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“Mesura” starring Sybil A — top ten temptress…

Sybil A: Mesura, by Arkisi, Metart Top Ten Model stripped + spreadAs I write, Sybil A, the subject of “Mesura,” is sitting pretty in the tenth position of Metart’s Top Models list. This beautiful specimen has certainly struck a chord with the membership, and they’ve rewarded her with outstanding ratings along with a glowing and lengthy list of adoring tags. When a model earns descriptions like “10,” “10 plus,” and “perfect 10” it’s not at all difficult to decipher what the membership thinks of Sybil A.

Arkisi has taken a simple approach in “Mesura,” his fourth Sybil A gallery — the artist, it’s worth noting, shot her Metart debut, as well. The location is a paved path in a garden, and a painted retaining wall provides a backdrop for many of the images. Sybil is wearing a plain white tank top for much of the set, but the garment is used to highlight rather than conceal — indeed, we get a tantalizing glimpse below her waist in the very first image in the collection. I’d also suggest that Sybil A took a simple approach to the series, as well. She’s relaxed and at ease throughout and she’s not overly dramatic or exaggerated in her emotions here. She shares herself freely, seems to enjoy the experience, and lets her body and her beauty work their magic.

Sybil A’s long, wavy hair is among her many appealing assets, and the various photographers she’s posed for have all shot her with her hair worn down. Here Sybil changes things up by pulling it back and wearing it in a high ponytail. Some may miss the previous natural look, but with her hair pulled back the stunning beauty of her facial structure is unobstructed. This also allows for several impressive headshots — in #112, for example, Arkisi captures Sybil in profile, her eyes closed, and the effect is hypnotically beautiful.

But it takes more than a pretty face to land a Metart model in the Top 10, and Sybil A is particularly well equipped. She offers — and Arkisi skillfully captures — a variety of views, many at close range, of her delicious intimate attributes, in a range of poses and from a selection of angles. In #099, to cite one fine example, Sybil stands, legs akimbo, while Arkisi’s camera gazes upward, luscious flesh filling the frame, with Sybil’s face, in soft focus, looking down from above.

Mesura” is a simple and enjoyable erotic photo collection that does a fine job of capturing the physical beauty and personal charms of Sybil A, a true top ten temptress.


“Presenting” Odara — one hot homebody…

Odara: Presenting, by Slastyonoff, new Metart model’s hot nude pixIn her bio, first-time Metart model Odara declares that: “I am a very ‘at home’ girl. Noisy parties, big disco, it's not for me. I love to be at home with a book, a burning fireplace, or with a few close friends. That's all I need to feel comfortable.” Whether Slastyonoff was explicitly aware of this, or if he simply intuited it, “Presenting” skillfully captures this aspect of Odara’s personality, along with far steamier character traits.

The setting — an antique rocking chair in front of a roaring fire in a glass-fronted fireplace — evokes a chilly winter night or a cabin in the woods. And to amplify the “at home” aspect, Slastyonoff has dressed Odara in a sweet and modest blue dress with a dainty white lace collar over a pair of high-waisted white cotton panties. To really underscore Odara’s demure side Slastyonoff has slyly styled the first few images in the collection in a way that brings to mind the classic painting “Whistler’s Mother.” Once Odara has fully revealed her body and her steamy, erotic nature, this bit of subtle humor has an even greater impact.

Although I certainly enjoy photo sets that begin and end with the model totally nude, the costume — and its gradual removal — is particularly effective here. Before she’s begun to disrobe, in #013, Slastyonoff captures a particularly effective “up-skirt” image, enhanced by Odara’s frank but understated facial expression that radiates even more heat than the flames flickering in the background. Model and artist successfully play with several variations on panties + fire combination including the particularly beautiful #049 in which a topless Odara pulls at the edges of those white briefs to expose herself; and #052, a back shot where she’s pulled the fabric tight between the cheeks of her round rump and shoots the camera an absolutely irresistible smile.

