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The MetArt 50+ Club: Caprice

Petite brunette Caprice A is an immensely popular erotic model and worthy member of the MetArt 50+ Club, girls so gorgeous they’ve been featured fifty or more times here. The Czech cutie has such a sweet and youthful look that even in her late twenties she still creates the impression of a perky 18-year-old – albeit with a more sophisticated edge now – and this is a large part of her enduring appeal.

Caprice A: petite and perky (66 appearances)

Caprice made her first MetArt appearance on June 15, 2010, in a “Presenting” set by Mark. Few other models have had such staying power; at the time of writing she is still active as a model, and currently ranked #7 on the top model leaderboard, with a rating of 9.14. She was 21 when she made her debut, and had already been modeling for three years by this time, yet her air of naughty innocence – coupled with a sensationally pretty face and fantastic body – made an immediate impact. “Absolute perfection” was the general verdict.

Since then Caprice has made another 65 appearances on MetArt, nine of them in videos. Only three of these have been girl-girl; it seems it’s not easy to find another girl who can match her, both in terms of physical perfection and the sexy-cute personality she projects.

One remarkable thing about Caprice is that unlike many MetArt models she has shot for literally dozens of sites worldwide over the past decade, many of them hardcore appearances; and yet nothing seems to diminish her natural sweetness or quench the thirst for soft, tasteful nude photosets that showcase her everlasting youthfulness. On our sister site SexArt she has been featured 17 times to date (including two scorching girl-girl movies, one with Whitney Conroy) and she’s also a top star on Errotica Archives and ALS Scan.

Caprice has been viewed a staggering 863,931 times on MetArt alone at the time of writing, and her rating is based on 10,645 votes with 10,176 members following her. She has worked with seven different artists: Luca Helios (44), Koenart (10), Erro (6), Ivan Harrin (2), Mark (2), Mike G (1) and Deltagamma (1). And she looks every bit as hot now as the first time she appeared, but with the modeling experience that has made her one of an elite group of top models. Perhaps there is a fountain of youth hidden somewhere in Prague?

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

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randycat 10 months ago

Rose, is there any kind of fan or industry appreciation awards for the models?? I really think there should be if not already. This is very nice the 50+club, but there are girls like Caprice, Lorena Garcia, Amelie (who unfortunately never appeared here at MA, but was a Super model in her day.) and many others I think deserve the recognition for their work, they should have their own Oscar, their own Grammy award, something special that let's them know they are truly appreciated. Perhaps it could be done just for MA models, once a year have a gathering of angels, a nice posh affair just for them. I know I would be willing to contribute to such an event for the girls, they deserve it.
What do you think Rose??


Rose 10 months ago

What a nice idea, Randycat! The trouble is the girls come from all over the world, so it might be a logistical nightmare... Viv Thomas used to do a Babe of the Year award, but his models were all based in Budapest then.


randycat 10 months ago

Logistics be damned , Full speed ahead !! : )
Thanks for your reply and yes I understand the complexity and the expense of such an undertaking. Perhaps start out small with a nicely designed piece of some sort that would be significant, and maybe a nice gift to go along with it. Something, the girls deserve something . These girls are mostly from European countries, where there isn't a lot of opportunities for them. So any little extra we can do for them, I think is warranted and would be much appreciated and special for them.
I'll keep thinking on this and hopefully come up with a workable plan. : )


Notregde 10 months ago

If Caprice has been doing (many) hardcore appearances for other sites, it seems we are truly missing something on SA. Oh my.

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    Copernicus 20 minutes ago

    I love Elouisa and her beautiful labia and tiny little breasts.

    I also love a woman that is not afraid to show the beauty of their tiny , almost flat chested, bodies.

    on Cozeci

    Nonya Biz 28 minutes ago

    Most beautiful woman alive in my opinion

    on Sapphira A

    RedPilot 50 minutes ago

    Casey is lovely, and I do love it when a woman's juices start flowing. Always a sign of good things to come!

    on Pesie

    Douglas Saltire 53 minutes ago

    I love sets where the model is just...naked! J is so cute and looks amazing naked and barefoot displaying herself on the worktop. Incredibly pretty girl and fantastic poses.

    on Nuzie

    10 Quest 54 minutes ago

    Mmm, cool marble warm, wonderful Clarice....................

    on Rozah

    Douglas Saltire 1 hour ago

    Über cute. Such a pretty model, J still manages to look sweet lying on a table naked with her legs miles apart...what a body, what great poses and what gorgeous little feet! The nearest to J in the current crop is probably Linda Chase. I wonder if J could give her some lessons on how to use different facial expressions?

    on Esedans

    openends311 1 hour ago

    near perfection ...

    on Dada

    NEWVERYKINKYME 2 hours ago

    This time I remembered the "s" at the third singular person in simple present...
    "but someone still love"s" You".


    on Giolet

    Dreadnought66 2 hours ago

    You forgot the HEELS, Tony !!

    But she is soooooo adorable -- you are forgiven !

    on Opulentia

    Dreadnought66 2 hours ago

    GORGEOUS -- don't half cover it, Mate !

    on Evares