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The MetArt 50+ Club: Chiara A

Czech beauty Chiara A is another of our exclusive 50+ Club – girls who have made 50 or more appearances on MetArt – who is presumed retired; and what a career she had. The fresh-faced starlet delighted members with her seductive look, kissable lips and slender figure over a six year run, and to this day remains one of the most naturally gorgeous and alluring models we’ve ever featured.

CHIARA A: naturally irresistible (53 appearances)

Chiara was “Presented” by Erro on May 15, 2007 when she was just 18. Two days later, on May 17, 2007, her first movie by Erro appeared. At that time, Erro used a videographer to film his photo shoots and posted them as ‘Behind the Scenes” videos; there is a real sense of intimacy to seeing this brand new model posing and interacting with the camera, and she looks very relaxed and graceful. With those sensational long legs in high heels, she was evidently the perfect muse for Erro!

On June 20, 2007, Chiara made another video appearance, this time shot by Luca Helios, in which she looks more sophisticated and overtly sexy, but still fresh and adorable as can be. By July 25, 2007, when her sixth set was published, she had already achieved Top Ten status, and she maintained that distinction for her next 32 appearances until February 2009, a remarkable accomplishment. She appeared a total of 53 times – her last time being on April 27, 2013 in a set by Mark – meaning she was a Top Ten rated model for over 60 percent of her appearances, a very impressive feat. Luca shot her the most times (45), with five from Erro, two from Nicholas Grier, and one from Mark. Of these, 17 appearances were in videos; she seemed as comfortable being filmed as being photographed, particularly in exotic outdoor locations that showcased her natural appeal.

Her highest rated appearance, a set by Luca Helios titled “Rome,” drew a 9.6 on November 2, 2008. Only two of her appearances, the photoset and corresponding video “Uniche,” were girl-girl (with Lilly A) rather than solo. The video is a real behind-the-scenes gem, as it shows the models laughing and fooling around together, and gives great insight into the shooting process.

While she has inevitably dropped to a rating of 8.4 since being out of the limelight for so long, Chiara seldom had a set or video rated below 9.00 during her reign at the top. At the time of writing she has 2627 followers, with 124,331 views, and was voted on by members 6432 times.

Chiara made 26 appearances on Errotica Archives. She also appeared eight times under the name Olivia La Roche on ALS Scan, which is now part of the MetArt Network. Her biography there makes for interesting reading, revealing that she worked as a real estate agent while studying business administration, with the intention of starting her own property company. What a tempting fantasy to contemplate buying a property in the Czech Republic and having a lucky encounter with Chiara! We hope she has found great success in her career post-modeling, and treasure the wonderful images of her we have in the archive.

Thanks to our resident historian and statistician Frank for his assistance.


The MetArt 50+ Club: Inga C

Latvian lovely Inga C is surely one of the most irresistible beauties ever to have graced MetArt, with a distinctive sweet-but-sexy face and sensational slender figure. From her debut in 2008 until her retirement and beyond, this blue-eyed babe inspired devotion from her legions of fans.

INGA C: stunning sweetheart (52 appearances)

Inga was just 19 when she was “Presented” on June 30, 2008 by Voronin, and her next 21 appearances (including three movies) were all by him. Then on October 30, 2009, she was featured in a photoset by Leonardo, and from then on all her appearances, up to her last on September 20, 2014, were by him, making a total of 52.

Inga gained Top Ten status on January 4, 2009 and remained in the Top Ten for her next 31 appearances, an incredible 28 months. Talk about a real star. At the time of writing, she is followed by 5,098 members, and has a personal rating of 8.77 based on 9,810 ratings, with 311,366 viewings. Again at the time of writing, she is ranked #201, no doubt due to the fact that she retired quite some time ago. If she were still active today, it’s hard to imagine her anywhere else but the Top Ten, due to her iconic gorgeousness.