I detect a hint of inexperience in some of the images, but it’s actually endearing, particularly in view of Odara’s autobiographical confession. Experience and practice are the best teachers, and Odara’s personality and physical beauty are so enticing that she can quickly gain what slight bit of polish she may now be lacking. And don’t read to much into this observation — “Presenting” is an outstanding gallery, new model or not, and Odara and Slastyonoff can both take real pride in what they’ve created together.

I’ll close with a few more personal favorite images — as always, please feel free to add your favorites and other observations in the comments, below. #004 for the modest outfit, the warmth of the fire, her sweet expression, plump cheeks, exquisite eyes, and luscious lips. The perfect pin-up poses and composition captured in #082 and #098. The explicit close-up, from behind, with two hands subtly pulling to enhance the view in #057 (a trick used repeatedly and effectively elsewhere in the set). And the splendid shots from #112 through #115 that masterfully capture the luscious physical beauty and alluring personality of this undeniably hot homebody.


Ken Tavos: interview with a MetArt artist

Ken Tavos is one of our less-prolific but most widely admired artists, with some impressive photosets to his name, notably a couple of rare indoor sets with perennial beach bunny Mango. His signature style tends towards a light and delicate touch, allowing the girl’s natural beauty to shine through and creating an intimate relationship between the model and the viewer. Today’s new photoset of Vanessa Angel shows a wonderfully playful, sweet side to her personality, as well as showing off her lovely figure and pretty face to perfection. I invited Ken to share a little of his creative process with us…

Where are you from?

KT: I’m from London. But I’ve lived in a few different parts of the world, and feel ‘at home’ wherever. One thing I don’t like is being stuck in the same place.

What is your background in photography?

KT: Like many people, I took pictures as a kid. I was shooting film (digital didn’t exist then). Later, I did a couple of short courses in photography and eventually did a nine-month-long vocational diploma course where I was introduced to studio lighting, as well as architectural photography. I’ve also exhibited and sold a small quantity of landscape photography and would like to combine that with nude model shooting at some point. I’d like to mention that photography is not my main occupation. This is why there are rather few sets of mine published. 

How long have you been taking erotic photographs, and what inspired you to start?

KT: When I was about 18, I had this notion that being a glamour or erotic photographer must be the ‘ultimate job’ – second only to being a professional soccer player (which didn’t happen). Photography inspired me before I ever thought of shooting nudes. But then, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been in awe of female beauty, both physical and in terms of feminine expressions – a natural pose, a look, a smile... So eventually I wanted to combine these two ‘interests.’ In photography, I try to capture a blend of beauty, art and eroticism – including explicitness. This was another inspiration… to capture in photographs that side of feminine beauty which is usually out of sight and ‘off limits’ to the public eye. I’ve been taking erotic photographs since July 2009.  About this time, I decided I wanted to be published on MetArt, and set myself that goal. I did 20 shoots over two years – about half were erotic and the other half art nude. Only then did I feel confident enough to approach MetArt – sending sample photos of around five models – and happily I was accepted as one of their photographers. 

Are you influenced by mainstream art and photography?

KT: Mainstream photography – sure. And quite a lot from the days of film photography. I’m convinced that film photographers were forced to think more before pressing the shutter, because you had fewer shots per roll than on today’s digital memory cards.  Of course, there’s still plenty of good digital photography today, and in terms of genres I look at everything from celebrity portraiture to photojournalism, sports photography, fashion occasionally. One thing they all tend to have in common is that they capture a moment, an expression, something human. And composition (framing) and light are always important to the storytelling. I also look to mainstream photography for inspiration on clothes, styling and composition. Paintings and other mainstream art – less so, but when I have the opportunity. In the erotic photography area, I was inspired by ERRO and his Errotica Archives site long before he retired. I even emailed him a couple of times and he was kind enough to reply. His models were amazing too, and I’ve been lucky enough to shoot some of them – including Avia A. who told me, “YOU ARE Erro.”  It was funny and sweet of her.   

