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“Searde” starring Sapphira A — artist, model, masterpiece…

Sapphira A: Searde, by Alex Lynn, Metart HD erotic movieThis Metart HD erotic feature film directed by Alex Lynn is officially titled “Searde,” but he’s appended a subtitle that’s far more telling: “Self Portrait.” As it begins Sapphira A is sitting on a sofa and sketching on a clipboard. Art supplies are on the table in front of her, and so is a mirror. As our point of view changes we see that Sapphira is studying her reflected image and is creating a most impressive self portrait in pencil on paper.

Sapphira A brings real depth to her performance here. I’ve had the pleasure of watching her grow and evolve as a model, and while she’s the same exquisitely beautiful woman she’s always been, the subtle shyness and tentative quality — the sense that she was slightly restrained and holding something back — in her earliest offerings is now a thing of the past. In “Searde” she’s completely confident and comfortable in her role. Indeed, she takes obvious pleasure in the entire performance, and as she immerses herself in the action a spontaneous and genuine smile is never far from her lips.

Eventually Sapphira puts her pencil and sketch aside, but she continues to subtly interact with her reflected image throughout the film — an effect Alex Lynn weaves into the production with effortless skill. As Sapphira’s autoerotic desires increase she sheds her subtly see-through sweater. She strokes and caresses her breasts, explores the fabric of her animal print panties, and then strips them off, moving rhythmically and seductively throughout.

Explicit views, in a variety of poses and from a variety of angles, are plentiful, and  “Searde” does a magnificent job of presenting the many mouthwatering details of Sapphira’s body. But Mr. Lynn knows there’s more to Sapphira than the simple physical aspect, and his camera also lingers on her face, eyes often closed, as her erotic imagination wanders, and that special secret smile animates her face.

I will state the obvious: Sapphira A is so beautiful, and so erotically enticing, that the viewer can’t help but wish she’d “go all the way,” and masturbate to orgasm. But, as we all know, that’s Sexart territory, and that type of touching is against the Metart rules. Given the limitations, however, Sapphira does allow her hands and fingers to dance remarkably close to her succulent and almost impossibly inviting erogenous zones, adding a pulse-quickening bit of tease to some of the film’s most explicit and intimate sequences. “Searde” is an accomplished piece of erotic filmmaking by Alex Lynn, and it’s a wonderful showcase for Sapphira A — artist, model, and living, breathing masterpiece.


MetArt nominated for major 2016 AVN Award

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet, but getting nominated for an AVN award is a pretty big deal. Often described as the ‘Oscars of adult entertainment,’ the awards celebrate all that’s fun and fabulous about the adult entertainment world.

This year, MetArt has been nominated for the prestigious award for Best Membership Website. We are glowing with pride and excitement; we’d love to add it to our jam-packed trophy shelf, so keep your fingers crossed for us!

The MetArt Network as a whole has fared well; both SexArt and Viv Thomas have received nominations for Best Director – Foreign Non-Feature and Best Sex Scene in a Foreign-Shot Production; and SexArt has been nominated for Best Cinematography and Best Foreign Non-Feature too.

In addition, many of the Network’s most popular models have been nominated for Female Foreign Performer of the Year, including Samantha Bentley, Misha Cross, Alexis Crystal, Tiffany Doll, Anissa Kate, Amarna Miller (pictured), Lola Reve and Taylor Sands. We wish them all luck!



“Presenting” Violet — crystal blue and lilacs, too…

Violet: Presenting, by Matiss, young hottie strips, spreads, and smiles!For this Metart new model gallery the artist Matiss has chosen an appealing outdoor location. In the introductory images Violet, wearing only a cream colored bodysuit, stands next to an overgrown hedgerow dotted with a profuse array of lilac blossoms. In #009, a headshot, Violet smiles warmly and her exceptionally beautiful blue eyes sparkle. The lush green of the foliage, the light purple shade of the flowers, the lighting — along with Violet’s engaging energy and natural beauty — make for a particularly pretty series of pictures.

