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“Presenting” Berenice — down by the river…

Berenice: Presenting, by Artofdan, first nudes of tempting tiny-top hottie“Presenting” Berenice isn’t just a new model’s Metart debut, it’s also my first exposure to the work of photographer Artofdan. This artist with the somewhat unusual moniker isn’t a newcomer to nude art photography: after a brief bit of research I learned that he’s an accomplished veteran with an impressive portfolio in addition to his work for Metart. And, based on this set, it’s clear that he’s a gifted stylist and technician — I only hope that he doesn’t change his name to "Artofdanofmetart," that would be a bit much.

I was also intrigued to learn that, although this is Berenice’s first Metart photo series, it’s actually only the second time she’s posed nude, and the first time her nudes have been published anywhere. This bit of insight was provided by Berenice in her bio, which is far more elaborate and detailed than a typical model bio, and well worth reading. Berenice is a very appealing subject and projects a wide range of emotions. There are instances where her hands look the slightest bit stiff and “modelly,” but this is only her second outing and a bit more experience and practice will doubtless correct this trivial weakness.

Artofdan has chosen an exceptional setting for this gallery. Waterfalls flow down a hillside and across mossy rocks at the edge of a river that winds gently through a shady forest. The location is full of potential, and model and artist make the most of it. As the set begins Berenice is clad in a skimpy black micro-bikini. The big smile, big, beautiful blue eyes, and flowing brown hair make a fine impression in the very first shot, and the affable warmth of #001 is soon joined by a wide variety of moods and emotions. As expressive as her eyes are, it’s interesting to note that many of the most emotionally rich images here present Berenice with her eyes closed or looking away from the camera — see #024, #036, and #073. And do be sure to take a long look at #073, it’s a stylishly posed and framed composition with a delicate, painterly, and evocative beauty — a credit to both model and artist.

Berenice is completely at ease in what certainly might have been challenging circumstances. Whether she’s reclining on wet, mossy rocks, or partially submerged in the rushing water — see #075, #093, and #113 — she’s composed, relaxed, and in perfect harmony with her surroundings. “Presenting” Berenice is filled with excellent erotic photographs of a tempting and talented new model in an intriguing location. I’m thoroughly impressed and look forward to more from model and artist, alike.


“Atido” starring Viola Bailey — plenteous pulchritude, poolside…

Viola Bailey: Atido, by Koenart, Metart HD erotic movie, big tits/shaved slitI’ve never seen Viola Bailey before. Not once. Never! She’s been appearing at Metart for two full years and only now am I seeing her. On one hand I feel cheated — while others have been enjoying this stunningly voluptuous and utterly charming model I’ve been completely unaware of her existence. But now I know! Now I’ve seen her, and I know where I can see more. So, if you’ve one of the lucky ones, if you’re already familiar with Viola Bailey, you have an excellent idea of what delights the Metart HD erotic movie “Atido” holds. But if this will be your first exposure to the model, let me assure you that you have a major treat in store!

The artist Koenart has had considerable experience with Viola Bailey. She shot her Metart debut photo gallery, and she’s been behind the camera for each and every subsequent pictorial as well as her movies. When an artist and model have an ongoing working relationship like this it often results in a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere on the set, and that certainly appears to be the case here.

Atido,” which was shot on a sunny afternoon, takes place around a backyard swimming pool with a view of pine forest. It’s a serene and pleasing setting, and the perfect location for some soothing stretching and yoga practice. Viola Bailey, in comfortable leggings and a baggy henley, begins with a downward facing pose, and the backlight on thin fabric provides a hint of what abundant gifts we’re about to enjoy. Koenart keeps the pace leisurely and measured, there’s no rush to disrobe. Whether she’s lounging fully clothed, or after she’s stripped down to her matching bra and panties, Viola’s personality and presence is every bit as charming as her curvy physique is impressive.

One of the highlights of “Atido” occurs after the “big reveal.” Viola unfastens her bra, removes it, then demurely covers her voluminous breasts with her hands as the camera pans up to her face. And here, at the 4:46 mark, Viola smiles directly at the camera playfully, proudly, and with a tantalizing bit of tease. But this moment of coy cuteness is followed by extensive and eye-pleasing explicit footage that captures Viola’s stunning body in motion and in a broad range of mouthwatering poses.

As Viola Bailey works through her routine — and subtly moves around the pool — Koenart captures the stunningly sculptural beauty of her body, as well as individual physical details, along with her relaxed, uninhibited nature. And with Viola holding several unusual and challenging poses Koenart has the opportunity to move in tight for frame-filling views of her enticing intimate attributes.

Atido” ends with Viola Bailey cooling off in an outdoor shower, a wet and wonderful end to a visual banquet of plenteous pulchritude, poolside.


