excellent choice. Under the direction of a masterful artist in "Efula," Candice B is nothing less than motion picture perfection.


MetArt by the numbers: May 2015

MetArt by numbers: May 2015

As many of you know, our member Frank is a great source of fascinating facts and statistics, and I'd like to thank him for two interesting insights into our May numbers.

Firstly, on May 17, ‘Setian,' a movie by Luca Helios featuring Lorena B, became the highest rated posting not just of the month, but of the year so far (9.44 as of May 31).

It is also now the highest rated movie on MetArt ever, displacing the previous record holder, which held that position for almost two years (‘Liriope' starring Divina A, by Leonardo, rated 9.26).

Lorena is of course a huge star on the network (she's at #2 on the Top Model List on our sister site SexArt) but it's rare for a movie to find such universal favor. A very sweet and revealing interview with Lorena may have encouraged everyone to fall in love with her just that little bit more. Congratulations, Lorena and Luca Helios!

A second interesting fact: have you noticed that K never posts a photoset of the same girl more than once in a month? As we had a two-girl set in May, that added up to an incredible 127 different models this month! One was from the USA and one from France, which is rare to see. I have no idea how she manages to find such a great number of super-hot girls... but I'm so glad she does!


Introducing the Beta Version of the New MetArt!

Have you always been curious about new things? Do you like to be first? If so, you'll want to be sure to check out the beta version of the new MetArt.

If you're a member of SexArt or some of our other sites, you may be familiar with the overall new design. If not, be assured that the layout and look may be different, but the girls are just as spectacular as ever!

If you lose your way, you can always contact our Customer Care team for help. You can also change back to the classic look by clicking the banner at the top of the page. We appreciate any feedback that you care to give. You can do that by looking for the "Site Feedback" on the left. We look forward to hearing from you!


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    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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