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Humor in beauty: the playful, sexy woman of my dreams

Erotic fiction inspired by “Jesora” starring Lorena B

Every Friday, I saw her walk by my landscaping crew in the college gardens. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen. I don't know how many times I almost cut myself, losing concentration while gazing to catch her smile. That killer smile would light up your world in an instant and make you forget who you were.

Who was I, indeed? Just a gardener, an anonymous face outside this exalted temple of learning. I worked here part time to pay for my studies at a local art school; while the fact that she taught here suggested she’d had quite a privileged education. I couldn't stand it sometimes when she walked by. I'd have her image imprinted in my head for hours. I'd remember every detail, from the color and texture of her blouse to what kind of shoes she wore. I especially loved the fact that she wore glasses. Something about them drove me absolutely wild. It was like a curtain trying to hide her inner thoughts.

I’d wipe the sweat from my brow and think to myself, ‘You could never get a woman like that to talk to you, let alone date you.’ The best thing I could do was remain in the shadows and keep my dreams to myself… until the day came when fate would hand me my one chance to be noticed.

That afternoon, she was in a hurry to leave the college and dropped her book on the grass as she rushed by. I ran over to fetch it, and saw a few interesting sketches inside as the pages flew open. She was an art teacher. I loved that! I hurried after her and caught her just as she reached her car.

“Excuse me, miss?” I smiled while handing her the book. “You dropped this.”

“Thank you, señor!” she replied, adjusting her glasses. “I appreciate it. I have some irreplaceable work in here. You just saved me so much trouble!”

“No problem, I replied.

There was that smile again. She had the sexiest Spanish accent, too. I was staring so hard, not even aware how long the awkward silence had been drawing out. Judging by her face, it was too long.

“Well... umm... thanks again. What's your name?” she asked.

“Raphael,” I replied, bowing slightly, like an idiot.

“I'm Lorena,” she giggled. “It was nice to meet you, Raphael. I have to go now. Thanks again for this.”

I bowed like an idiot again, as she drove off. As soon as her car was out of sight, I did a face palm in sheer embarrassment. ‘I might as well have curtsied,’ I said to myself. ‘I must have looked like such a fool!’

I could barely concentrate on my own studies when I got home that evening. I had a project due for my art class and all I could think about was Lorena. The objective of my project was to find humor in beauty. It was the hardest assignment I’d had so far. Our professor was really making us think outside the box. I had many vague ideas, but no solid rendition.

I took out some charcoal and paper and began to sketch. I closed my eyes and envisioned Lorena's face. My hands knew her every curve. I began to draw her neck, her long lustrous hair, her slender shoulders. I could feel my passion grow once the charcoal tipped to the curves of her breasts and her tiny waist. I imagined her skin on mine, my hands on her hips. I nearly blew my load while I was sketching the outlines of her thighs and her perfect legs. I drew her bare feet and felt cum rise to the tip of my cock. I wanted to feel those feet in my hands, to massage the soles and take her toes between my lips. I smoothed my fingers over the paper to make the shadows over her flesh, dotting in the final touches to her physique. Suddenly, I had to stop for a moment.

I put the charcoal down and stuck my hand in my pants. My cock felt like the wooden handle of a hammer, the head was engorged and leaking. I spat on my hand and stroked my cock slowly from base to tip. I closed my eyes and imagined Lorena was there. Me, between her thighs, inside of her and feeling her pulsing slot surround my shaft. I couldn't hold it for long. I stroked my cock faster, my legs tensing. I gripped the side of the table, until my knuckles went white. I stroked and stroked until I exploded. My cum flew clear past my feet and splattered on the carpet under the table. I leaned back in relief. My chest heaved.

At that moment, I knew I couldn't be in the shadows any longer. I had to tell Lorena how I felt. I glanced at my sketch of her again and smiled. There was something about her that surpassed any other woman. I wanted to impress her. I wanted to be romantic. Maybe the oldest way would be the best way. I pulled out another piece of paper and wrote Lorena a letter. The next time I saw her, I would hand it to her in person. Maybe the only way I could win her heart was with my own.

That next Friday, I saw Lorena again. I took the letter out of my pocket and handed it to her. She smiled sweetly at me. “What's this?” she asked.

“It's a letter,” I said shyly. “From… me.”

I rubbed the back of my neck nervously as she opened it. Her eyes scanned through every word. My heart was beating so fast, I thought it was going to rip through my shirt. Her delicate eyebrows rose upward as she looked at me.

“This is the most beautiful letter I've ever read!” she exclaimed. “I don't know what to say!”

I took her hands in mine and looked deep in her eyes. “Would you go out with me some time?” I asked softly.

“Yes, of course!” she smiled. “I would love to.”

I was so elated! We exchanged numbers and set up our first date for that same weekend. It couldn't have gone more perfectly. It was like she knew all the right words to say. I was even more enamored by her. She was so witty and intelligent. I knew she was out of my league, so I tried my best to be a gentleman. But she seemed to be impressed with me too, my ambitions and my passion for art.

