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“Presenting” Berenice — down by the river…

Berenice: Presenting, by Artofdan, first nudes of tempting tiny-top hottie“Presenting” Berenice isn’t just a new model’s Metart debut, it’s also my first exposure to the work of photographer Artofdan. This artist with the somewhat unusual moniker isn’t a newcomer to nude art photography: after a brief bit of research I learned that he’s an accomplished veteran with an impressive portfolio in addition to his work for Metart. And, based on this set, it’s clear that he’s a gifted stylist and technician — I only hope that he doesn’t change his name to "Artofdanofmetart," that would be a bit much.

I was also intrigued to learn that, although this is Berenice’s first Metart photo series, it’s actually only the second time she’s posed nude, and the first time her nudes have been published anywhere. This bit of insight was provided by Berenice in her bio, which is far more elaborate and detailed than a typical model bio, and well worth reading. Berenice is a very appealing subject and projects a wide range of emotions. There are instances where her hands look the slightest bit stiff and “modelly,” but this is only her second outing and a bit more experience and practice will doubtless correct this trivial weakness.

Artofdan has chosen an exceptional setting for this gallery. Waterfalls flow down a hillside and across mossy rocks at the edge of a river that winds gently through a shady forest. The location is full of potential, and model and artist make the most of it. As the set begins Berenice is clad in a skimpy black micro-bikini. The big smile, big, beautiful blue eyes, and flowing brown hair make a fine impression in the very first shot, and the affable warmth of #001 is soon joined by a wide variety of moods and emotions. As expressive as her eyes are, it’s interesting to note that many of the most emotionally rich images here present Berenice with her eyes closed or looking away from the camera — see #024, #036, and #073. And do be sure to take a long look at #073, it’s a stylishly posed and framed composition with a delicate, painterly, and evocative beauty — a credit to both model and artist.

Berenice is completely at ease in what certainly might have been challenging circumstances. Whether she’s reclining on wet, mossy rocks, or partially submerged in the rushing water — see #075, #093, and #113 — she’s composed, relaxed, and in perfect harmony with her surroundings. “Presenting” Berenice is filled with excellent erotic photographs of a tempting and talented new model in an intriguing location. I’m thoroughly impressed and look forward to more from model and artist, alike.

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hipshot131 2 years ago

Tonight her second set was released and this one is by Luca Helios and as different as it could be from her first set. It is done in an impressive glass living room in Spain but once again she begins in a small black bikini. In this set we are treated to a virtual cornucopia of poses from class glamour to impressively athletic with a liberal serving of radiant smiles and fabulous feminine lines and curves. I am very impressed that a model so new could produce with this sort of ease and grace. It is very clear that Berenice is a very talented as well as fantastically gorgeous young lady that is soon to become a top ten contender!

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    SouthernMaster 2 minutes ago

    It may look chilly, but judging by the lack of goosebumps & erect nipples, I don't think it was.

    on Arety

    Dreadnought66 16 minutes ago

    Baggy yellow shorts not withstanding --

    Not impressed.

    on Presenting Andrea Sixth

    Jeremip 18 minutes ago

    What a pretty girl !! An amazing blond beauty ! Pictures in nature are fantastic !

    on Georgia

    Booker666 26 minutes ago

    Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
    Fritter and waste the hours.........
    Oh hello Melena! longer a dull day!

    on Molemi

    Jeremip 28 minutes ago

    A vey beautiful girl but a little too soft and for me, a little too tall...

    on Gloria Sol

    Tristan Heart 36 minutes ago

    Sweet, beautiful, dependable Melena, she always gives you exactly what you need and then some ^^

    I think I ran out of new praises to throw at Melena already after the second time I ever saw her, she really is a very unique girl when it comes to this industry, she has a seemingly unquellable sexual appetite and yet apart from the occasional glamor shoot, she is strictly a solo model and I actually think this is a big part of why she is such huge success and why she has such a devoted and loyal fan base and I really think it is something other models should take note of and learn from, you don't have to give all of yourself to the industry, keeping a part of you just for you will actually only make you even more interesting, but then again this is not exactly big news, it has been a known fact for ages, it just seems it has been slightly forgotten in this day and age :-)

    Anyway, with regards to this update, some really solid work here by Alex Sironi featuring a girl that can only be described as a sensual goddess, the one and only Melena :-)

    on Molemi

    Tristan Heart 1 hour ago

    Brrrrr... doesn't exactly look like beach weather, personally I would probably have cheated my ass off in postwork on this one, turning it into a bright and sunny day :-P

    Yuki is such a gorgeous girl and you would think her mere presence would bring out the sun, sadly it looks like that wasn't the case here, but she still looked as sweet as she always does and if it really was as cold and windy as it looks then props to her for her commitment to getting the job done :-)

    on Arety

    Tristan Heart 1 hour ago

    Man, my face hurts just from watching this, she really needs to learn to relax her face, it's not a selfie-session it's a photo-session :-P

    Other than that a really sweet looking new girl with a beautiful body, a big welcome to Andrea :-)

    on Presenting Andrea Sixth

    Checkers 2 hours ago

    Oh. My. GOODNESS, what a cutie. Those big brown eyes. That sweet, bright smile. Those absolutely FEARLESS poses. Taylor is definitely not shy about putting her beautiful gifts on display, is she? OOOF. And such a HOORAY-worthy outfit she's wearing at the beginning.

    Gorgeous lady, wonderful set. Taylor's already a favorite. Anxious to see what else she has in store for us.

    on Lirrid