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MetArt wins Adult Site of the Year!

We’re delighted to announce that MetArt has won Adult Site of the Year – Photography at the XBIZ 2017 awards. This prestigious accolade from the premier home of adult industry news is a great honor and the recognition of our efforts means a lot to us.

We love what we do here and we hope you do too, so you can be sure we’ll do everything in our power to live up to the title in 2017. We’re proud of our reputation as the world’s leading showcase for high-class erotic nudes and we’ll be bringing you lots of fresh new beauties, all your favorite models and some hot surprises too. 


Members Comments (11)


swplf 2 months ago

I have been quiet recently but fer_realz just out did me on being long winded and refusing to just let it be I decided to put in my two-cents worth. Since I am the "resident historian and statistician let me share a couple of things. Over ayear ago fer and a few others begab attacking K. I tracked every set posted for six months and was amazed at the consistence I found from K. Every month the number of models outside of one standard deviation from mean was about the same at both ends. And that mean did not vary over .10 during the period studied. We each bring our own bias to our viewing and our choice of favs, be it models or artists and as such I also hav not always been happy with her choices but my statistics showed she knows her job and delivers consistently. fer appears to not realize that Met-Art is a business and ultimetly it is the bottom line which she is responsible for. As members we have no need or right to see its balance sheet but it just that te bottom line which actually maters. I also doubt that K, unilaterally made the decisions he is now trashing. Thus while I consider fer a true friend and respect his opionins in this case I have to disagree and am very pround the once again Met-Art got this Award, the rest, to quote one of my professors, of this bitching is "the sideshow overtaking the circus and not worth a thing."


_fer_realz_ 2 months ago

K was not my target, my good friend ~ please view my response to Rose, above. (:


_fer_realz_ 2 months ago

Ironic, and sad.

Ironic that MA gets this award the year it begins degrading its product into a copy of other sites that were always heretofore pale imitations of Met Art itself. And the real irony ~ the award is in the category "photography" ~ which is the component of MA's product that it is purposely degrading.

Sad, in that the receipt of this award is perforce a validation of the choice to degrade its product.

In previous years every time MA got one of these awards I was fully in agreement, because MA had such a long record of improving its product over time.

This year, I wish XBiz had chosen another site ~ even a mediocre one ~ so long as it had made concrete steps to improve its product.

MA is working from a very very deep well of goodwill from its customers and the industry from having continuously improved its product over time. That well is not bottomless. If the product continues to be degraded, eventually people ~ customers and the industry ~ will realize what's happening.

I hope that does not happen and I hope that in 2018 when MA wins adult site of the year ~ photography ~ from XBiz, I will be as happy as I was before this year.


Dallas 2 months ago

What a mean-spirited comment. Maybe MetArt won because they deserve it and because the majority of us are bowled over by the quality of what they present? If you're not happy that's your loss, but don't write as if you are speaking for the rest of us. Congratulations MetArt, you are awesome, and in my opinion at least, thoroughly deserved to win!


_fer_realz_ 2 months ago

Not mean-spirited at all, Dallas. Mean-spirited would imply that I wish MA to fail, and I very much do not. "Disappointed" ~ no, "Severely disappointed" is closer to the truth.

Consider, if you will, my entire comment, not merely the harsh parts. For example, and I quote myself, "In previous years every time MA got one of these awards I was fully in agreement, because MA had such a long record of improving its product over time."

Is the fact that, MA has been winning these awards for many years, and every time they did before, I was happy about it (I've been a member since 2010, so I've seen them win many awards) a "mean spirited" sentiment?

How about, "...I hope that in 2018 when MA wins adult site of the year ~ photography ~ from XBiz, I will be as happy as I was before this year." sound like a mean spirited sentiment? No, it is not mean spirited to hope that a very bad decision will be reversed in the year to come, thereby fully justifying the award that I am fully certain they will win next year.

I do not want MA to fail, I want them to stop failing their customers. That is not a mean spirited sentiment at all, in my book.

Back in the 1980s Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola were embroiled in the bitter "cola wars." Because Coke wasn't garnering enough of the market, its owners thought, they changed their formula to taste like Pepsi. Coke drinkers were horrified ~ they wanted Coke, not an imitation of Pepsi. Because Coke's customers persisted in their complaints ~ not mean spirited, but severely disappointed ~ Coke brought back the original flavor and re-won all its original customers' loyalty.

I hope MA chooses the same wise course as Coke. When you are the industry leader, you don't "change with the times" by making yourself MORE like your competitors, you stay distinct from them. MA can make the same choice and I hope they do, and I hope they legitimately win again next year. I will be their loudest cheerleader if they do. (:


Caligore 2 months ago

Well at least you made your point articulately, too bad you had to piss on someone's bonfire though. Of course you are entitled to your opinion but don't assume we all share it. I would like to say congratulations and thank you to MetArt, for me at least it has been a very sexy and hot year.


