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The MetArt 50+ Club: Dominika A

Slender, elegant Czech beauty Dominika A recently joined our prestigious MetArt 50+ Club – girls so gorgeous they’ve been featured on MetArt at least fifty times during their modeling career. The athletic, long-legged brunette inspires devotion from her many fans; and I’m certainly among that number.

Cards on the table here: I’m going to struggle even more than usual to stay objective when it comes to this sexy babe. Dominika (or Dominikaaaaaaaah as I think of her) is one of my absolute favorite MetArt models, right up there with the goddess-like Divina A in my estimation.

DOMINIKA A: long-legged lovely (50 appearances)

Delicious Dominika made her fiftieth appearance on November 18, 2016, and at the time I wrote: “Dominika is in my all-time top five MetArt girls!!! Damn, she's beautiful! Her face is so lovely, she always makes me think Italian movie star, Greek goddess.... her legs are incredible, and that caramel skin... I'm utterly lust struck.” I think that pretty much sums up Dominika's appeal. Her face is stunningly beautiful, sultry and sexy; she’s slim and willowy, looking taller than her actual height of 5’5”; and her deep golden all-over tan makes her look good enough to eat. She also has small, perky breasts with permanently hard nipples, a sensationally peachy bottom, and prominent dark labia that spread open into a perfect butterfly. An irresistible package.

Dominika was 24 when she made her MetArt debut in a “Presenting” set by Erro on November 30, 2009. In total, 15 of her photosets have been by Erro, who has also shot her 27 times for Errotica Archives. He seems to have a particular talent for capturing her seductive side, often dressing her in high heels that show off her amazing legs. She has just one cute and playful photoset from Ken Tavos, “Gradito,” which features a pair of sprayed-on jeans sure to delight ass fans. Her remaining 34 appearances, including three videos, were shot by Luca Helios, and her fiftieth appearance was also his 999th posting on MetArt. All her appearances here have been solo; this is clearly not a girl who needs to share the limelight.   

At the time of writing, Dominika has a rating of 9.06, based on 7,253 votes; she has been viewed 370,054 times and is followed by 6,439 members. She has also been featured on other sites in the MetArt Network: 10 times on Erotic Beauty, 8 times on Domai, 9 times on Goddess Nudes and once on The Life Erotic. MetArt members have described her as a gift of nature, exquisite, captivating, alluring… I’ll go with “all-time favorite.”

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

Members Comments (6)


Bolder 1 year ago

There should be a 50+ club gallery.


LipPirate 1 year ago

Dominika has been my favorite model on here for a long time......specifically for her long, butterfly labia!
My absolute fantasy!
I only wish MetArt would start showing more spread open, wet, pussy shots and lip pulling.....seriously I would pay extra to see Dominika pulling those amazing labia open to their full length!
I tried SexArt for awhile but it lacked most of the long labia models I had hoped to see MORE of and AlsScan was a bit over the top and clinical.


SPECIAL 1 year ago

Any chance of seeing Dominika A in SexArt?


Rose 1 year ago

I live in hope...!


SPECIAL 1 year ago

My kind of 50 shades


SPECIAL 1 year ago

Best pussy lips by far

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    Arkie 2 6 minutes ago

    👎 Please treat yourself to a copy of Gray's Anatomy. This is the way she's constructed. Not every person's external sphincter ani muscles are perfectly symmetrical - in fact, very few are.

    And Mr. Rylsky is certainly more than a "half-decent" photographer in this genrè, whether you believe so or not.

    on Smiren

    annabelle 32 minutes ago

    Mila is soo playful and flirtatious in this film. I'm in love with her!

    on Nothing To Do

    Arkie 2 39 minutes ago

    On the other hand, only 9 shots of Madison's delightful derriere seems a bit on the stingy side.

    on Benya

    Arkie 2 1 hour ago

    Honey buns... from your musings, ankles aren't the only body part that you enjoy having "strapped".

    on Tanodo

    beetle 2 hours ago

    Absolutely right. Tiny breasts and protruding labia, a perfect combination. I love it too.

    on Benya

    shazmar 2 hours ago

    She's beautiful but you'd think that any half-decent photographer would nix the anus shots when the model has a hemorrhoid the size of an anjou pear.

    on Smiren

    Biker13 2 hours ago

    Mila Azul is perfection. Or as close to perfection as I will ever see. She is easily the hottest, sexiest girl on any website. If there were a site of exclusively Mila Azul content I would watch every day and never get bored or used to her stunning beauty. More Mila please. SOON.

    on Nothing To Do

    Feet Lover 2 hours agoLifetime member

    Why sandals? :(

    on Neomi

    Grass4myGoat 3 hours ago

    She and Rylsky click, eh?

    on Smiren