“Presenting” Samanta Rose — an angelic introduction…

Samanta Rose: Presenting, by Catherine, 19-year-old girl’s first nude pix!Even if you’re a newcomer to Metart I think it’s safe to say you already have selected a group of favorite models. Veteran members obviously have favorites as well — models they’ve followed over the months and years. And getting to know a favorite model, watching her evolve, grow, and develop as she works with different photographers, or expands into erotic films, is one of the most rewarding aspects of the Metart experience. Even so, there’s still nothing quite as exciting as discovering a new Metart model. The thrill of the new, that first exposure, the initial instance of revelation and discovery is one of the most pleasing and powerful experiences a Metart member can have. I mention this because I’ve just had the pleasure of experiencing a new model’s Metart debut, and she’s nothing less than angelic in every discernible aspect.

I’m confident that “Presenting” is Samanta Rose’s first ever appearance in an erotic photo gallery, and it’s an impressive performance for this delicious 19-year-old. And she’s in the superbly skilled and experienced hands of Catherine — one of Metart’s most gifted and sensitive artists — making this “first time” truly exceptional. The set design, costume, make-up, lighting — everything about “Presenting” flatters and enhances the model. And the pacing — from fully clothed to totally nude — is perfectly timed, flowing with a tempo and logic that engages and enthralls the viewer as every delightful physical aspect and facet of Samanta’s personality is revealed.

Samanta Rose is — from head to toe — an exquisite creature. Her eyes — so big, so green! — are absolutely mesmerizing. And the delicate features of her face, her flawless complexion, her symmetry, and the sweetness of her expression, results in some absolutely beguiling head-shots. It’s difficult to pick favorites — it’s too easy to get lost in those eyes! — but #016, #034, and the interesting and unusual pose of #121 are all wonderful.

Catherine does a masterful job of coaxing out capturing various aspects of Samanta’s personality, and she also delivers a diverse catalog of her subject’s physical charms. A thoughtful and unusual figure study like #107, with the soles of Samanta’s feet in the foreground, is artfully posed, and the subtly different moods and framing of #076 and #077 are worthy of extended examination. And none of this artistry comes at the expense of the explicit — there are plentiful detail shots of every delicious bit of Samanta’s intimate anatomy to tease the libido, quicken the pulse, and ignite the imagination.

In “Presenting” we have the unique and singularly rewarding pleasure of discovering an extremely promising new Metart model. Catherine’s style and skill perfectly captures Samanta Rose’s beauty and the result is an absolutely angelic introduction.


Reflected Pleasure

Erotic fiction inspired by Nordica

I’m a gentle, sweet-natured soul, but when I dress up in stockings and heels it seems to liberate another side to my personality. That’s when I feel compelled to prowl the lesbian bars downtown and pick up some submissive girl to do my bidding.

Getting ready for a night out is all part of the anticipation. I take my time, letting my excitement build until it becomes a tangible thing, a vibration deep in my core. Last night when I felt the first whispers of that urge to touch soft female flesh and bend it to my will, I waited until they had become a deafening roar before I stopped resisting. I undressed and took a bath, but I didn’t touch my breasts or pussy, despite the throbbing that made me want to do so.

I slid black stockings over my long legs, and put on my highest heels. A red satin garterbelt and bowtie completed the outfit. Finally I pulled on black satin gloves, for the ultimate tease. My nipples were hard as diamonds as I stood in front of the mirror, admiring my reflection. When I ran my gloved fingers over them, they sent pulses of pleasure flooding through me.

My bare pussy looked so beautiful, framed by my garter belt and stocking tops, and I moved closer to the mirror, gazing at my plump pink folds. Lifting a leg to spread myself open, I could see cream welling up between my lips and starting to trickle down my inner thighs. I moved to the floor, parting my legs wider, staring at my pussy in the mirror as my lips opened up into a pretty butterfly, displaying my juicy pink sweetness.

I still hadn’t touched myself, and I made myself wait even longer, turning my back to the mirror so I could admire my perfectly round, firm bottom. The wider I spread my knees, the better I could see my moist slit. I pressed my thighs tight shut for a moment, squeezing hard and feeling a fresh surge of juice flood out. Then I turned back to face myself, moving closer and closer until my hot crotch left a smear of wetness on the cold surface of the mirror.

That was it – I couldn’t hold back any longer. I ran a gloved finger along my slippery slit and plunged it deep inside, the shiny fabric gliding against my slick flesh. My eyes roamed over my reflection, taking in my stiff nipples, the wanton expression on my face, and the kinky sight of my gloved finger thrusting in and out of my wet hole. Frantically, I rubbed my clit with my other hand as I added a second finger and fucked myself wildly, hard and fast, my hips bucking as the uncontrollable sensations overwhelmed me. My orgasm hit me like a tornado, ripping through me and leaving me shaking and breathless.

