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“Presenting” Indiana Blanc — welcome to the club…

Indiana Blanc: Presenting, by Matiss, 19-year-old Ukrainian babe in hot nude pix!Metart is home to the most beautiful erotic models in the world. When an aspiring photo model appears in her first Metart erotic gallery she joins an exclusive club, and with over 3,200 members it’s a big club, too! Indiana Blanc, the subject of “Presenting” is among the newest members of this club, and she passes her initiation with flying colors.

Choosing to appear nude in photos on the world’s biggest and best erotic art website can’t be any easy decision to make, but newcomer Indiana Blanc is comfortable, cheerful, and at ease throughout the collection. This 19-year-old Ukrainian is a wonderful blend of unassuming girl next door along with elements of glamour and a pleasant bit of theatricality underscored by her jet-black hair. The black lace body stocking she wears in the first few dozen images, as well as her gold bracelet and earrings are elegant enhancements that nicely balance with her natural, youthful beauty.

There are aspects of the set that initially bothered me, mainly in terms of art direction. “Presenting” takes place on an orange couch, covered with a sheet of blue tulle, against a white floor, walls, and curtains. There’s something impromptu and thrown together about the set design, but as I worked my way through the gallery these quirks began to recede from my vision and Indiana’s beauty, charm, and honest sexuality took center stage.

It’s a testimony to Indiana Blanc’s beauty — and to the artist’s skill — that several modest shots are among my favorites here. #014 and #017, with Indiana seated in poses that emphasize her legs as well as the expressive beauty of her face, are demure, despite the sheer garment, and demonstrate the skill of the model and her photographer admirably. In #033 Matiss stands over Indiana, her smiling face at the bottom of the frame, as she teasingly stretches the un-snapped crotch of her body-stocking. And #012 is a spontaneous, natural headshot with plenty of sweet, un-forced personality.

Indiana is far from shy and Matiss captures all she has to offer in a selection of enticing explicit images. Of these #100 is a gem: Indiana is on hands and knees, her backside to the camera, she tugs at her left buttock with her left hand, and the look on her face — in soft focus in the background — is tauntingly, almost gleefully, suggestive.

There is a cluster of shots in “Presenting” — from #065 through #069 — that do a brilliant job of capturing this talented new arrival. In #065, totally nude, on her knees, thighs spread, she calmly regards the camera. Then the camera moves gradually closer, and in each subsequent image Indiana’s mood and pose subtly changes until we reach #069, a tightly framed close-up in which she smiles warmly and her beautiful brown eyes glitter. Welcome to the club, Indiana Blanc!


“Vrisa” starring Kantata — mouthwatering Moldovan model…

Kantata: Vrisa, by Albert Varin, beautiful nudes, from sweet to sizzling!It was nearly a year ago that the musically named Kantata first appeared at Metart. Her debut instantly won me over, and I relish the opportunity to feast my eyes on this uniquely beautiful and appealing model once more. “Vrisa” is Kantata’s twelfth Metart erotic gallery, all of which were created by Albert Varin, and all the traits — physical and emotional — that entranced me in her introductory offering are all captured here in delicious detail.

The setting is simple but provides both model and artist with numerous options in terms of pose and composition. One wall of the space is papered with a huge photo of a wooden dock suspended over the blue waters of a tropical paradise. It’s a beautiful shot of a beautiful spot, and when Kantata stands in front of it while holding a beach towel it creates a whimsical illusion (see #035). The adjacent wall is decorated by strings of shells, and next to that there’s a window seat backed by a large picture window. It’s a simple set-up, but Varin makes the most of it.

Kantata is blessed with an exceptionally beautiful face and dark blue eyes that never fail to mesmerize. And there’s a sweet, lively warmth and energy emanating from those gorgeous eyes that gives one the sense that Kantata is personable, approachable, and fun to be with. Artful head-shots — #009 and #126 are two of my favorites in this collection, but there are many more — give the viewer a chance to savor the beauty of Kantata’s eyes and face. But even with her beautiful eyes closed, a headshot like #080 is a standout in the set.