You have been shooting photosets for MetArt since 2011 – how do you think your style has evolved since then?

KT: This is perhaps not a ‘style’ development thing, but I now approach shoots in a more disciplined way and with key goals. From a technical perspective, MetArt wants the model to be well lit without too heavy shadows, and as much as possible in focus. Next, it may sound obvious, but make sure I shoot enough material to have close to 120 good pictures after editing down. From a creative perspective, I’m much more conscious now about getting a wider variety of poses and natural expressions from the model. Another thing I realized is that not all poses are for all models. And you need to keep communicating. For example, Michaela Isizzu is very flexible and almost a happy contortionist. But a seemingly straightforward pose may not suit another model’s body type or personality. Then she may start to get upset or lose confidence (in herself or the photographer) so you have to change things quickly. Where possible, I try to tell a story. This can be challenging as both model and photographer have usually just arrived at the location. But choice of clothes and maybe a prop can help. At the same time, don’t let the story overpower the main purpose – the erotic photo set. 

Do you prefer studio or location shoots?

KT: So far, all my published sets have been shot indoors – in apartments. It’s easier to control the light and more comfortable for the model to give a variety of poses. But the next step for me is to shoot outdoors… I think it’s more ‘natural’…

Is there a photoset you are particularly proud of?

KT: I can’t pick one, really. I’m pleased with different sets for different reasons – usually because of the model’s personality or the location. If I’m not happy with a set I don’t even submit it and accept the financial loss. My attitude is that if a bad piece of work gets published nobody will be more sorry than the artist.

Have you ever considered shooting videos for MetArt?

KT: Yes. Video is growing – it’s on news websites, social media, everywhere – and the point will come where photographers have to embrace it. When using video as a canvas, I think it’s important to capture some sort of mood of sensuality and eroticism – just as with stills. And where possible tell a story. For example, I’m remembering some scenes from that classic “Nine and a Half Weeks,” where the male lead is slowly moving ice cubes over the naked female’s body… and her response, very erotic. That’s one example, though with MetArt it would be a solo girl, or maybe duo… I also think it’s healthy for artists in general to widen their skillset.  

You’ve shot some of our most iconic models, including Sapphira and Michaela Isizzu – is there one who inspires you the most?

KT: Michaela Isizzu is an interesting and strong personality. I told her we’d shoot a set on a green sofa. She told me, “I don’t like it,” – then indicated the dining room table, and gave me a fantastic set there. I would like to shoot her again. Mango A. is very professional. Emma A. was so fluid and natural, with such a range of poses I didn’t need to say anything. Sadly she retired before I could shoot her again. But I’ve yet to find my muse… the kind of person I want to keep shooting over and over. I prefer only to book models who excite me. 

Your recent photosets of Mango were received very enthusiastically by MetArt members – what was it like shooting her?

KT: I’d like to share a background story. I first tried to book Mango in Budapest through an agency. Finally, they told me she cancelled her trip and that she’s ‘difficult.’ Not being one to give up, I wrote another agency, and found she had changed her destination to Prague. Since I was heading to Prague, I booked her for two sets. Come the morning of the shoot, I was expecting to meet a major pain in the ass. However, she was the complete opposite. She speaks fluent English, and took ‘Korean studies’ at university. She is cultured and thoughtful. She accepted my invitation for dinner at a sushi restaurant the following evening, and even asked, “Is it the sort of place where I should wear a dress?” I told her jeans are fine. I took a photo of her there, which I added at the end of the published set ‘Isfera.’ I think Mango’s personality is reflected in her pictures.  She is one of the best models I have worked with.  

What are your ambitions for your work with MetArt?

KT: Simply to continue to grow and try new things in my photography. There has to be evolution in style, techniques, locations and things you try.

Is there anything else you would like to tell the members?

