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Sexy fun with MetArt superstar Patritcy

Latvian sweetheart Patritcy A is an extremely popular star right across the MetArt Network, and with good reason. It’s not just because she’s very, very cute – although those adorable dimples, perfectly perky breasts, long legs and pert bottom would certainly be enough to make her a star. It has more to do with the irrepressible sense of fun she brings to everything she does, her ready smile and giggly demeanor, and the effervescent energy of her photosets and sex scenes.

This Sunday’s photoset, “Porlate” by Koenart, captures Patritcy at her absolute best – bathed in sunlight, smiling as she undresses playfully, magnetism radiating from every shot. It all helps to explain why she’s been featured 31 times already on MetArt alone, and as she’s still only in her early twenties we hope to see her here many, many more times.

I was lucky enough to spend time with Patritcy on location with our artists Don Caravaggio and Alis Locanta a while back, and I have to say it was an absolute riot. Topless cooking, singing, dancing and lots and lots of laughter, there is never a dull moment when Patritcy is around. Of course I took the opportunity to interview her, and to get the full effect of her devastating charm I’d highly recommend you watch the behind-the-scenes movie on Viv Thomas; but here are a few highlights…

Patritcy, please tell us about yourself.

P: I’m 22, and I’ve been making movies from the age of 18. I travel a lot, more for shooting, not for holidays or free time.

What do you like about your appearance?

P: I like to be natural – my hair, my tits, my ass, it’s all natural. I don’t like to have something that’s not real… sometimes I go to the gym, because really I don’t like my body… sometimes it looks fine, and sometimes I’m, “Oh my god, I need to train!”

What made you decide to become a model?

P: All girls would like to be models, but not this kind of modeling, showing their body to everyone! I just remember when I was 16, 17, already I’d been such a bad girl, and I liked to show my body. So when I reached 18 I tried my first shoot, and now it’s been three years already!

What do you like about making movies?

P: I like to make solo movies best, because when I’m alone I can be more open… I like to play, of course, but more with myself. With girls it’s fine, but I like to make solo videos and touch myself and enjoy myself.

Did you have any experience with girls before you started making movies?

P: Yes, one time when I was very young, it was a new feeling. Then when I was maybe 15, I kissed another girl from my school… I don’t know why, but we just tried it, to kiss each other. Kiss kiss kiss, only kisses, not sex.

So you like boys and girls?

P: I prefer boys of course, because I need dick! And I can love them. But with girls, I can only like them… just to be naked and kiss kiss kiss, just for fun but nothing more.

How would you describe your personality?

P: I am so funny, crazy, silly… I am so happy in my life, it’s not because someone makes me happy, it’s just because I enjoy my life.

Have you ever had sex in a public place?

P: No… I did it on the beach, but there were not a lot of people… and apart from that, only in my bed! If I make a video in public, I am happy to show my body, but not to have sex in public.

Do you have a high sex drive?

P: Yes, I like sex a lot, but in real life I have sex only with my boyfriends, so if I have a boyfriend, I have sex; if I have no boyfriend, I have sex with myself! I can’t have sex with friends, just one or two times – it’s not for me. But I like sex a lot, so if I don’t have sex, I play with myself because I like to come… I love to come! It makes my mood better! So when I need it, I do it.

What would be your perfect date?

P: To go somewhere so far from my country, it would be so good to have no people around who know me, and to be together, just my boyfriend and me.

Have you ever tried anything really naughty?

P: I like to be submissive, and when people spank me, I like when it hurts… and a little bit of hair pulling… but not too much!

What kind of men do you like?

P: I prefer them aged about 30 or older, and he needs to be funny, that’s the first thing I want to feel. He doesn’t need to be romantic but he must not be stupid! He needs to think like a man.

What would you like to say to the members?

P: Sometimes I talk with you guys, because some of you follow me on twitter @pie_merry and on my webcam, and I would like to say hi to you and I love you so much, it’s so true, because I know you like me if you watch my movies, and it makes me feel good. I hope you’re feeling good and thank you so much!  

For the full video interview, check out Patritcy on Location – it’s available on Pay Per Scene if you’re not a Viv Thomas member.