But Kantata’s gifts don’t end with her face — from the jet black hair on the top of her head to the soles of her pretty feet she’s a visual and physical treat, and Albert Varin takes care to capture every aspect of her delicious build. He gets detail images — #076 is just one shot of the soles of Kantata’s pedal extremities here — and her delicate intimate aspects are captured in eye-pleasing close-ups (see #072, #106 and #107) put the viewer exactly where he or she would want to be.

Vrisa” is filled with wonderful moments/images: the sweet smile in #015, the relaxed, casual confidence of #089, the artfully composed explicit view in #044, and that irresistible face in #025 and #026. “Vrisa” is a delight that does a wonderful job of showcasing this mouthwatering Moldovan model.


New MetArt starlet Talia Mint shares her experiences!

Once in a while, a girl comes along and makes everyone sit up and take notice. It’s that indefinable blend of looks, personality and a certain special quality that suggests you’re witnessing the dawn of a major new star – and Talia Mint has that aura of shining promise.

Talia made her MetArt debut last month in a gorgeous photoset by Luca Helios, and over on our sister site Viv Thomas she has been grabbing everyone’s attention. It was a delightful surprise to discover that her recent movies for Viv Thomas were her FIRST EVER appearances in front of the camera; this is a girl who was born to be an erotic actress! While her first few roles hinted at her incredible potential, I think it’s ‘Truth or Dare,’ which is currently going live, that really showcases how awesome she is. In the first scene, she translates between English and Spanish fluently, all while having fun with her girlfriends and looking gorgeous. No doubt, this is a girl you want to hang out with, as well as watching her have passionate, energetic and very noisy sex!

Talia has been cool enough to chat with Viv Thomas, and reading her funny, modest and charming comments really made me want to get to know her better. I interviewed her for VT recently, and I think you’ll enjoy it too…

Talia, please tell us a little about yourself.

TM: I’m 25 years old, born and raised in Ukraine and currently residing in Spain. I did a degree in English teaching and philology [the study of the development of language] when I was still in Ukraine so that’s probably why my English is so good – although I think it could still be better! But I realised while I was still a student that teaching was not going to be my career choice. I got into web and graphic design later on, it was just a hobby at first but soon it became my job. I like mixing things up a little and being a freelancer who only needs a computer and internet access to work lets me do other things in my life like modeling or acting. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people – every other person is a chance for me to see the world from a different perspective. I also like photography and of course being photographed! I have a passion for languages, I only speak three for now but as soon as I have some spare time I’ll start learning French and then maybe something exotic like Arabic or Mandarin. I love design, that’s why I do it for work but I also do it for fun too. I like to try all things new, so my hobbies often change. 

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

TM: I’m generally happy with the way I look. I mean it could be worse, right? [laughing] 

Please tell us about the bat tattoo on your back.

TM: Well, this is what I wrote when some VT members asked me about it recently:

‘It was early 2009. Mercilessly cold Russian winter has reached its peak and all the people, scared to go outside, were hiding in the warmth of their houses... all except for one girl. She crossed the central square struggling with the freezing wind. She was walking towards her destiny that will leave a mark on her little (but rather fabulous) body forever. She had no fear, for her friends were waiting for her and she knew how much they needed her that moment. The thought of their happy faces kept her going. And after about half an hour of torture that seemed like forever she finally made it! The door opened in front of her and she stormed into the room gasping warm air greedily, feeling it spread all over her body, bringing her happiness and relief. The grand quest has been completed. She opened her backpack and retrieved two huge bottles of cold beer and her friends cheered and there was no ending to their happiness… And then we all got drunk and my dumb tattooist friend made me that tattoo. We haven’t spoken ever since, I think he moved to a different city shortly after the incident.’

How long have you been making movies?

TM: I only started this year! My first movie ever was for Viv Thomas. The idea of being in an erotic movie always seemed appealing to me but I was too busy doing other things so I didn’t get into it until this year. I’m happy I didn’t start when I was too young, I can relax and enjoy it now, take only the jobs I want and work with the companies that I like, because my life doesn’t depend on it.

