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New MetArt star of the year!

Here at MetArt we pride ourselves on discovering the world’s most beautiful models to share with you, and 2016 has been a particularly stellar year for fresh, natural, gorgeous new girls. At the time of writing almost 100 hot honeys have made their debut this year, with a handful more scheduled before the year’s end.

So who would you pick as the cream of this delicious crop? It’s not easy to single out favorites with so much loveliness on offer – the pretty face and perfect body, sexy smile or sultry attitude that makes one particular girl stand out among so many hotties. But you know, I like a challenge…

Lovers of big breasts couldn’t fail to notice sweet blonde Daniel Sea or sexy brunette Mila Azul, two gorgeous top-heavy 19-year-old babes who dazzled members with their dangerous curves. Janah is another irresistible new starlet with a very eye-catching figure!

If you prefer your models cute, and waifish, then naughty Emma Sweet, ebony stunner Noel Monique, adorable Juliett Lea and ever-smiling Kay J are no doubt on your list. Lena Anderson is another cute-as-a-button blonde newbie, while Alice May’s sassy attitude suggests she is one to watch.

If sultry and sexy is your thing, Caralyn, Carolina Sampaio, Clarice and Cara Mell may well float your boat – all girls who project a powerful sexual presence. Alluring Debora A scored one of the highest ratings of the year with her red hot debut, effortlessly blending sweetness and sex-appeal.

My personal favorite MetArt rookie of the year? It would have to be Ukrainian goddess Gloria Sol, a tall, slender sexpot with green eyes and long brunette hair. The 21-year-old has the face of a Hollywood movie star and the body of my dirtiest dreams, with perfect-handful breasts, hard abs, a pretty pussy and an ass to die for. At the time of writing Gloria is ranked number three on the leader board, so I’m clearly not the only one whose world has been rocked by her ethereal beauty and sensuality. There’s a reason I misread her name as “glorious” the first time I saw her!

So have I named your new MetArt star of the year here? Who would you nominate as MetArt debutante of 2016?

Members Comments (6)


Rebecca Cho 7 months ago

This year I am more unisono with the others. While I stood very alone with my vote for Tirata last year (and I still think she is the most underrated model ever!!!), this year my favorite 3 are:
3. Mila Azul (just because she can impossibly be ignored with this almost daily presence and this great personality)
2. Gloria Sol (wow!)
1. Emma Sweet


Hirundo 7 months ago

Ditto on the Tirata fave, Rebecca...


loosebruce 7 months ago

Kaleesy, who debuted in October, 2015, is a favorite, as is Iva and Emma Sweet. Adorable, yet kinda naughty girls, who didn't all start in 2016, but are still rather new to your site. Love those three. Agree with you about Gloria Sol and I like Adel Morel (sometimes I confuse the two). Daniel Sea impressed me the most as a model, in what she does as a model - very innovative and surprising poses. After all that though, I must say that Debora A is that forbidden girl who I seem the most excited to see. Her tight body is so pure and her young face is both womanly sexy and teenage forbidden. Her tush and legs send her over the top! She's got it all in that small package. Debora has been well photographed this year, also. Many superb galleries.


Kat_Vaughn 7 months ago

It's a toss up for me... between Carolina Sampaio or Cara Mell. I love the sexy/sultry sets. They exude much presence in every shot. Their sets are so playful and alluring. Beautiful doesn't even cover it...they both redefine the term "flawless"!


Hirundo 7 months ago

My top three are impossible to choose out of so many gorgeous, sexy girls; but here is my best attempt:
No 3. Juliett Lea. So young, slim and delicate yet with a winning, hearty smile, very lovely.
No 2. Anatali. Big brown eyes and such a luscious, curvy bod. Vey sexy.
No 1. Mila Azul. Just mind boggling: cuteness, naughty sex appeal, and a crooked, heart melting smile. I'm hooked!


Checkers 7 months ago

Lots and lots and lots of new favorites for me this year. Adel Morel, Kylie Quinn, Kay J, Linda Chase, Carrie, Lena Anderson, Elle Tan, Belonika, Gloria Sol, Anatali, Selina... all of them instant downloads the moment their sets appear. But above all, these are my personal six favorite newcomers...

6. Mila Azul - SUCH a sweet baby face, SUCH a devastating womanly body. The likes of which we haven't seen since Jenya D's early days on this site. Ooof.

5. Emma Sweet - Love her mischievous smile, slender frame, and gorgeous nude body, but ooof, it's her amazing hair that makes her especially... um... sweet.

4. Diana Bronce - naturally red hair, peaches and cream complexion, and ooof, those beautiful bright eyes.

3. Janah - A little shy at first, but getting bolder, and that transition is wonderful to watch. And ooof, what a body. Her most recent set with Arkisi is her best so far, and hopefully the first of many featuring that partnership.

2. Caralyn - Absolutely devastating, every time she appears. So gorgeous, so flirtations, and ooof, almost always bottomless. Hooray! Every new set is like a shock to the system.

1. Daniel Sea - Absolutely amazing in every amazing way a woman can be amazing. An all-time favorite already. It's not just the inventory of her considerable gorgeous traits - her striking face, beautiful hair, dazzling blue eyes, plump kissable lips, voluptu-luscious body, smooth creamy skin, sweet little navel, big soft breasts, and firm round ass. It's her personality, those flirtatious expressions, that audacious, FEARLESS posing style, that makes her the most OOOFworthy new addition to MET in my book. Valiede might be the set of the year, though her sets Melva, Lajiel, and her "Presenting" set are on the short list as well.

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    Checkers 1 minute ago

    A very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very nice day on MET for lovers of beautiful female bottoms. My goodness.

    on Ranice

    Checkers 3 minutes ago

    Those shots of Solange's luscious body peeking out from behind the edges of that robe are superb. Very nice indeed.

    on Fonento

    Checkers 7 minutes ago

    Glad to see a new Alex Lynn photo set. His last five appearances (and 7 of the last 8) had all been videos and, nice as they always are, you star to miss shots like #45-48, his patented zoomed in, full-screen, low-angle views of magnificent buttocks. Oooof.

    on Jvarti

    Checkers 12 minutes ago

    There are quire a few former commenters who are missed, Fer especially. He's still around, but sadly only occasionally. I know in his case he's found himself a lovely new lady friend right around the same time that he was expressing frustration at the new 80-shot set standard, so I think the combination of the two has caused him to take a step back. Seadogg, I worry about. He was often posting about how he was in ill health, and I hope his extended absence isn't due to some very bad news.

    We haven't seen as much from The Seller, Arkie, BaggyPants (who I think just let his membership lapse, I've seen him on RA from time to time), swplf (I think that's Frank the Historian's handle) and others either.

    I think we long-timers need to post more often, and thumbs-up each other's posts more often, so we can remind ourselves that we're still out there. :)

    on Presenting Margo Beth

    Checkers 19 minutes ago

    Oooooh, Margo is a delightful new addition to the MET lineup. I love her sandy blonde hair, mysterious brown eyes, and the gentle and enticing curves of her beautiful body. The knotted cleavage-licious top was a very nice touch, and there was some lovely teasing before everything was revealed. Hopefully the first of many sets, she has some real potential.

    Welcome to MET!

    on Presenting Margo Beth