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Blonde bombshell Tracy Lindsay makes her MetArt debut!

There are few models as universally adored as Tracy Lindsay. Stunningly gorgeous, highly sexual, sweet and smart, she’s a bona fide superstar who has remained refreshingly down-to-earth despite all the adulation heaped upon her. I met her while on location for SexArt in Prague a while back, and I was bowled over by how warm, funny and likeable she was; and close up, she is absolutely flawlessly beautiful!

Tracy is a big star on SexArt and Viv Thomas, where she has appeared in some of our hottest and most arousing girl-girl movies. It’s rare to find a girl so attractive who doesn’t rely on her looks to get by, but pours her authentic, uninhibited sexuality into everything she does. She’s very candid and thoughtful when it comes to talking about sex, too: check out my video interview with her here and I guarantee you will fall head over heels in love with her.

Much as I appreciate seeing Tracy in our movies, she deserves to be the focus of our full attention, and that’s why I’m so excited to see her making her MetArt debut today. It’s long overdue, but it was worth the wait – she’s never looked better.

I asked Tracy how it felt to finally make her MetArt debut and she told me: “I really had fun shooting this photoset with Luca Helios and I am so excited to be on MetArt at last! I hope the members like it because I was working out a lot to get my ass that hard!”

If you’re not already familiar with this sexy, golden-skinned goddess, I think you’ll enjoy getting to know her very much indeed.

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    MetArtisMyLife 14 minutes ago

    VANESSA I OFFICIALLY INDUCT YOU INTO THE PERFECT PETAL CLUB! You make us feel so good and appreciated with your wonderful generosity in sharing your beauty with us.

    / ___
    / / _
    /( /( /(_) ) )
    ( ___ / / )
    ( _____ / )
    /( )
    | / |
    | _______ / |
    / / /
    / | | /
    | |
    | |

    on Helid

    beetle 18 minutes ago

    A beautiful smooth face with long, very long black hair and seductive eyes.
    An elegantly shaped body.
    Small delicate seductive breasts and a well-formed firm butt, which is unparalleled.
    Shantel you're just sexy!

    on Shantel

    MetArtisMyLife 19 minutes ago

    Vanessa's AMAZING perfect flower petals are going to everyone here release their spores.

    on Helid

    beetle 21 minutes ago

    A very appealing beginning. Hello and welcome Shantel.
    A beautiful smooth face with long, very long black hair.
    Small delicate sexy breasts and a well-formed firm butt, who is nearly peerless.
    These are certainly the highlights of this debut. Wonderful.
    Thank you Matiss for the beautiful photos and I am looking forward, when you show us Shantel at the next photoset more and more eroticly. The potential exists.

    on Presenting Shantel

    beetle 28 minutes ago

    Soft, tender and sweet! Noel looks so sensitive and eroticaly.
    Really a good set!

    on Emylo