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

TM: I enjoy it all! I love traveling, I love beautiful girls, I love sex and being on camera. Every movie is a different fantasy that we get to bring to life, it’s something I probably would have never experienced otherwise. We are very lucky to have an opportunity to do what other people can only dream of. 

Do you like to watch your own movies?

TM: Yes of course I do! It reminds me of how much fun I had when the movie was being made. Also it helps me notice things that I could improve, both on camera and in my private life!

Please tell us about the movies you shot with Guy Ranieri Sblattero for Viv Thomas.

TM: In ‘Vacancy’ I was a foreign girl looking for an apartment to rent and Ava Courcelles was my real estate agent. I wish more real estate agents were like that! Most I’ve met so far have been permanently smiling, balding Spanish men who looked nothing like Ava. If they were all like her I’d be moving to a new apartment every month! Being seduced by a gorgeous French girl is a fantasy worth reliving over and over again. And on top of it she’s an excellent kisser! 

In ‘Love Match’ I was a sneaky friend who comes to Anissa Kate’s apartment right after she got engaged to her girlfriend. The movie was shot in the kitchen so we got to try all kinds of crazy positions. I should say the kitchen is not the most comfortable place for lesbian sex but nevertheless it was fun trying not to fall over on Anissa’s head! Anissa is a girl I could stare at all night from the corner of a nightclub and never dare to come close to. She is beautiful, confident and she knows herself well. I’m happy that I had an opportunity to shoot with her, there’s no chance I could get a girl like that in real life! 

‘Fashion and Fetish’ was a new thing for me. I know a few guys who have a foot fetish and I understand its appeal but I hadn’t thought I’d ever get to touch a girl’s vagina with my toes! It was very unusual and very funny, I think we had to stop shooting for a few seconds because at one point I started giggling like an idiot. But eventually after taking a few deep breaths I could relax and enjoy the moment. Jimena Lago is absolutely adorable and a great person too. We ended up talking for hours and we got to know each other rather well so shooting with her was as easy as spending a Sunday afternoon with a girlfriend. She looks so innocent but when it comes to sex she’s as wild as it gets. I know I can be rather loud sometimes but she managed to outdo me there! And at the same time she’s so nice to just cuddle with! We’re still in touch, I have her on whatsapp and we chat every now and then. I really hope we can do another movie together some day!

‘Truth or Dare’ was SO much fun! I’m really curious to see Julia and Leila’s video with those cuffs that popped out of nowhere in the middle of the scene! Now that you’ve reminded me of it I won’t be able to sleep all night trying to guess what was going on there. Both girls are extremely sexy and they clearly love what they do. I could relax with them and just have fun. We had such a laugh with the banana, OMG we were joking about it for hours after the scene.

Do you enjoy the acting?

TM: Yes I do! I get to be a different person for a moment or just me in different circumstances. It’s always a little adventure. 

Do you have a favorite scene?

TM: I like the moments in ‘Fashion and Fetish’ with Erica Fontes when she was adjusting my underwear and then when she lowered the camera and kissed me. It was such a turn on you can’t imagine, I just wanted to grab her and take her home with me! And it ended up looking great on video, the team managed to capture all the glances, every touch and the kiss perfectly. 

Were you happy about the great reaction to your recent MetArt debut?

TM: Yes I was checking the website 10 times a day to see if there were more comments! You’ve got the most charming gentlemen among your members there.

Do you have a high sex drive?

TM: I believe so, yes. I can’t spend an hour without touching myself when I’m home alone and I’ve probably seen more porn movies than any other movies or series in my life! I have a small collection of toys to keep me busy on a rainy day. I’ve had relationships with men and women and both at the same time but I’m not a cheater so when I’m with someone there are no other people in my life unless we’re sharing!