KT: Overall, interacting with members in the comments section of MetArt has been positive and enjoyable. I’ve said in the comments that I welcome ideas and requests from members. It can be to shoot particular models, themes for sets or ideas for locations. I actually shot Michaela Isizzu in a bedroom after seeing this request from a member. It’s also been a pleasure to be in contact with other MetArt photographers. That’s a challenge in itself, since photographers tend to be lone wolves (including myself), but it’s good to talk with fellow artists. Finally, I’d like to thank the MetArt members and MetArt team for their support. 



“Presenting” Bretona — lovely, limber, and luscious…

Bretona: Presenting, by Albert Varin, first nude pix of new Metart modelThe first image in this new model’s debut Metart erotic photo gallery is a bit unusual. It’s a tightly framed portrait of the model’s right hand, palm up, middle finger and thumb touching. Only later, after Albert Varin pulls back, do we see that she’s seated in the lotus position, as if she’s meditating. An unusual choice, perhaps, but it is thought-provoking, and makes sense once one has viewed “Presenting” Bretona in its entirety.

As we soon discover, Bretona in her skin-tight yoga pants and sporty, athletic top, is dressed for a relaxing and refreshing session of yogic stretching and mindful contemplation. While a bright smile does break through periodically, her overall mood and presentation is calm, composed, and sweetly serene. If Bretona is having any first nude photo session jitters, she does a wonderful job of concealing them. Thankfully, she doesn’t conceal her body for long. Her top comes off — she holds it aloft in #020 with an almost triumphal enthusiasm. And when her particolored animal print leggings come off she’s wearing simple black panties which are also quickly cast aside.

Bretona seems to delight in assuming challenging poses. She maintains perfect balance while supported by one foot and one hand in #007, and she smiles with pride as she holds a stationary high kick in #010. And in an explicit, full nude shot like #112, where she’s spread-legged, torso upright, calmly regarding the camera as streaming natural light adds highlights to her long hair, she projects a relaxed and alluring confidence.

The setting, costume, background, and set design are somewhat cluttered — patterns clash, jalousie windows slice and complicate the backdrop — but somehow the visual complexity is toned down by Bretona’s eye-pleasing beauty and emotionally inviting demeanor. And the yoga-influenced poses and the meditative emotional elements of the gallery are joined by an assortment of tempting explicit close-ups of Bretona’s exceptionally delicate delicacies, giving “Presenting” a welcome dose of heat and spice that leaves the viewer hungry for more of this lovely, limber, and luscious new Metart model.


Beta Tip - Basic Viewing Options

There have been several questions about basic viewing options on the Beta site, so today we’ll take a look at those.

To view Updates, there are two options:  Monthly or Stream.  You can toggle back and forth between the two by clicking the words.

When you are in the Stream view, you will see large thumbnails.  If you prefer a more traditional look, you’ll want to use Monthly.

If you are using the Monthly view for Updates, you have additional options.  You can select between Grid and Detailed views within the Monthly view.   

If you have selected Detailed (3 lines icon) view, you will see more information about the update, including the Artist (photographer) name.  This view also allows for greater visibility of cover banners. (New Model, Top Model, etc)

If you are viewing the Grid version, you will see a more compact presentation.  Those covers are larger than the covers in Detailed view.  Grid view Updates have a + sign in the upper right corner.  Clicking that expands options that allow you to quickly Share, Favorite, or View.

Not sure which view you like best?  It's easy to switch; you can toggle between Detailed and Grid by clicking the words.

As always, if you have a question about how something works on the Beta version, please let our Team know.  They’ll be glad to help.


“Cullet” starring Stella Lane — sultry seaside succulence…

Stella Lane: Cullet, by Flora, Metart HD erotic movieStella Lane’s debut as a Metart nude model was in a short HD erotic film directed by photographer/cinematographer Flora. That film, as I wrote shortly after it was released, was a fine showcase for a beautiful and talented new model and a satisfying piece of short form erotic filmmaking in its own right.