My notes on “Presenting” Violet are filled with mentions of her eyes and her smile. There’s no question that Violet’s smile is sincere and inviting, but it is possible she relies on it a bit too heavily here. This might simply be due to a case of first time jitters, of course. And if that’s true defaulting to a warm smile is infinitely superior to a constant frown, or even a more neutral expression. But the smile is a bit limiting, and I know that Violet has a whole range of emotions and moods beyond those parted lips and pearly whites. For example, compare #045 with #046. In the first her mouth is closed and she gazes steadily at the camera. There’s a richness in this expression, some intriguing mystery. In #046, however, she tilts her head a bit to one side and delivers a sweet smile. She’s a pretty girl in either image, make no mistake, but when confronted by so many smiles I find the non-smiling images a bit more emotionally involving. Deviations from the happy face are relative rarities, as noted, but the range of emotions Violet displays in #079, #093, and the subtle smolder in #113, an explicit view, hint at her rich potential. The smile is winning, I just hope to see Violet explore other aspects of her personality as she gains experience in front of the camera.

Her natural presentation, the outdoor location, and casual mood serve to emphasize Violet’s “girl next door” beauty, but her energy and confidence — in addition to her physical gifts — suggest that she would also shine in more sophisticated settings. While I do think there are a few too many smiles included in “Presenting” Violet, there are plenty of instances where the smile makes the image: #082 is one fine example, and in #099, with her intimate anatomy “in your face,” the look in her eyes and the smile on her lips speak volumes. Additional favorites? #044, a butt-shot with sultry attitude; #096, on her hand and knees, in profile, perfectly posed and composed (and there’s another great smile!); #039, a detail shot of a vertical smile, a perfect desktop background; and #119, a nothing showing shot, flowers in hand, blue eyes, flowing hair, and natural beauty. Welcome to Metart, Violet!


Patritcy: art meets erotica!

As most of you already know (because I just can’t stop talking about it!) I was lucky enough to watch our artist Luca Helios shooting Patritcy while on location in Spain recently. I wanted to share this shot with you, not only as a naughty little tease of what is to come, but because it seems to me the perfect marriage of erotica, artistry and beauty.

No doubt, Patritcy is an excellent model. She’s tall and leggy, gorgeous, and instinctively understands how to pose. Off set she’s a crazy bundle of energy, always giggling, singing and creating mayhem, but when it comes to modeling she’s the consummate professional, focusing all that energy on producing the perfect shot every time. As for Luca, he is of course technically superb, but beyond that, he has an artist’s appreciation of visual beauty, as well as a red-blooded man’s appreciation of female sensuality. Put them together, and magic happens.

I love the strength and elegance of Patritcy’s pose here – from her confident, cool gaze to her pointed toes, she’s sheer perfection. Kudos to her, and to Luca, for celebrating the ART in MetArt. Look out for their Spanish photosets here soon…


“Presenting” Maslyn — she’s 18, she’s beautiful, and she’s ours…

Maslyn: Presenting, by Alex Sironi, 18-year-old tiny-top in nude art pixMetart has hundreds of contributing photographers. Each one of these artists devotes some portion of his or her time to discovering new models. And almost every day, year after year, stunning new girls make their erotic modeling debut at Metart. I don’t have any way of knowing how Alex Sironi discovered Maslyn. I don’t know if he recruited her, if she approached him, if a referral or third party introduction was involved, or if it was simply happenstance that brought them together. But, whatever the backstory, “Presenting” Maslyn marks the debut of a delicious and delightful new model.

Maslyn was only 18 years old when she posed for these photos, but her performance is professional and polished without being at all stiff or studied. She’s got the energy and vitality one would expect of an 18-year-old, but there are also notes of sophistication and maturity in her presentation. She appears confident in virtually all of her poses — including the numerous explicit shots here — and the few odd choices, as when she takes the beads of her necklace between her teeth, might well have been Mr. Sironi’s idea.

From the top of her head to the tips of her toes Maslyn is a picture of lithe, long-limbed, nubile perfection. Her facial features are refined, her eyes a particularly vivid shade of blue, her beautiful bee sting breasts in perfect proportion to her svelte physique, and her intimate charms are charming, indeed!