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hipshot131 1 year ago

Absolutely perfect! Just like her body, she is everything you would expect and so much more. It is wonderful to watch these interviews and realize that she is "real" and what I fantasize her like is what she really is. It seems like to me that the really great models are the ones that project their personalities on the screen. Seeing Mango and Patritcy together is a dream come true and it's fun knowing that it was the same for the girls. It is wonderful that she has such good english. I could never do that with Russian. The languages are so different. This interview was a joy for me and I am glad that she enjoys being naked for me because I could never tire of looking at her. It is easy to see from the clips that she is perfectly content being nude. It is a healthy attitude that I wish more women understood. Americans are so sexually constipated it is insane. I wish we could embrace the European attitudes about our bodies. May she linger long with us and we can continue to share her warmth and joy!

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    Nick101 49 minutes ago

    Beautiful girl - wonderful set, great pussy display too - Lilit always gives us this - good stuff.

    on SIntesi

    Nick101 53 minutes ago

    This is great set - great pictures, lovely pretty model, great figure, she looks happy and she always opens her pussy both for from the front shots and rear shots - that's excellent - I honestly think all MA sets ought to have this.

    on Semilla

    Nick101 59 minutes ago

    So rare to see a wonderfully opened pussy form the rear. Lovely.

    on Restio

    Nick101 1 hour ago

    Beautiful girl. Good photography. Lovely to see at least a few open labia pictures too. Excellent.

    on Careno

    Nick101 1 hour ago

    Lovely symmetric large labia - what a shame to not display them open! Missed opportunity in my view.

    on Sotida

    Nick101 1 hour ago

    Not one of Arkisi's better sets!

    on Nocco

    mysecret 2 hours ago

    Something different about the picture quality. It looks like it's from 1999.

    on Careno

    Willis 2 hours ago

    Roger, I bet you'll never look at your colleague the same! In fact, I would have a hard time not staring...

    on Nocco

    Frank/swplf 2 hours agoContributing Writer

    I remember when Delta snuck into Latvia to shoot a couple of years ago. I teased him about being on Koenart’s turf. He had a very sucessful group of sessions, including his first published set with Nika. Many sets from that trip have graced our pages. However his one with Nika posted on November 11th 2015 turned out to be one of his most controversial sets. I was not surprised at him finding such a beauty in Latvia since my Law School girlfriend was Latvian. She was a stunner also. (Later she was the Maid of Honor at my first wedding and Godmother to my daughters. Oh, and my boss when I was a deputy prosecutor.) I know TMI! Today is only his second set of Niko from then published. But more Nika was worth the wait. But back to that controversy. Delta included only 10 B/W which drew their normal love/hate comments out of that175 photo set. But it really hit the fan over the last twenty pics. The nicest thing said was by Hipshot131. “With other models I might object to the toilet scenes but with Nika it seems as natural as any other scene. I have found that when a girl feels comfortable peeing with you in sight it is sort of complement and a statement of your closeness. Maybe that sounds funny to some but it's a very personal thing that girls aren't used to sharing so it means that she feels very comfortable with you.” So now you can see why it caused a ruckus. Both pro and con words flew one member stated: “Come on, this is disturbed perversion!” Rose even chimed in: “I love Nika. I hate toilet shots” she however went on to”defened” them with: “Anyway, to me this falls into the category of "to each his or her own"... it might not be what I want to see, but I'm happy it's here for those who do, and I'm really happy to see MetArt not always playing it safe.” That’s our Rose!

    Go back and read Delta’s late comment on Vanessa and you might understand my comment about having the Artist interact with us really adds to whole experience of MetArt. His honesty about the set should have been an eye opener to some of our haters. But as Victoria, from MetArt Support, advised me when we decided to make the Frank = swplf formal: “PS...Haters gonna hate. Ignore them. ;)” It is not easy.

    I was saddened to hear that Vanessa has apparently retired. I support her decision and will always relish what she has shared with us and hope she is happy, well, and successful in whatever else she chooses to do.

    Finally back to Nika while she has appeared on our sister sites MexArt X and SexArt and has a total of thirty six (36) apearances including her twenty five (25) photosets and two (2) movies here, all but the two (2) by Delta are by Koenart . Only on The Life Erotic has she not been presented by Koenart where all of her, shall we say kinky, work was done by Shane Shadow, for her eight (8) sets there.

    on Cilena

    Smokystone1 2 hours agoLifetime member

    My set of the day!

    on Eletti