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

TM: Yes, I am bisexual. I’ve always been attracted to girls. I kissed a girl for the first time when I was still at school and I enjoyed it. She was saying that it was weird so I had to pretend it was weird for me too but it was actually really nice. I had sex with a girl for the first time when I was 18 and there have been a lot since. I find it easier to have casual sex with a girl rather than a guy. 

What do you like best about sex with girls, and with guys?

TM: It’s different. It’s like wearing silk and leather. One is light and soft, the other is rough and heavy, but both are nice to wear. With girls I like to be more active, I think there’s nothing more exciting than giving a woman pleasure. And it’s more relaxed, there’s no rush, more touching and kissing. Girls are small fragile creatures and this is our beauty. With guys it’s completely the opposite. It’s nice sometimes to just be a little girl and have a strong man hold you in his arms. 

What is your favorite position?

TM: It depends on the partner and the situation. 69 is good but if the partner is tall it’s more struggle than pleasure! So I like to try as many positions as possible with every partner and figure out what feels best. 

Do you find it easy to orgasm when filming a scene?

TM: It doesn’t take much to make me orgasm, I find it harder not to at times! 

What turns you on?

TM: I love accents, especially French, it drives me crazy! I like nice lingerie, transparent panties are the best! I love it when a girl is shy, it’s so hot! And of course a nice body is a plus. With guys it’s more about the personality than the looks. Confidence and class is more attractive than muscles or a pretty face. 

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

TM: Oh, I’ve tried many! The most unusual was probably during a San Juan party behind a small lighthouse. 

Have you ever done it in a public place?

TM: A few times. In the ocean, at the beach, in the dunes, on the side of the road… I wouldn’t say no to good fun just because there’s a few people nearby!

You are very vocal during sex – does this ever get you in trouble?

TM: I’ve had neighbors complaining many times! But random people rarely make any comments, I think they feel more uncomfortable about it than me. 

Do you like to masturbate? Do you like to use your fingers, or toys?

TM: I love it! Who doesn’t? I like toys but sometimes I masturbate with my fingers when I can’t be bothered to go get my toys out. 

What is your favorite sexual fantasy?

TM: Running away with a beautiful stranger and having sex with her on the balcony of a hotel room watching the sunset.

Are you a romantic person?

TM: I can be sometimes but I can be very practical too. Depends on the mood!

How would you describe your personality?

TM: I’m a very open-minded and chilled person, I like to goof around, life is boring without a good laugh. I’m very emotional and that’s why I’m not very good at arguments, I get too excited easily! [laughing] 

What are your ambitions?

TM: I want to be the first alien to trick humanity into world peace and bring prosperity to the third world countries and when everyone gets fat and happy I’ll feed them to my people. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell MetArt Network members?

TM: Stay awesome, eat your vegetables and keep the compliments coming! 



“Treaza” starring Lilian A — many magical movie moments…

Lilian A: Treaza, by Nick Twin, Metart HD erotic movieI’ve seen and critiqued enough Metart HD erotic movies to know, generally, what to expect, but “Treaza” has surprised me, and in many more ways than one. This is my first exposure to the film’s star, Lilian A — who is inexplicably billed as “Juliy” in the titles — and she is a delight in every respect. It’s also my first exposure to the work of director Nick Twin, and he has thoroughly impressed me with this production. But “Treaza” — which is called “Little Surprise” in the titles — is also something of a departure from typical Metart short film fare, and I think it’s immensely successful.

While I have seen several Metart films that told a story, any type narrative beyond the most basic is a rarity — there simply isn’t enough time to get into much theme or plot, and the absence of dialog further constrains the artist. Twin gets around this in two ways: “Treaza” is over 16 minutes in length, for one, and he’s cleverly told a story through the use of handwritten notes that a lover has left for Lilian to discover.

She finds the first one as she’s reading a book while sitting in the sun on a park bench. She goes home and, following the prompts provided by a series of notes she finds throughout the house, proceeds to disrobe. When Lilian A is totally nude she spends a generous amount of time in an erotic reverie, letting her mind and imagination wander as she moves around the bed, giving the viewer eye-filling views of her sweet, slender, and utterly delectable body. Between the angelic loveliness of her face, the grace with which she moves, and the stunning variety — and quantity — of explicit views, “Treaza” serves up a veritable banquet of beauty.