I told her about my project, which I was still stuck on. The deadline was nearing and I was running out of ideas. Lorena was so intrigued, and volunteered to help me.

“The objective is to find humor in beauty,” she declared. “That is a tough one, since most of the time beautiful things make people cry.”

“That's so true,” I agreed. “I can't think of anything that really fits the brief.”

Lorena looked around my room. She found my sketchbook and began flipping through the pages, then found the picture of her. My eyes widened in embarrassment.

“Did you do this?” she asked, showing me the sketch. I was so mortified that I couldn't speak. But instead of being upset, she started to assess it just like she would with her students. She even praised my attention to detail.

“This is excellent!” she exclaimed. “Only thing is... my pussy doesn't look like that.”

I blushed instantly. “Considering it was a guess, it's not bad,” she continued.

She put the sketchbook down and looked at me intently. Her eyes fixed on mine as she unbuttoned her blouse. The sheer blue fabric slid to the floor, my jaw along with it. She was even more gorgeous than I had imagined. She reached under her skirt and slid her panties down. Then she perched on my desk and hiked up her skirt, revealing her perfect pussy with just a slim strip of hair above the clit. My mouth watered at the sight. She spread her legs wide and smoothed her fingers over her slit.

“That is the most beautiful sight I've ever seen!” I confessed.

Lorena smiled and took her glasses off. Instead of putting them aside, she placed them right on top of her pussy. Then, she started playing with the flesh of her labia, making her pussy talk like a funny character. It was hilarious! I fell back laughing. Suddenly, I grabbed a pencil and paper and began to sketch Lorena's pussy with the glasses still resting over her mound. This was it! This was the theme I'd been looking to express for weeks, finding humor in beauty. My cock was throbbing the entire time I was drawing. I could tell Lorena was aroused, too. Wetness began to seep from between her folds.

As soon as I finished the sketch, I moved to her. I kissed up her thighs and slowly etched the outlines of her pussy with my tongue. I kissed each sweet inch of it. The glasses on her mound began to fog as her temperature rose. Her sweet voice told me how my mouth felt in her native tongue. She held my head in place as her hips swiveled over my mouth. I whirled my tongue around her clit until she reached her peak. Feeling her come on my lips was amazing! I savored every drop of her delicious cunt.

She pulled me up to kiss me with one hand, the other reaching into my pants. Her tender hand surrounded my shaft.

“Adentro!” she gasped. “I want you inside me!” She wrapped her legs around my waist and I thrust my cock inside her, biting my bottom lip to keep from yelling how good it felt. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck. She leaned her head back and shut her eyes, the pitch of her voice getting higher.

“Más fuerte!” she moaned. I fucked her harder and harder, just as she commanded. It took everything I had not to shoot my load. I wanted to feel her tight walls flutter around my cock. Her legs gripped my waist tighter. Her nails were digging at the flesh on my shoulders. I thrust deeper inside her, as hard as I could, until she screamed in my ear. Her pussy was spasming around my cock as she came. It was so tight and gushing wet. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I pulled my cock out and splattered cum all over her stomach.

The look on Lorena's face was priceless. Her cheeks and chest were flushed. It took a few minutes for her to stop shaking. She was so satisfied. The look in her eyes made me feel so proud! She licked her lips lustfully at me and kissed me deeply. I felt at that moment like all my dreams had come true. I wanted to see her face looking just like this every single day.

I turned in the sketch of Lorena for my project; and I failed. My professor was dumbfounded by the sketch and scolded me for turning in something so lewd. I didn't care. I kept the drawing, got it framed and put it up in my room. So now, every time Lorena comes over, we have a visual reminder of our first time to share.


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Rose 1 year ago

By the way everyone, I just posted a very hot new story by Kat on If you enjoyed this, you will definitely want to check it out :-)


Ouchstopit 1 year ago

Pure genius Kat! I would have come here sooner if I wasn't still so miserable over Tuesday, but I'm so glad I read this. This story made me so happy. It is arousing, and complex! It takes a multiple readings to absorb everything.
I was so pleased that you made your male character, whom you lovingly spoke through, a shy guy. The "Humor in Beauty" topic is brilliant, and could start multiple conversations. But what really got to me was how the character, cleverly named Raphael, began drawing, and while doing so became aroused. I can't tell you how often that sort of thing can happen, though often it is a fuller arousal than normal. You have to try to channel the energy towards the work of art. And I loved that it happened while drawing her beautiful form, which included her bare feet. Generally, hands and feet are regarded as the most difficult areas of human anatomy to portray successfully. The effect is wonderful when you do a good job. Women's feet are so beautiful from every angle, and are so fun to draw. Then you had Raphael pleasure himself, which showed kindness and compassion instead of the usual shame.
The idea of a beautiful female art teacher (with glasses) showing a romantic interest in our bashful main character was so satisfying and thrilling. When she said," ... my pussy doesn't look like that," you knew something good was going to happen. No sex could have been more wonderful than that for our Raphael. I imagine that he ejaculated on her stomach as though creating a work of art, a type of Action Painting. Lorena was satisfied, which was good also.
Your story was arousing, but also showed a fascination and compassion for males. I felt so great.
I also liked your comments below! Your "penis for a day" idea was hilarious. I think you should pose for female artists, who would all be enthralled with your penis.
You have a great talent, with an exceptional and valuable heart and mind.