Nine of Inga’s photosets were girl-girl, and although they are non-explicit, she brings a smoldering sensuality that makes them surprisingly arousing. Her encounters with Liza B always hit the mark, but my personal favorite is “Retusa,” which certainly gives the impression they could barely keep their hands off each other.

Unlike many of our MetArt 50+ stars, Inga was not active on the other network sites; she does have two split-set appearances under the name Polina S on Domai, but these date prior to Domai’s acquisition by MetArt. With only a smattering of appearances elsewhere, it seems she was all but exclusive to MetArt: a rare prize indeed.

Thanks to our resident historian and statistician Frank for his assistance.



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The MetArt 50+ Club: Narkiss

When we started to discuss the MetArt 50+ Club – the elite group of top models who have been featured 50 or more times here – one of our artists commented that it would be both nostalgic and current. With busty blue-eyed blonde Narkiss, we have the first of the truly historic models.

NARKISS: curvy cutie (51 appearances)

Narkiss first appeared at the age of 18 on July 30, 2003 in a set by Slastyonoff simply titled “Narkiss.” The Russian Federation lovely was an immediate hit – no great surprise when you consider her big blue eyes, full lips and voluptuous curves – and made frequent appearances from then on. In those early days, MetArt photosets were sometimes split up and posted in smaller parts, but while you could debate the number of actual photosets, there’s no denying the model’s incredible appeal. She clearly became something of a muse for Slastyonoff, who shot her in a multitude of different costumes and scenarios.

Three of Narkiss’ 51 appearances are movies; and two of these are among her highest rated, the jiggle factor obviously in full effect. Her third movie rated 9.33 – still very impressive, especially for a two-girl movie. The model she frolics and fools around with is Natalia E, whose only appearances on MetArt have been with Narkiss.

At the time of writing, Narkiss stands with a fairly modest personal rating of 8.24 with 4,224 votes, perhaps because as photographic and filming techniques become more sophisticated, older material inevitably begins to look dated. She has been viewed 66,793 times, and is followed by 1,755 members. 20 of her appearances are rated 9 or above, including all four of her movies.

Since the addition of the comments section on MetArt postdates Narkiss’ final appearance on September 1, 2009, those that have been posted since are very telling. For example: “One of the original MetArt goddesses. Such an amazing body. I hope she is doing well.” Or how about this: “She is how I found MetArt years ago!” Or indeed: “This is the most stunning model I’ve seen on this or any other site.” A fitting tribute.

A personal note from Frank: “Having to review and research her period showed me that while many changes have occurred, the style and impact of the sets and movies and the stunning appearances of the models has remained at the highest level, which I now see Narkiss and others helped create for us. I too hope that she is still doing well!”

Thanks to our resident historian and statistician Frank for his assistance.



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    YallBinZapped 33 minutes ago

    Gorgeous. I'd love to see a solo set soon!

    on Marca

    newcoyote 41 minutes ago

    I don't think there is anything better than beautiful breasts.

    on Mirnati

    OntoMajorca 43 minutes ago

    I am becoming a fan of Mr Lightfoot. Nice set. Just love the sexy posing in those undergarments.

    on Mavin

    Whew 45 minutes ago

    Pretty lady!

    on Mirnati

    Tristan Heart 47 minutes ago

    Another home-run from Tora and Helene as well for that matter, I wish I was not in a rush otherwise I would sing the both of you praises, but suffice to say this one will be getting a no hassle 10 from me, great work ladies :-)

    on Mirnati

    Meat Angler 48 minutes ago

    Storyline: Girlfriends from school, getting together for a long weekend. Opening scene, both fully clothed, looking out the window at the pool. You can tell one is a visitor because of the overnight bag. They decide to change for the pool, multiple shots of each undressing, some shots with both models, at least one shot of them both bending over showing off their assets side by side. Maybe stepping out of their panties, into their bikini bottoms. The guest is putting on her top, the resident is in the background and looks in the overnight to find a double-headed dildo... Oh wait, that's a scene from a site that does lesbian sets.

