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MetArt starlet Genevieve Gandi, naughty but nice!

Blonde bombshell Genevieve Gandi brings a natural eroticism to her photosets, whether she’s naked in a wildflower meadow or adorned in sexy scarlet lingerie on a luxurious bed. She has a confident, self-possessed air that belies her youth, and displays her firm, curvy but athletic figure with a charming blend of sweetness and sassiness. Check out the tags members have given her photosets: adorable, alluring, amazing eyes, angelic beauty, ass to die for – and that’s just the A’s!

Today’s new photoset, “Onishel” by Leonardo, is Genevieve’s 30th appearance on MetArt since her debut in 2013, and finds her in a playful mood, poking her tongue out at the camera as she poses. It’s fun to see the naughty side of this most classy and elegant model. Now here’s a chance to get to know her a little better…

Genevieve, please tell us about yourself.

GG: I'm 23 and I'm from Sevastopol, Crimean Republic, Russia. I live in Sevastopol, but travel often. This summer was very eventful for travel – I was in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Rotterdam), Czech Republic (Prague), Italy (Milan), France (Paris) and Austria (Vienna). Traveling is my passion. Another is pole dancing – I'm not a professional, but I like it very much! My taste in music depends on my mood. Usually it's pop music, but in the evening I like to listen to lounge music. Also I like to sing very much! Sometimes I do karaoke. But it’s much better when I sing in the bathroom or the kitchen! I had a chihuahua, but he passed away last summer. In the future I dream of having a raccoon, because raccoons are very funny!

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

GG: I worked as a fashion model from a young age. I did lots of different shoots. And also I was interested in nude art, because women in this type of photo are so beautiful, so ideal... And I looked at them and wanted to be as beautiful as these women, but I didn’t feel I was. I wanted to make nude photos, but I didn’t think I was beautiful enough for it... In my country many people think and say very bad things about nude models, so you need to be very brave to start doing it. So, when I reached the age of 18, Matiss invited me to do a nude shoot and I said yes.

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

GG: I can't choose just one thing. I love myself as myself.

How do you keep in such good shape?

GG: Eating sweets and pole dancing!

How would you describe your personality?

GG: My character can be as good as it can be bad. It depends on the people who are close to me. When everything is good in a relationship I'm the ideal woman, but if something bad happens, I can start to be very egotistical. But I like to be good and kind, and for me it’s very difficult to feel something negative, so I'm very glad that all the important people in my life are really good people! 

Are you a romantic person?

GG: Yes, but when I was younger I was much more romantic than I am now.

Are you an exhibitionist?

GG: I don't like to label myself. I'm a nude model, and I feel comfortable in myself when I’m shooting. It doesn’t depend on who the photographer is – man or woman – or the location, whether it’s in the studio or outside. When I'm alone at home, I'm naked. But I don't need to be naked on the street. So, am I an exhibitionist?

Do you have a high sex drive?

GG: My sex drive depends on the feelings I have for my man. If I love him, my sex drive is too strong.

What kind of men do you like? How about girls?

GG: My taste in men is changing as I get older. At this moment in my life I prefer a man who I find interesting and fun, with whom I can have an active life, learn something new, travel a lot. Beauty is a very subjective concept. For me inner beauty is much more important than someone’s looks. With women, I'm looking at them through the eyes of an artist – I'm also a makeup artist – and I can see their special beauty. Russia and Ukraine have so many beautiful women. But these women usually don’t realize how beautiful they are! But I never wanted to have sex with a woman.

What turns you on?

GG: My feelings. As I said, my sex drive depends on my feelings towards a man. If I really love him, everything about him will drive me crazy, but if I don't feel anything towards him, it doesn’t matter what he tries to do, I will stay cold.

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex?

GG: In the sea, during a storm.

Do you like to masturbate?

GG: Yes, I like it. I use my fingers or a vibrator.

Do you believe in open relationships?

GG: I'm possessive. If I really love someone, he has to be just mine!

What are your ambitions?

GG: I have different options, and soon I will need to choose one of them. I have thought about working as cabin crew, because I like the sky, I like to fly, to travel, to meet new people. But if I get hired in this job I will have to give up nude modeling. Also I have played some roles as an actress in Russian movies. This is interesting for me too. So at the moment I can’t say which road I will take. But I know that I want to give my family the best life I can. I want to show this beautiful world to my mother, because her life has been difficult and she hasn’t had the same opportunities I have. And only I can protect her, and give her something good. But to do this I have to work, so I do!

Is there anything else you would like to tell your fans?