Kat_Vaughn 1 year agoContributing Writer

Hello again! Thank you so much for your sweet words. When I wrote this, I actually had many of your ideas in mind from a previous request. I didn't forget. 😉 It just took a while to incorporate them into one story. I love that you caught that part about his name being one of the Renaissance artists. I thought of Raphael Sanzio who was famous for his paintings of the Maddona which are still exalted in the Vatican to this day. He was a humble man just like this character. I was also connecting his devotion to the Madonna to how our Raphael is sketching Lorena beyond admiration (with a happy ending).

I imagine Lorena would be one of those nice girls that gives the shy guy a chance over a cocky alpha male; the kind that sees passed what a man does for work versus who he really is inside. From my experience, the shy guys always pleasantly surprise their partners. I put myself in his shoes and asked myself, what would I do in her presence? I would be a gentleman and I would definitely be shy. Lorena is one of the most gorgeous women in the world, but also portrays a goofy almost dorky sense of humor, which makes her even more lovable. The videos for this photo set, for example, showed her playing air guitar at the end. She is the embodiment of humor in beauty and beauty in humor.


_fer_realz_ 1 year ago

Lovely comment, Kat. Thanks for speaking up for the shy guys. (: Sometimes a woman notices us and the sky opens up and..... (:

(It really DOES happen!)


Kat_Vaughn 1 year agoContributing Writer

Yes it does! And u know what? The shy guys eat pussy VERY WELL! 😉


_fer_realz_ 1 year ago

What a creative story, Kat! You do wonderfully writing in the voice of a man. It's funny how many of us seem confident but are actually painfully shy. (; This is a wonderful piece of wish fulfillment for a lot of us here at MA, imagine just having the privilege of talking to Lorena, much less Lorena touching you with those beautiful fingers...

Only one element you got wrong, Kat, no man in his right mind would ever fantasize about pulling out to come. (:


Kat_Vaughn 1 year agoContributing Writer

Hahahaha thank you! I guess I wanted my male character to be a gentleman until the "end". 😉

It was interesting to write this from a guys perspective tho. I found it very arousing to pretend to have a penis for one day.


Rose 1 year ago

OMG if only...! It's funny, it's a big turn on for a girl to see a guy cumming, and have him do it all over her. I always kind of assumed it was hot for the guy too :-)


_fer_realz_ 1 year ago

Oh heavens, no! It goes against animal instinct, Rose, I'm sure you understand why! (: Cumming all over a girl is simply a porn trope used to prevent the actresses from getting pregnant, pulling out is not at all pleasant or pulling out would be an effective contraceptive means and the pill would never have been necessary. (:

That being said, you and Kat are absolutely right, it would be so fascinating if women could have a penis for a day and men could have a vagina for a day! Just think what a world that would be!


Kat_Vaughn 1 year agoContributing Writer

On that note... if I had a penis for a day, OMG... there would be a high pregnancy rate in my surrounding area! I can already see my check split in thirds for all the child support I will have to pay. Lol


_fer_realz_ 1 year ago

Ha ha ha ha!!!


Rose 1 year ago

I've certainly been with guys who seemed to get a kick out of 'decorating' me (which was cool, I liked it too) and I agree with Kat, it seemed to be a territorial thing, plus it looks really hot. Good for the skin, too :-)


Kat_Vaughn 1 year agoContributing Writer

No kidding! I didn't know pulling out was unpleasant. I also thought it didn't matter if you pull out to prevent pregnancy because of pre-cum. If a woman is ovulating and not on the pill, wouldn't there still be a chance that could happen? I've always seen pulling out to be like a guy marking his territory or something.

I definitely agree with Rose on seeing/feeling a hot load spray on your skin. I even get a thrill out of spreading it around my body if I allow a guy to cum on me. It feels wonderful! 😉


_fer_realz_ 1 year ago

At the moment of climax, what you want to do is get as far inside as possible, Kat... it's simply evolution ensuring that the "seed" gets exactly where it's supposed to be to fertilize the egg. :) Pulling out requires a ton of self-discipline and I don't know how anyone could do it!

As for the pre-cum containing sperm, that is also true, and is another reason that pulling out is not a good form of birth control. :)


Rose 1 year ago

Very sexy story, Kat! I know I'm not the only one who finds Lorena very inspiring :-)


Kat_Vaughn 1 year agoContributing Writer

Thank you, Rose! I think this is my 3rd Lorena-inspired story. If it's not obvious already, she is my favorite model on MetArt. 😍

It was interesting to write this from a man's perspective and admiration. What's interesting is that I'm sure most women would be a bundle of nerves trying to chat up the beautiful Lorena B. I hope you all like it. 💋

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