_fer_realz_ 2 months ago

Hi Caligore, thanks for your opinion. I appreciate it, though I am puzzled as to exactly how I "pissed on someone's bonfire" by making my point? Whose bonfire was I pissing on?

If you're referring to MA as a whole, please remember that they are a corporation and not a person. (: I would never piss on any person's bonfire, but if I feel genuinely shorted by a corporation, you can be sure I won't hesitate to complain.

MA's decision to cut content by cutting the average set size ~ while continuing to charge full price ~ without either consulting the membership ahead of time, advertising the change ahead of time, or giving the membership several options (including shortening average set size while still charging full price among other options) was ~ in my very humble (OK, that last part "very humble" was a lie) ~ in my opinion was a very bad business move, akin to Coke's owners deciding to change its flavor.

Thing about bad business decisions, however, as Coke proved very ably ~ is that they can be reversed. I genuinely hope MA decides to change this business decision.

And like I said, if they do, I will be their loudest, most enthusiastic cheerleader when they win the XBiz award again in 2018.


Rose 2 months ago

But MetArt isn't some giant faceless, nameless corporation. K runs it, works with the designers, and of course has back-up from me, Jon, and the tech wizards. So I would say it's K's bonfire, and she puts a hell of a lot of thought and care into keeping the standard insanely high, and deserves every accolade MetArt wins (and there have been many!). We are proud of what we do here.


_fer_realz_ 2 months ago

I agree, Rose, K has always done an AMAZING job screening submissions and accepting and publishing only the highest quality content for MA.

You will note that my original complaint and critique above was NOT directed at K, you, Jon, or any of the workers behind the scenes at MA whose names we never hear but whose hard work and dedication bring us the marvel that is MA every day.

I make a strong distinction between a company or corporation ~ and the people who work for it. My complaint and critique was of MA itself and a business decision made by the company ~ NOT of K, Rose, or Jon or any of the other employees of MA.

I work for a nursing home at present. I am aware that if someone criticizes that nursing home, they are not criticizing me personally, even though I work there. They are criticizing the institution for which I work. Same goes for my criticism above.

I know that you and K and Jon are at least as intelligent and adult as I and will make the same distinction. I never criticize something I don't care about, and the criticism I have for MA is born out of deep love for MA and intense loyalty built over 7 years for an amazing website that, heretofore, was continually improved over time. For some reason I cannot explain, the decision was taken to reverse that course, and it is that reversal I am criticizing ~ NOT K, not Rose, not Jon, not the others who work for MA.

When Coke changed its formula in the '80's, there were a heck of a lot of good, loyal employees who worked there who had nothing to do with the decision. All of the criticism of Coca cola the company had nothing whatsoever to do with them ~ as my criticism of MA has zero to do with K, Rose, Jon, or the behind the scenes wizards who bring us MA everyday.

And as I said above ~ if and when MA reverses that decision, I will return to being its biggest, most enthusiastic cheerleader when it again wins the XBiz best site award in 2018.


Ian Thomas 2 months ago

Your two comments are very classy and I think very accurate.


Checkers 2 months ago

Congratulations! Well deserved.

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    loveu69 2 minutes ago

    Linda is a perfectly proportioned package in a petite woman. So cute and with a smile that warms your heart and gets it pounding too. Her bottom is exceptional and so sexy. A pity her rating today will not stay 10 forever. 8)

    on Mechini

    beetle 26 minutes ago

    Hey loveu69. Thank you for your nice comment. I would like to answer your question about my relationship to the anus of a woman.
    I am an admirer and connoisseur of pretty girls and women. Therefore, I am also a member of MA. And what is nicer than naked women and all their erotic and intimate body parts? And what is next to the pussy and the pubic lips the most intimate area? In my opinion it is the anus. Maybe he is even more intimate than the pussy. For this reason the models let not so often photograph their anus, and certainly not in a super close-up.
    On top of that, a smooth regular clean fresh and sexy anus is also not as common as beautiful breasts or lush well-pleated labia. Therefore, I rarely write about a pretty anus. BUT I AM A LOVER AND GOURMET THEREOF. What is more beautiful than caress and kiss this point and a pussy?

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    There are not enough superlatives to describe Yarina's beauty.

    on Vidona

    vcmlb 4 hours ago

    The was a great set from Emily and Arkisi. Both artist and subject were on point and engaged. On top of that Welcome Back Heart Stockings, haven't seen you in a while.

    on Redca

    vcmlb 4 hours ago

    Excellent set from Violet and Matiss, one of her best. But I was promised "her high heels" by the set description writer. Liar. LOL

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