I wasn’t done though. Now my thoughts turned to finding a willing partner to lick me clean, a girl who would kneel as I stood over her in my heels and lap up my juices as I ground against her face. Pulling a raincoat on over my nakedness, I winked at my reflection in the mirror as I set off into the night…

If you enjoy erotic fiction and would like to contribute some of your own, you can email it to me at I don't promise to post it in full, but I will pick out the juiciest bits to share!



“Benytte” with Milena D and Emily Bloom — Erik’s Angels…

Milena D and Emily Bloom: Benytte, by Erik Latika, 2 nude girls are better than 1!It’s been quite some time since I’ve been asked to critique a two-girl Metart erotic photo gallery. And photographer Erik Latika has chosen two truly tantalizing subjects for “Benytte.” But it doesn’t take long for me to be reminded of how challenging creating a satisfying girl/girl Metart pictorial can be. With any direct erotic contact strictly off limits it’s no easy task to create a sense of sexual tension between the subjects, no matter how appealing they may be as individuals. I’ve enjoyed more solo sets of these two women than I can remember, and they both look wonderful here, but there’s a part of me that wishes “Benytte” was shot for Metart’s explicit sister site, Sexart, where Milena and Emily could have indulged in full contact sexual activity.

Milena D and Emily Bloom are distinctly different types and their dissimilarities make for a particularly pretty pairing. Milena’s olive complexion contrasts nicely with Emily’s pale and creamy coloring, for example. And, quite cleverly, Latika has styled them similarly — both are clad in pink lingerie and their hair has been elaborately curled and coiffed. So if you like either one of these models — and I like them both very, very much — chances are you’ll be happy to see them here. But the lack of erotic connection does tend to blunt the effect.

Benytte” is at its finest when it presents the best of both models at the same time. In #058, something of a “double head-shot,” captures the expressive beauty of those two gorgeous faces expertly. And in #100 and #101, side by side, Milena and Emily treat the viewer to enticing and explicit views of their most intimate attributes. When they’re both playing to the camera simultaneously “Benytte” is at its best, but when when they play at interacting with one another (see #036 for one example) it is less successful.

But Metart’s rules are Metart’s rules and with “Benytte” Erik Latika works within those limits to showcase these two angelic beauties to the best of his ability. It does leave this viewer wishing for something a bit more devilish, however.


“Berani” starring Li Moon — moonstruck…

Li Moon: Berani, by Arkisi, stunning explicit pix of young Asian beautyIt’s a magical moment and a rare experience that demands to be savored. In the Metart erotic photo gallery titled “Berani” the stars are in perfect alignment and all the necessary elements come together to create an experience that nearly defies description. And that’s why this post carries the subtitle “moonstruck.” It’s not simply a play on the model’s name, it’s a description of my reaction to her appearance and performance in this brilliantly executed pictorial. My dictionary defines the adjective moonstruck as “being unable to think or act normally, especially because of being in love.” And that’s an accurate description of my current condition — I love this model, and I love everything about Arkisi’s intensely enjoyable creation, “Berani.” Give me a moment to collect my thoughts.

I wasn’t moonstruck in an instant, it did take a moment or two, but from the first image — a standing shot of Li Moon in a tight, white, minidress, hand on hip — this adorable Asian confection had my full and undivided attention. In the next shot she turns and lifts the hem of her dress to reveal her bare behind. And in #003, bum still bared, she smiles…and I’m starting to fall for her. By the time I reach #025 — an absolutely priceless pin-up pose and composition — I’m hopelessly in love with the lively, luscious, and lusty Li Moon.

Li Moon is as cute as a button, as cuddly as a kitten, and sweeter than honey as she demonstrates time and again, in image after image, pose after pose, in “Berani.” But she’s also powerfully and unashamedly sexual, proudly and brazenly confident, as well as naturally and irresistibly seductive. This bright-eyed and innocent-seeming 20-year-old can transition into a steamy, sultry, searingly sexual siren with a single blink of her big brown eyes. This mix of the cute with the carnal is rare, and Li Moon has been gifted with a lot of it!

Arkisi does a stunning job of capturing Li Moon’s personality in “Berani,” and his exploration and presentation of her breathtaking body is equally expert. The explicit images here — and there are, justifiably, many — are mind-bogglingly beautiful. In #029 we’re treated to Li Moon’s smiling face while her vertical smile offers an open invitation in the foreground. And succulent explicit close-ups are balanced by gleeful and spontaneous images like #100 which captures Li’s long hair as it flies through the air, and #035 through #038 as she plays with a pillow. #064 is one of the collection’s finest head-shots, and #099 is both a creative pose and a highly stylish composition with Li Moon on her knees, hands in her lustrous hair. There’s no guarantee that everyone will have the same reaction to Li Moon in “Berani” as I’ve had, but you’d have to be a little bit loony not to love it.


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    She has a few more sets here under the name Gaby B.

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