    Two model sets are great, when they aren't pseudo-lesbian sets. Either do two model sets, or lesbian sets, this in between stuff? Personally, I have to agree, it kind of sucks.

    on Presenting Marca

    Doodaq 51 minutes ago

    A lot of potential wasted on facials. Don't get me wrong, nice faces but in need of pizazz. Hope to see these
    two beauties again, in a warmer setting. Good work girls.

    on Presenting Marca

    Mckennry 56 minutes ago

    Beautiful girl. She shows a lot of personality with a great body and a cute smile. Fun and sexy in so many ways.

    on Mirnati

    The_Dude 1 hour ago


    P.S. I''ll try to come back and finish this review if I ever recover from this set...

    on Norna

    Abby1599 1 hour ago

    Please post videos of the Girl....

    on Mirnati

    Dark_Storm 1 hour ago

    A re-Marca-ble set. I've got a new blue-eyed brunette to add to my faves list.

    Any friend of Amelie's is a friend of mine. (Don't I wish! LOL)

    on Presenting Marca

    xyz123 1 hour ago

    Nothing is sexier than a beautiful girl smoking a cigarette.

    on Pathos

    DERW1967 1 hour ago

    She got a wonderful gorgeous body. So beautiful and sexy woman she is

    on Estee A

    MojoRising 2 hours ago

    In a word, "fake".
    Hot girls, fake poses, and a lot missing.

    on Presenting Marca

    Casey 2 hours ago

    That's a damn fabulous pair! Just fabulous!

    on Mirnati

    Casey 2 hours ago

    What a doll! A duet with Angel Spice would be a rhapsodic experience.

    on Cofeda

    beetle 2 hours ago

    Small, but perfect. I do not mean Marca. I mean her breasts. They are small but sensational with incredibly stiff pink nipples.
    But Marca is also a hot girl. Beautiful face, round butt, long legs and slender figure. Really cute from the head to the feet.

    on Marca

    beetle 2 hours ago

    Today, only Angel Spice has really interesting BBP's to offer. For this, several photos are hot candidates for the BBP.
    The classic full moon: # 46
    The pull apart butt-cheeks: # 60
    The laterally lying butt: # 78
    The total-shot from behind: # 119

    My personal favorite is #46. And what are yours, guys?

    on Cofeda

    VictorDj3 2 hours ago

    Helene's face is not my type.

    Helene is a great and very talented nude model.

    Both things make this set totally breathtaking. I don't care so much for models who look gorgeous but also distant and arrogant. I love it that MetArt publishes pictures of girls that are considered 'fat' by the fashion industry (Helene does of course not look fat at all. Au contraire: she looks very healthy and I love her feminine curves.)

    But also: there are plenty of pics where I was thinking: 'Helene's face is far from perfect, but her vibe is so vivid, so sexy, so much fun!' (#22 is a great example of this).

    The above may seem a bit insulting, but actually it's not. A model can't help having a perfect or not so perfect face, but having the courage to show your body and enjoy your sexuality in front of a camera is completely up to her. This is one of the things I love about MetArt. You have girls that are skinny, curved, big breasts, big labia, small breasts, small labia...

    And I really have to congratulate photographer Tora Ness. With Siiri she also brought us a not so conventional set. I'd love to see totally weird, crazy girls taking their clothes off and having fun.

    on Mirnati

    d_artagnan 3 hours ago

    Anita is fucking gorgeous. The squatting poses in images 57-60 are some of the hottest photos I've seen -- that sweet juicy trimmed pussy with the delicious labia minor hanging down, framed by her sexy feet and legs and thighs, her butt cheeks and cute lower tummy, not to forget that she's doing this with her top on as if to highlight the good stuff below -- and looking at them gives me an instant erection and an uncontrollable urge to jerk off and cum in her honor. The rest is excellent too, but those are just of another plane.

    on Presenting Anita