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New MetArt model of the month: January 2017

Here at MetArt we make it our mission to find the world’s hottest new models, naturally gorgeous girls ready to get beautifully naked for you for the first time. And while January might threaten to put you in a post-holiday slump, we kept things fresh and fun with no less than 12 sexy babes making their MetArt debut. What a fabulous selection of stunning new blondes, brunettes and redheads we found!

So who was your favorite new MetArt model of January 2017? It’s not easy to choose from so much hotness, but here’s my personal (and entirely subjective) top three:

Yuki, photographed by Fabrice. Presented January 9.

I don’t usually go for the fuller-figured girls, but Ukrainian babe Yuki has got curves in all the right places! The 20-year-old blue-eyed brunette with an artistic streak looked adorable in pigtails as she revealed her big, beautiful breasts and spread her legs wide to show off her pretty, shaved pussy, evidently revelling in her own naughtiness.

Misty Lovelace, photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented January 15.

Now, Misty is exactly my type of girl. Fit, athletic and very flexible, the American cutie made quite a first impression with her tight buns and perky attitude. The petite 25-year-old brunette worked her way through a naked exercise routine that showcased her suppleness – not to mention her cute hairy pussy – and certainly had my pulse racing.

Bellina, photographed by Matiss. Presented January 23.

A 20-year-old stunner, Russian beauty Bellina has a gorgeous face with lovely blue-green eyes and a very flirty expression. Her tan lines accentuate her sexy small breasts and perfect peachy bottom. Posing naked in a flowerbed, she managed to be both playful and sultry, and her revelation that she likes to dance salsa did plenty to inflame my imagination.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of January 2017?

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Checkers 10 months ago

Favorite new model: Bellina. Gorgeous blue eyes, amazing body, and I love the way she sticks her tongue out. Kendall, Keita, and Misty Lovelace were also considered.

Favorite set: Iva in Mediasa. Because she's the ultimate naked girl next door. Runners up included Emmy in Ackya, Noreen in Ledeen (adorable), Amaly and Candice in Candys, and Daniel Sea in Kenna.

Favorite move: Nicolina in 'Sweet Girl.' Not going to pick a runner-up because it was by far my favorite film of the month. :)

Photographer of the month: This was an especially good month for Matiss. Debuts by Kendell, Hailey, Bellina and Florina, plus new sets by Elle Tan, Carolina Sampaio, Vivian, Milenia, Tammi Lee, Lola Marron, Stefany Sonri, Violla, and Emmy. Runner up is Fabrice with Yuki, Rosita, Caralyn, Kaleesy, Suzanna (twice), Katie, and that Nicolina movie I just described.


Hirundo 10 months ago

Great Idea Rose and yes it has been a great month for the debut of many beautiful young ladies to Met Art! I think Yuki has to be a great choice for the top newcomer to the site but after Yuki I would pick:

Kendall: just an adorable slim honey blonde lovely girl, indescribably pretty...
Hailey: Gorgeous light brown hair, laughing eyes and high, firm breasts with lovely nipples.
Keita: Just an Auburn haired bombshell, love her kissable lips and beautiful big boobs and strawberry nipples.
Plus several more ladies who would make a great honor roll...Yes it's been a great month!

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    Copernicus 19 minutes ago

    I love Elouisa and her beautiful labia and tiny little breasts.

    I also love a woman that is not afraid to show the beauty of their tiny , almost flat chested, bodies.

    on Cozeci

    Nonya Biz 27 minutes ago

    Most beautiful woman alive in my opinion

    on Sapphira A

    RedPilot 50 minutes ago

    Casey is lovely, and I do love it when a woman's juices start flowing. Always a sign of good things to come!

    on Pesie

    Douglas Saltire 53 minutes ago

    I love sets where the model is just...naked! J is so cute and looks amazing naked and barefoot displaying herself on the worktop. Incredibly pretty girl and fantastic poses.

    on Nuzie

    10 Quest 54 minutes ago

    Mmm, cool marble warm, wonderful Clarice....................

    on Rozah

    Douglas Saltire 1 hour ago

    Über cute. Such a pretty model, J still manages to look sweet lying on a table naked with her legs miles apart...what a body, what great poses and what gorgeous little feet! The nearest to J in the current crop is probably Linda Chase. I wonder if J could give her some lessons on how to use different facial expressions?

    on Esedans

    openends311 1 hour ago

    near perfection ...

    on Dada

    NEWVERYKINKYME 2 hours ago

    This time I remembered the "s" at the third singular person in simple present...
    "but someone still love"s" You".


    on Giolet

    Dreadnought66 2 hours ago

    You forgot the HEELS, Tony !!

    But she is soooooo adorable -- you are forgiven !

    on Opulentia

    Dreadnought66 2 hours ago

    GORGEOUS -- don't half cover it, Mate !

    on Evares