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The Ruins: for Berenice

A poem inspired by Berenice in “Tholes


Here a Goddess lies,

her brilliance unmatched by the sun


Her perfect curves shadow the earth,

hiding the horizon from view


On the banks of the shores she lies,

resting her feet in the sand


Each glance of her glory and grace,

marks the day anew


Here a Goddess dances,

her grace unmatched by the wind


Her limber length stretched high,

as the air kisses her skin


She makes the thunderous skies glow,

with her epic smile


On the ruins of the earth she stands,

giving the sundered ground its purpose


Her ravishing ebullience beams through striking eyes,

making me drown beneath the surface.


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Hirundo 10 months ago

Kat this is such a cool poem. Its just a bit like Homer, enough to bring out the sun and beauty in the middle of winter.


Kat_Vaughn 10 months agoContributing Writer

Thanks so much, Hirundo! I am humbled by your compliment. That's interesting that you mentioned Homer; his stories filled with countless men fallen to ruin over the love of beautiful women. Had Bernice been alive at that time, I'm sure she would have been the cause of the Trojan War.


_fer_realz_ 10 months ago

Damn, Kat, you're such a good writer, it shouldn't surprise me a whit that you're a great poet too!

This is absolutely lovely, thank you!


Kat_Vaughn 10 months agoContributing Writer

Thank you, sweetie! I haven't heard from you in a've you been? And yeah, I haven't written poetry in ages. I was looking at Bernice's latest set with her spread out on what looks like the ruins of a Greek temple. Then, I thought to myself, "Wow! This is not a human being, but a Goddess! ... The ground itself is lucky to hold her up." I had no idea what I was writing until it was finished, but it just miraculously made sense. I am so glad you like it. :)


BereniceF 10 months ago

wow wow ... you made me blush like never before ... Thank you so much ... millions of kisses and hugs... I am wordless ...


Kat_Vaughn 10 months agoContributing Writer

Hello lovely! I am so grateful for your personal response. You're blushing? hands are shaking just seeing your comment. Thank you for gracing us with your presence...which has inspired poetic inclinations to come out. Every word is heartfelt and meant to elevate you as the Goddess that you are! Have a wonderful day and thank you for making mine! :)

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