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Berenice – a lovely new MetArt star!

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“Wonderful toned, streamlined athletic beauty… what a body, what great legs!”

“Lovely girl, she could be a runway model.”

“WOW! What a knockout! Radiant smiles throughout, sparkling blue eyes and absolutely gorgeous hair. It really frames that beautiful face and those oh-so-blue windows into her soul.” 

“Amazing, almost unbelievable beauty and elegance.”

These are just a few of the many effusive comments from members when Berenice made her second appearance on MetArt last week. Her stunning face and figure, and particularly her gorgeous smile, made her an instant favorite for many.

I was lucky enough to meet Berenice on location in Sitges with artist Luca Helios, and I’m delighted to tell you that she is not only gorgeous, but smart and very sweet too. In fact, I was so sure you would love her that I grabbed her for an impromptu interview right after her photo shoot. You can tell she was shy – it was her first EVER interview, after all… but she was so charming and adorable! I hope you enjoy getting to know her a little better. Look out for more photosets here soon. 

Members Comments (7)


Tristan_Heart 2 years ago

Now that you had me looking for that little interview icon I noticed that Berenice had one on her profile so I just had to go watch this and I'm glad I did, I couldn't stop myself from smiling through the whole things, she was so sweet and giddy, from now on I'll undoubtedly be hearing that cute giggle inside my head whenever I see photos of her smiling :-)


stollentroll23 3 years ago

a really very pleasant interview. you do it really good! the first time is always hard, but you do it really good!


anje 3 years agoLifetime member

It seems to me she is more beautiful in the movie than on picture :)


Moritz 3 years ago

What a lovely woman and really beautiful aswell! It did look like she was bit nervous. :) But thats ok, nice to see an interview on video for a change. Thank you Rose and Berenice ofcourse.


Dark_Storm 3 years ago

Thank you, Rose for doing the interview and thank you Berenice for agreeing to do it.

Berenice is lovely.

The video was marred by the post-production addition of the piano chord soundtrack, which mostly drowned out what Rose was asking and some of Berenice's replies. It was so much better at the 5:00 mark when the annoying music finally stopped. Hearing the questions is as important as hearing the answers to them. Rose's voice could have been a bit more amplified, as well. Perhaps if she was closer to the mic?

Let's hope this marks a new trend in having model interviews on Met-Art.


Rose 3 years agoCommunity Staff

My pleasure, D_S, and I mean that quite literally – Berenice is so lovely it was very enjoyable to get to know her.

As you mentioned, we had some technical problems with this interview, but this is because we had zero time to prepare... Berenice was just about to catch a flight, and I realized it would be such a shame not to interview her for you guys, because I knew you would love her! So I grabbed her and the cameraman and we did it then and there! We only had one mic, hence the sound problems... we just did our best, and our lovely editor here has done what he could with it. I debated whether or not to post it, but I just couldn't waste it, as I think Berenice has the potential to become MetArt royalty :-)

And yes, for sure, we will do more of this kind of thing – those of you who like to see behind-the-scenes interviews should take a look at the video interviews I've done on the SexArt blog so far and, in BIG NEWS, we are creating full behind-the-scenes movies on Viv Thomas! There is one of Mango already up, and one of Talia Mint coming tomorrow, with Lola/Dido, Taylor Sands and Patritcy coming soon. I'd love to hear what you all think of it, because I feel behind-the-scenes could become a major part of MetArt if you all enjoy it :-)


BereniceF 3 years ago

wow .. thank you so much Rose ... yes I was shy, cause I didnt know what to expect, but you were so nice and charming, that it was a pleasure to have my first interview AND video ever with you ... thanks again

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Latest Comments


    steven13 55 minutes ago

    Missing 50+ sticker in the last 4 appearances , despite they were there twice before.

    on Zelda B

    Greek 2 hours ago

    Beautiful woman and great music. Mesmerizing body; she's just a little shy but pulled her labia apart ever so lightly to give a hint of the moisture of arousal gathering there.

    on Biking Out

    gemini 2 hours ago

    Really happy to see the recent inclusion of more models in the 25-35 year range. Joy is a perfect example of proof that the range of beauty, sensuality, and erotic appeal is not restricted, but wide indeed. What a sweetheart! Looking forward to more photo sets, and hopefully videos as well. 10 is not high enough.

    on Joy Lamore

    88chicken 3 hours ago

    I really appreciate all of the natural standing poses. Although there are more natural stances now than a few months ago, I frequently roll my eyes when I see so many tip-toe photos. Zelda (one of my favs) in particular would benefit from a change.

    on Seminal

    BlueScarab 3 hours ago

    Lauren has the most beautiful eyes!

    And such a sexy body!

    Thank you dear, and congrats on #50!

    on Seminal

    88chicken 3 hours ago

    Beautiful Zelda: wonderful to see you again. Would you please indulge us with a handful of unshaven photoshoots in the near future? Signed: your sincere admirer

    on Moderno

    Piper Fan 4 hours ago

    A waste of gold. Lauren is spectacular, this set sucked.

    Please wake the "artist" up, or put Lauren with someone who knows what to do with such a lovely lady.

    on Seminal

    Piper Fan 4 hours ago

    A lovely woman whose beauty has never been in question, and finally a set that ALMOST does her justice. I blame the photographer/"artist".

    10/10 for Ryana, 6.8/10 for the photographer.

    on Flannel

    88chicken 5 hours ago

    Her best offering. A little fur is a sexy thing...

    on Mudelie

    a.k.a. 6 hours ago

    I took a look at the set and responded to your comments...

    on Moderno