Flora has been behind the camera for all six of the items in Stella’s Metart portfolio — three still photo galleries and three films. Artist and model are clearly comfortable working together, and there’s nothing at all coy or tentative in Stella Lane’s performance in “Cullet.”

Shot on a particularly picturesque stretch of desolate tropical beach, “Cullet” is free of narrative and, most effectively, relies on the beauty of the setting and the subject herself to capture and hold the viewer’s attention. Stella, wearing a white crochet mini-dress strides briskly across the strand and into the warm ocean water, then she moves to a single green palm frond positioned on the white sand between dramatic volcanic rock formations.

After removing her dress, Stella Lane spends the duration of the film posing and playing to the camera. As I observed in her debut performance, Stella Lane’s hands play a key supporting role, and that’s absolutely the case here, as well. Those hands are constantly in motion, caressing her toned and shapely body, squeezing and teasing her breasts, and, during the many explicit sequences, repeatedly and seductively pulling apart the cheeks of her rump to reveal her mouthwatering charms. You’ll find an eye-opening example a second or two after the 6-minute mark, and you’ll be glad you did.

While “Cullet” boasts generous helpings of steamy and explicit intimate anatomical detail, Flora also includes lingering views of Stella Lane — her long hair flowing down her graceful back, her lean and curvy physique, and a couple of sly and enticing smiles (see 2:36). A gorgeous girl sharing her sexual succulence by the seaside make “Cullet” the perfect erotic mini-vacation destination.


Beta Tip - Viewing Upcoming Releases

Have you missed being able to see the Upcoming Releases?  You aren't alone!  That feature is a fan favorite, and it's now live on the Beta version of the site.

To find it, just hit the News link in the top navigational bar.  You should see the scheduled updates at the top of your screen.

If you have a question or Feedback about the Beta version of the site, we'd love to hear it!  You can either use the Feedback tab on the left hand side, or contact our Customer Care Team.


“Neraty” starring Piper A — hot girl + hot tub + hot pix = hot, hot, hot!

Piper A: Neraty, by Flora, hot, wet, explicit pix of a hot, nude chickPhotographer/filmmaker Flora’s Metart erotic photo set titled “Neraty” opens with a shot of Piper A seated on the edge of a spa tub pulling down on the hem of her white tank top. Her legs are fetchingly akimbo, there’s a playful and casual quality to the pose, and the model’s expression is a delightful mix of sweet and cute. And, after enjoying the gallery in its entirety, I can tell you that this appealing introductory image doesn’t even hint at how scorchingly hot the rest of the set quickly gets.

In the first dozen or so images Piper A begins to reveal herself. The top — her only piece of clothing — comes up, she displays and toys with her pale-nippled breasts, and in #016 — BAM! — a tight close-up of Piper’s shaven succulence, framed on each side by by the fingers of her hands. It’s a bold an beautiful image — photographically, anatomically, and erotically — and it clearly signals that “Neraty” is going to be an unashamedly and openly sexual photo gallery.

With so much explicit heat so early in a series a photographer runs the risk of “burning out” too soon, but that’s absolutely not the case here. Flora uses the setting extremely effectively. In #024 she has Piper seated on the tiled floor, spread wide, and leaning against the mosaic tiles of the spa — a graphic image against a patterned background that perfectly flatters the model’s complexion and coloring. Later on, in #074, a hot shot of Piper’s erogenous zones, the tiles have left an imprint on her right buttock, an “occupational hazard” that adds a little unvarnished realism to the set.

After posing on and around the spa Piper takes the plunge and explores the options that warm, bubbling water offers. In #099 we get delightful drops on the female bits, in #100 wet hair adds flair to a half-submerged pin-up, #085 moves in close as warm water caresses tender flesh, and in #087 spread legs and buoyant buns share the spotlight with a cool and alluring facial expression.