Alex Sironi's concept, design, and execution of “Presenting” are all exemplary. The patinated walls of the ornate yet sparely furnished room, the single oversized chair Maslyn spends most of her time on, the late afternoon light adding subtle accents, are all worthy of praise. But it’s a tribute to Sironi’s skill that the focus remains firmly on Maslyn — the background and art direction enhance and flatter the model, and never distract the eye, no easy trick.

And what are my favorites in “Presenting” Maslyn? #011, posed but at ease, long legs, one delicate breast exposed, that bewitching face, and Sironi’s art and craft all on display. #090, on her back, light on her hair, a sidelong glance from those blue eyes, lips barely parted, nipples stiff. And #024, an explicit view with enticing attitude. As I said, I don’t know precisely how Maslyn came to make her Metart debut, all I know is: she’s 18, she’s beautiful, and she’s ours to enjoy now and in her hoped-for future galleries.


“Presenting” Kaleesy — a beauty, a bikini, and a bewitching butterfly…

This Metart erotic photo gallery begins on a sweet and demure note. In the very first image Kaleesy, in her erotic modeling debut, stands, arms at her sides, wearing an embellished black bikini. The first word that springs to mind is “cute.” And as I study that first shot I wonder if I don’t detect an intriguing element of shyness or reserve in her facial expression. As I quickly learn, Kaleesy may be inexperienced, but shy and reserved are two things she’s not!

After a handful of full length shots of Kaleesy standing by a swimming pool, Fabrice has her move to a chaise. The bikini stays in place as Kaleesy moves through a handful of poses, several with a pleasing pin-up flavor. In #014 she’s suddenly topless, reclining, with her legs spread. And in #016 she pulls the crotch of her bikini to one side to boldly reveal the butterfly-like beauty of her sex. The combination of spread thighs, open labia, the subtly extended middle finger of her left hand as it pulls at the fabric of her bikini, and the seductive look in Kaleesy’s heavy-lidded eyes is unmistakably and irresistibly erotic. Yes, she’s cute, but she’s also proudly and unashamedly sexual.

As I continue browsing through the gallery I realize that what I mistook for shyness in the early images was really a reflection of Kaleesy’s lack of modeling experience. She’s not at all shy about sharing the stunning glories of her intimate anatomy, but she is only just learning the skills of modeling. That beautiful face and those gorgeous brown eyes are capable of a huge range of engaging expressions, but Kaleesy does seem to hold back a little. But she is only 21. And this is only her first nude photo shoot. And while she may be holding back a little bit in emotional terms, she is generous and uninhibited physically.

Fabrice takes full advantage of Kaleesy’s openness — pun intended — and “Presenting” is brimming with enticing images of mouthwatering, pulse-quickening, succulence. There are some outstanding “tame” images in the collection. In #078 and #079 Kaleesy rests her arms on the edge of the pool and looks directly at the camera to create a pair of the set’s best head-shots. There’s something haunting and appealing in her understated expression in #088. And the pin-up pose in #117 shows off her body, her breasts, and her tan-lines, even if, as noted, she’s holding back a bit in emotional terms.

There are too many steamy explicit photos in "Presenting" to catalog, but I’ll list a few: #039, standing in the water, ass to the camera, smiling slyly. #056, floating in the pool, thighs spread wide. And #064, pink raft on one side, blue pool on the other, moist treats in the middle. I can’t wait to watch Kaleesy develop in future offerings, and I’m already eager to see much more of that bewitching butterfly!


Charles Lightfoot: interview with a MetArt artist

Photographer and filmmaker Charles Lightfoot is new to MetArt, but not to the world of erotica. Based in California – where he finds the most beautiful and inspiring models – he has over twenty years of experience and an impressive pedigree as a colleague of the late, great J. Stephen Hicks, among other notable collaborators. Lightfoot’s use of natural light and shade, and his refusal to go down the well-trodden, clichéd ‘glamor’ path, polarises opinion among members; but he’s okay with that. Despite his accomplished body of work, he is refreshingly humble and eager to listen to feedback. I was delighted to get the opportunity to find out more…

Charles, where are you from?