From the performance of its truly gifted star, and in every technical aspect — editing, cinematography, art direction, and what might best be described as choreography — “Treaza” is a confident and engaging work of erotic art. And the narrative, with its clever and artfully executed plot points, takes the Metart short film format in a new and most welcome direction. Whether “Treaza” will inspire other Metart filmmakers to experiment with the format remains to be seen, but the film and its star earn my highest praise and unqualified recommendation — this one really does contain many magical movie moments.


Carolina Abril – a delicious MetArt debutante tells all!

Carolina Abril is the most wonderfully uninhibited girl you could imagine. The Spanish sweetheart bowled MetArt members over with her recent debut; that sunny smile could melt the stoniest of hearts! She has made a splash over on our sister site Viv Thomas too, her cute appearance meaning she is perfectly cast as the innocent newbie – but when you see the verve with which she tears into her partners you realize looks can be deceiving! She made her Viv Thomas debut in May with a naughty fruit-flavored liaison with Tiffany Doll in ‘Senses,’ and subsequent scenes in ‘Goodbye My Love’ and ‘Holiday’ inspired me to write a script just for her.

I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the way she interpreted the story for ‘Learning Curve.’ Her adorable personality shines through as she plays a sweet, shy, giggly, sexually adventurous and ultimately voracious ingénue trying her first experiences of lesbian sex, anal fun and posing for nude pictures.

I wanted to find out more about this little firecracker, and I’m delighted to report that Carolina is one of the most forthright girls I’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to about sex! I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know her too…

Carolina, please tell us a little about yourself.

CA: I just turned 23. I’m almost 5’5” tall. I’m Canarian from Tenerife, and I live in Madrid. 

What do you enjoy doing?

CA: Fucking. Besides fucking, I like sports, especially swimming – always with my female friends. 

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

CA: My first job wasn’t nude modeling, it was a porn scene with an old fat man. And well, that was my darkest fantasy. To fuck in front of the cameras and then people would masturbate watching me. I love to give orgasms. 

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

CA: It used to be my bottom, but since I fell on a crystal vase and got 30 stitches in it, I choose my boobs.  

How do you keep in such great shape?

CA: Fucking almost every day for many hours. 

How long have you been making movies?

CA: Since I was 18 years and 1 month old. 

What do you enjoy most about making movies?

CA: The orgasms they give me, and that I enjoy so much.  

Do you like to watch your own movies?

CA: I’ve never watched one of my movies!

What do you like about shooting with director Guy Ranieri Sblattero for Viv Thomas?

CA: The romance, glamour, sweetness, and it’s always with young, sexy and beautiful girls.

Please tell us about the movies you have shot for Viv Thomas.

CA: Well, first was ‘Senses’ with Tiffany Doll, the food scene. It was very morbid and funny at the same time. We were throwing all the fruit above us, it smelled of fruit throughout the entire house. When we were having oral sex it also tasted like fruit!

Then ‘Goodbye My Love’ with Leila Smith – oh, what a nice and beautiful girl! What a nympho! Even when Guy stopped shooting, we kept giving love to each other. I loved that girl and the sex was perfect.

‘Holiday’ with Silvie Luca… a gorgeous girl but when they stopped shooting, she stopped fucking me and I wanted to cry or grab her head and make her eat me!

In ‘Learning Curve’ I had three scenes. Bailey Ryder was lovely but if she had had shorter nails it would have been much better! Good oral sex though! Amarna Miller (the anal scene) and Amber Nevada (the photographer scene) – both were the best! Maybe because we understood each other sexually and verbally. We never stopped and ohhhh what delicious orgasms we gave each other. No doubt we Spanish girls are the most vicious!

Which is your favorite of your scenes for Viv Thomas so far?

CA: Hard to choose between Amber and Amarna. Can I choose both? Why? Well obviously because of the chemistry. We wanted to make love for a long time.

