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The MetArt 50+ Club: Loreen A

A statuesque star of our esteemed MetArt 50+ Club – girls so popular they have been featured on MetArt at least fifty times during their modeling career – gorgeous Loreen A had a distinctive look that made her as popular as she was unforgettable.

LOREEN A: enchanting eyes (64 appearances)

This tall (5’9”) black-haired, blue-eyed Russian beauty burst onto the MetArt scene at the age of 22, in a “Presenting” set by Rylsky on September 4, 2009. Eight days later her second photoset appeared, and she had her first of 21 “Top Ten Model” flags in a row. Loreen is one of the rare models in our 50+ Club who only worked with one artist throughout her entire MetArt career, shooting 55 photosets and 9 movies with Rylsky. Her final appearance was on September 11, 2015. Only one movie and one photoset feature her with another model. Her highest rated photosets, "Parecido" and "Zibens," are both rated an impressive 9.4. 

In the majority of her appearances, Loreen has her hair in a short, chic style that flatters her pretty pixie features delightfully. Members have waxed poetic about her hypnotic blue eyes, as well as her sensational “dancer’s body” and alluring ‘butterfly’ labia. In her final few appearances she also sported a neatly trimmed bush. More than anything, the charming personality she projected through her stunning smile earned her such praise from members as “best of the best” and “absolute perfection.”

Like most of our models who are no longer active, Loreen’s ratings have slid down to a still respectable 8.95, putting her at #219 at the time of writing. She has been viewed 390,255 times and is followed by 6,236 members. Loreen has appeared on three other MetArt Network sites, with 21 appearances on Errotica Archives, seven on Rylsky Art, and one two-girl photoset on Erotic Beauty.

When Loreen started out, she confessed that she loved company, hated to be alone, and was very much enjoying the new experience of posing for nude photos. However, what she told Errotica Archives was far more revealing: “I haven't been able to find a good lover for quite a while. I suppose the trouble is, paradoxically, my look. Let me explain: with the appearance of a fragile girl and the face looking so innocent I mostly seem to attract so called romantic types, whom I find uninspiring. If the truth be told I am invariably put off by any variations on the word romance. For I could hardly be more opposite. What I like in sex is wild kinky stuff. I don't want to be adored, what I want is a decent fuck. I don't expect him to take me to shopping centers, I want him to take me to bed or wherever he wishes and do it whatever way he pleases. But all this remains a dream, because, unfortunately, I give this impression of someone, who in fact is the opposite of me. Or will I at last find someone who will find that out and help me realize my dreams?”

It’s to be hoped that she did; a girl this gorgeous deserves to be adored and sexually satisfied too, right?

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.


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VictorDj3 8 months ago

The strangest thin is: Loreen always disappears (or appears out of nowhere) in a duo shoot.

In her shoot with Astrud (Cludue) she's suddenly gone after pic 90.

The two girl photoshoot for EB ('Mermaids') mentioned in the blog is even more bizarre. It starts with Loreen and Luciana sitting on a bench - both girls are dressed and Loreen is checking her smartphone. In pic 2 we're inside with Luciana and Loreen is nowhere to be found.

This stays this way until Loreen appears like a ghost (truly like a ghost) in #34. This pic feels very surreal. Next (#35) comes a very traditional open-legs-shot where both girls show off, and... Loreen disappears again.
However in #134 she's together with Luciana at the beach. Both girls are naked and it's great to see their different body-types as they walk in the wet sand and have fun.
But in the last shot (#163) they're both dressed, indoors, and seem totally ready for some lesbian action.

The thing is: I like the duo shoots with Loreen, but they seem totally unfinished.

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    Checkers 2 minutes ago

    A very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very nice day on MET for lovers of beautiful female bottoms. My goodness.

    on Ranice

    Checkers 3 minutes ago

    Those shots of Solange's luscious body peeking out from behind the edges of that robe are superb. Very nice indeed.

    on Fonento

    Checkers 7 minutes ago

    Glad to see a new Alex Lynn photo set. His last five appearances (and 7 of the last 8) had all been videos and, nice as they always are, you star to miss shots like #45-48, his patented zoomed in, full-screen, low-angle views of magnificent buttocks. Oooof.

    on Jvarti

    Checkers 12 minutes ago

    There are quire a few former commenters who are missed, Fer especially. He's still around, but sadly only occasionally. I know in his case he's found himself a lovely new lady friend right around the same time that he was expressing frustration at the new 80-shot set standard, so I think the combination of the two has caused him to take a step back. Seadogg, I worry about. He was often posting about how he was in ill health, and I hope his extended absence isn't due to some very bad news.

    We haven't seen as much from The Seller, Arkie, BaggyPants (who I think just let his membership lapse, I've seen him on RA from time to time), swplf (I think that's Frank the Historian's handle) and others either.

    I think we long-timers need to post more often, and thumbs-up each other's posts more often, so we can remind ourselves that we're still out there. :)

    on Presenting Margo Beth

    Checkers 19 minutes ago

    Oooooh, Margo is a delightful new addition to the MET lineup. I love her sandy blonde hair, mysterious brown eyes, and the gentle and enticing curves of her beautiful body. The knotted cleavage-licious top was a very nice touch, and there was some lovely teasing before everything was revealed. Hopefully the first of many sets, she has some real potential.

    Welcome to MET!

    on Presenting Margo Beth