CL: I was born in Rabat, Morocco and traveled extensively with my parents. Not military but my dad had a business of the month and got restless very quickly. 

What is your background in photography and film?

CL: My parents owned a motel and a motel guest unable to pay his rent left his camera as payment and never returned. I started photography around 12 years old and eventually attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA. I started working with Stephen Hicks in 1994 and continue to this day producing content for his site. After Brooks Institute I interned at Playboy in Santa Monica, CA and then worked with Suze Randall a while, and ended up clicking with Stephen. He was such a laid back dude and created a wonderful work environment. We all geeked out photographically and all had the same outlook on treating the models with respect. I still miss the dude for sure...

What inspired you to start creating erotica?

CL: I started shooting nudes because I was shy and I think it was a way for me to hide behind a camera to meet girls… The camera allowed me to go places and meet people I normally would never do. I fell in love with the mechanical device itself – the camera – and then with the technical aspect and science of it all, and now it’s purely a search of finding a moment in an expression…

Are you influenced by mainstream art, film and photography?

CL: I used to look at fashion magazines and then went through a museum phase and now that I’m answering this question it’s been a while since I’ve been inspired by something… I definitely think a trip to the Getty Museum is in order.

You make a lot of use of natural light and real locations – please tell us about that.

CL: It feels more natural to look through a viewfinder and see what you’re getting than using strobes. Nothing wrong with strobes, I have them but have not used them in years. With the low light sensitivity of digital cameras it has opened up a whole new world that was never possible before. I used to love the look of Tri-X film back in the day, the grain gave the image a quality that was raw; unfortunately a lot of people look at it as a mistake as opposed to an effect. I’ve not abandoned the technical aspect but it’s definitely on the back burner, and I just focus on creating a feeling in the subject. I don’t always succeed, but I always try...

Is there a photoset or video you are particularly proud of?

CL: Not really… I love the process of shooting, then I love to edit, but unfortunately I could probably edit all my work down to one image and still find something wrong with it. But the process is what I love… 

Do you prefer shooting movies or photographs?

CL: Hmm. I think in the last few years I’ve enjoyed shooting movies more, I just wish I was better at it… I get blown away by some of the videos out there… 

Is there a model who inspires you the most?

CL: When I was in school I would inevitably find a girl, a model who had the same passion as me, and we would shoot assignment after assignment for a time. Then I would move on to another… It was a real creative adventure with no thoughts of making money or if anyone would like it. Those models were the most inspiring… these days I’m inspired if the model shows up on time and has a good attitude!

Do you plan your shoots in great detail, or see how it evolves on the day?

CL: It depends on the client, but most cases it’s on the fly and letting the creativity happen, never forcing something… I definitely have music playing, sometimes the model’s choice and sometimes mine. It’s really important to make the model feel relaxed, comfortable, safe and happy to be there. A lot of these girls get treated like objects, especially in this industry, and that’s fucked up… I never want to be part of that.

What are your ambitions for your work with the MetArt Network?

CL: I’m not sure? I’m just happy I have a place that will buy my images and allow me to survive in this society doing what I love doing. I’m not an ambitious person… I don’t need much to be content.

What do you hope the viewers get from your movies and photos?

CL: Reading the comments, it’s clear that some viewers get me and others don’t, and that’s totally cool… I just hope most can see these beautiful girls in the prime of their lives, and appreciate their bodies with respect – and masturbating to the imagery is a form of appreciation… why not?

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

CL: Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone. Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived. Live in the present and make it beautiful.




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    I’m wondering why her member rating is only at 8.5. She has the whole package, beautiful face and stunning body and my God those legs. I’m guessing because she doesn’t have a gapping labia but just guessing. Maybe a set soon will give us a glimpse of that magic too. Would also love to see a video of her too.’ The Goddess Among Us ‘would be a good title.
    If she happens to read this I would love even more a little bit of pubic hair. It adds another element of irresistible femininity.

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