Who was your favorite sexual partner so far?

CA: Many: Potro, Nacho Vidal, Rob Diesel… All of them give me orgasms every time, wherever we are.

Do you have a sexual fantasy?

CA: Yes, to fuck on a plane with a total stranger, and take him into the toilet with me. Make love brutally and then never see him again. 

Did you have sex with a girl in your personal life, before you did it in a movie?

CA: Yes, but I can’t tell you who with! I am bisexual.

What do you like best about sex with girls, and with guys?

CA: Women, oral. Men, to be sitting on them. My favorite position is riding! I love to feel a good penis and rub my clit with his abdomen.

What turns you on?

CA: To feel that someone desires me. 

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

CA: Oh so many! Pool, beach, park, train, open space, toilets...

Do you like to masturbate? Do you like to use your fingers, or toys?

CA: I love to masturbate. I don’t use my fingers or toys. I just rub myself with anything! 

Are you a romantic person?

CA: Yes, and thoughtful. I like to surprise people every day and break the routine.

How would you describe your personality?

CA: Cheerful, morbid, daring.

What are your ambitions?

CA: To fuck a lot! As much as I can until my pussy says ‘stop’! 

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

CA: Many thanks for watching my videos and giving me your richest climax. I hope I could fuck with you some day!



“Presenting” Blake Bartelli — American beauty…

Blake Bartelli: Presenting, by Charles Lightfoot, American 18-year-old nudePhoto galleries with a pronounced theme are a relative rarity at Metart. While the majority of contributing artists look for ways to accentuate and emphasize the natural beauty of the models they photograph, the setting (either on location or in the studio) is a backdrop, a platform, and secondary to the model’s performance. Of course props and costumes of various kinds are employed from time to time, but sets with a distinct theme are few and far between. And that’s just one reason that “Presenting” Blake Bartelli by Charles Lightfoot is so appealing and effective.

Blake Bartelli, the beguiling blonde star of the set is American. And “Presenting,” her Metart debut, was released on the fourth of July. Lightfoot has dressed his set with distinctly American props — a weathered saddle, a sun-bleached cow’s skull — and he’s dressed his model in denim cut-off short-shorts decorated with  swatches of the American flag. The final flourish in this stylish salute to America’s “birthday” comes in the form of sparklers that Blake holds in a several shots, an unusual element that adds genuine flair — and real sparks — to those photos.

Even without all the art direction and Americana, Blake Bartelli’s style and beauty have an appealing American flavor. Her hairstyle has a hint of iconic American blondes — Farrah Fawcett, for one. And some of Charles Lightfoot’s compositions have a classical, nostalgic flavor that recalls vintage Playboy magazine, which only adds to the Americanness of the series. Have a look at #036, a topless shot complete with burning sparkler, and you’ll see what I mean.

Blake Bartelli is only 18 years old in these photos, but she delivers a polished performance despite her youth and presumed lack of experience. She’s got an unforced sweetness in shots like #016, with nothing showing, and in #106, bent over, eyes, closed, explicitly exposed, model and artist create a stunning erotic art image. Metart is home to gorgeous models from all over the world, and “Presenting” Blake Bartelli adds a uniquely appealing, talented, and distinctly American beauty to the talent roster.


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    Not only that, but she seems to put a lot of thought into the lighting and shooting angles to make them look especially beautiful. Some photographers just seem to have a knack for making certain parts of the body stand out - Natasha with navels, Matiss and Alex Lynn with bottoms, Arkisi with breasts....

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    Fabulous legs and breasts
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    goggle pictures of Mona Lisa and see some wacko "adjustments" people have made to her over the years.

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    I too admire navels Mr. Czechers.

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    Let's hope so ☝️😆

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    Gets more unreal all the time, Arkisi.
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    If they can "now" pinch their nipples maybe that means they can move their nice lush bushes out of the way for those who must see flesh? 😜
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    Back to the future we go! ♻️
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    Pretty, attractive girl
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    Great gash
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    Luv the cum-in-my- mouth suggestion, #116

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