GG: I want to say thank you to everyone. I really appreciate the love you show me!


Members Comments (4)


Milena Angel 2 years ago

I'm totally agree with Genevieve - Ukrainian nude models are very brave girls! Cause they decided to share their beauty with world and never mind on social opinion and negative feedback from the older generation ...


Ulysses 2 years ago

Dear GG - You may have my raccoons. I have a family of them - mother and four kits - living in the hollow base of a tree at the edge of my deck. Raccoons are cute -- especially when they are kits -- but they are also nasty and aggressive. Momma loves knocking over my trash can and going through the garbage, looking for treats. The kits scatter trash to the winds and I get to clean it up. Momma killed my cat last year, but I admit she does keep the local mouse population under control, whereas the cat didn't. I live on a river in the western United States, the salmon are currently on their breeding run, and just now I am watching a bald eagle eating a fish it caught. It is a beautiful sight, but not as beautiful as your nude modelling for MET-Art. Keep up your most excellent work and if you are ever out this way, drop by and I'll introduce you to my raccoon friends.


Genevieve 2 years ago

Thank You, Ulysses! But to have a pet - it's a big responsibility! Raccoons live with people 20 years. It will be like a child. Also, I read, that it's better to have kits raccoons from parents born not in a wild nature. Just then they will be not aggressive and good friends to people. But thank You very much! You're so kind!))


Arimein 2 years ago

Great interview, Genevieve is probably one of the sweetest and nicest models in the business. It's always great to discuss with her on social media, and she's always very friendly :)

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    Its.Me 39 minutes ago

    I agree with 88chicken! I love seeing a girl with some bush too in her natural state. Not saying growing wild down her thighs and stuff but a full bush with a bikini trim is erotic! Not gonna lie I also got on the bandwagon back when shaved was the thing. But now I crave some bush I guess because I miss it! LOL I mean I love shaved too but also enjoy natural. Most my GFs agree and understand. They all have no problem growing me some bush when I need it and then shaving again. Actually for me a young looking girl growing pubic hair is even more erotic than shaved but that's just me! We all like what we like! She is beautiful no matter what! Stay gorgeous Veselin! Kiss Kiss

    on Veselin

    PushTheEnvelope 1 hour ago

    I don't understand how this set has less than 9 stars

    on Riweja

    Oslooperan 1 hour ago

    Did not know this woman, but got very intrigued by her poses and attitude. So I checked out her backlog and found a Leonardo set called Aloft. Anyone who is in doubt of Helen should check that set, Helen is/was amazing. And Leonardo knows how to shot outdoors.

    on Hethae

    Hipshot13 1 hour ago

    I have the same problem. Each time I hit the next button my eyes go strait to that amazing face. But I too manage to tear my eyes away long enough to take in the rest of her.

    on Rinne

    Hipshot13 1 hour ago

    That is the joy of this type of woman. 10 years from now she will be just as firm and sexy as she is now!

    on Rinne

    Hipshot13 1 hour ago

    I want to thank Leonardo for all those great panty shots! It isn't often that an artist or model takes the time to allow us to take in his model in this uber sexy mode. Those panties are sooo sexy and the color compliments Brit beautifully. I absolutely love the rear end shots of the way those panties grace and cuddle our ladies delicate lady parts. I think it is far to often forgotten just how sexy a woman in panties is and when it is a woman as beautiful as Brit being able to savor her facial beauty while anticipating the reveal of her lady bits is hot beyond explanation. So thank you a dozen times over for this extremely rare treat. Brit is truly a vision worth waiting for!

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    ArtCurator 2 hours ago

    I wish that MetArt had more "ethnic" models like this one.

    on Zhang A

    ArtCurator 2 hours ago

    This video has finally convinced me to avoid Charles Lightfoot altogether.
    Again he blows a chance with a beautiful model.
    Another slow dragged out video with Eden by CL.
    And he doesn't get the model to act sexy again either.
    Hey Charles, go back to photographing weddings & bar mitzva's, OK ???

    on Morning Story

    ArtCurator 2 hours ago

    Could this video have dragged on any slower ???
    This video almost put me to sleep instead of arousing me.
    Slow dragging music too.
    The direction is horrible because the model isn't sexy at all.
    Charles Lightfoot again ruins an opportunity with a beautiful model.

    on Hello Love

    ArtCurator 3 hours ago

    A beautiful and sexy video.
    I liked the lighting too.
    What a difference from the artist's Halloween video
    of the same model.
    CL is on the right track with this one, IMO.

    on Cozy Feeling