The ample assortment of hot, explicit shots in “Neraty” are truly and torridly attention-grabbing, but the set has far more to offer. #011, a close headshot, with eyes closed and a single finger inserted between her luscious lips, is a beautiful pose and composition. #057 sitting on the edge of the spa, holding a hank of her blonde hair, face hidden, is another stylish example, with plenty of smooth skin on display but not a single explicit element. Take a very beautiful, very hot, model, mix in an ample array of explicit and artistic images, add hot water, and the result is hot, hot, hot!


White cotton panties

Erotic fiction inspired by Audrey

I was pretty excited – although I tried not to show it – when Audrey asked me to go into the store changing room with her to give my opinion on the outfit she was trying on. We’d been casual friends for a while, and I’d always admired her cool, edgy style. She was the girl everyone wanted to get close to, and I was thrilled she’d picked me to help her choose the dress for her date that night. I was also quite curious to find out what she was wearing under her tight black pants!

What I wasn’t expecting was a pair of plain white cotton panties under those sexy pants. I couldn’t help staring at the way they clung to the curves of Audrey’s peachy behind like a second skin. I watched, enthralled, as she bent over to remove her boots and pants, and I saw the crotch of the panties pulled tight against her pussy. I felt my own panties start to get damp as I looked.

Audrey seemed totally unaware of the effect she was having on me as she pulled off her sweater, revealing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. She turned around and I could clearly see the outline of her big, puffy clit through the thin fabric of her panties. I watched in a haze of arousal as she tried on the dress she’d selected and asked what I thought, my replies to her questions monosyllabic. Disappointed with my unenthusiastic reaction to the dress, she took it off again.

“Maybe I should just go like this, huh?” she asked, looking at me very boldly. I felt myself blush, and she laughed… but she looked pleased too. She hooked her fingers into the sides of her panties and eased them down, so they barely covered her pussy mound. “How about this?” she murmured, not laughing now. I nodded, unable to tear my gaze away from her crotch. Was she really going to show me her pussy?

Slowly and tantalizingly, she pushed her panties down around her thighs, tilting her hips forward so I got the full effect of her pussy, with that big, puffy, protruding clit. I wanted to touch it so badly, to peel her lips apart and thrust my tongue inside… I was shaking as I looked up at her face and realized she wasn’t teasing any more. She wanted me to do it.

I knew if I hesitated I would lose my nerve, so I immediately knelt between Audrey’s parted legs and pressed my face against her crotch, grabbing her clit between my lips and sucking. She jumped and started trembling, hard – maybe she hadn’t expected me to take it so far, or maybe it was just her first time with another girl? Whatever, I was determined to make sure it was also her best.

Flicking her clit with my tongue as I sucked it, I ran a finger along the cleft of her pussy lips, discovering how wet she was. I pushed my finger into her slippery hole, adding a second and hooking them so they found her G-spot. Then I started to slide them in and out with a steady rhythm, sucking her clit a little harder as I did so. Two minutes of that and she was quaking like jello, her juice running down into the palm of my hand.

I felt supremely confident now as I bent her over, her hands supporting her on the bench as I thrust my tongue into her hot, sweet hole from behind. My wet fingers stroked her clit as I ate her voraciously, and before long she was drenching my lips with her cream, thrusting back against me and then covering her own mouth with her hand to stifle her moans as she came.

Still shaking, she pulled her panties up, a wet patch immediately appearing on the front as her juice soaked through them. She looked dazed as she slowly dressed and we left the store together without saying much. But when we reached her car and instead of driving me home she took me straight back to her place, I knew she’d be cancelling her date for that night…


If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at      I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!


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    Not only that, but she seems to put a lot of thought into the lighting and shooting angles to make them look especially beautiful. Some photographers just seem to have a knack for making certain parts of the body stand out - Natasha with navels, Matiss and Alex Lynn with bottoms, Arkisi with breasts....

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    Let's hope so ☝️😆

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