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International Women’s Day: celebrate female sexuality

Today – March 8, 2017 – is International Women’s Day, a time when women across the globe celebrate our social, economic, cultural and political achievements, and call for gender equality. Supporting the advance of empowerment, inclusion and parity is surely a no-brainer for anyone with a conscience, male or female.

As a girl who spends her life writing, reading and watching erotica, I sometimes get asked whether being a feminist is compatible with working in the adult industry, as if the two were mutually exclusive; when in fact, I think it’s the most natural match I’ve ever encountered. In what other sphere do women freely and openly admit they love sex? That they fantasize, masturbate, chase multiple orgasms greedily? That they find erotic images and films highly arousing? Stigmatizing and slut-shaming sexually active and assertive women is still prevalent out in the real world in 2017, ridiculously old fashioned and prejudiced though it seems.

And yet, it’s a sad fact that I’ve lost female friends when I’ve revealed what I do for a living. Women judging other women for choosing to exercise their right to make their own choices about their body and their sexuality seems like a terrible double standard to me. I don’t believe I should have to be secretive about the fact that I write erotica. I’m not ashamed of it, I’m proud of it!

I find it ironic that the adult industry, often misjudged as sexist by outsiders, is actually the most level playing field I’ve experienced. There are women working at every level, from performers to stylists, writers, directors, photographers, entrepeneurs and CEOs – the only requirement to succeed is talent, and many women who start out as performers go on to enjoy very successful careers in other aspects of the industry. It’s utterly inclusive, maybe because it tends to attract open-minded, creative individuals who aren’t too interested in following other people’s rules.

As for the performers, I’ve been on shoots with brand new models, and an interesting thing happens when they step in front of the camera for the first time. As they shed their clothes, they shed their inhibitions too. They feel beautiful, sexy, confident; not just because they know they are desired, but because they fully inhabit their own sexual power.

So on International Women’s Day 2017, let’s celebrate the beautiful MetArt models who lay bare their sexuality so openly for us; the women behind the scenes who make it possible for them to do so; and the fact that we all enjoy the freedom to watch them.  

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Beaming 4 months ago

I agree with wholeheartedly Rose. Keep up the good work. Well done!


Roger 1 year agoLifetime member

Beautiful post Rose!!! Happy 8th of March to all MetArt models:-) I'll gladly purr for them, miaooooo:-)♥ ♥ ♥

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    Checkers 3 minutes ago

    Ahhh, our first new Alise Moreno photo shoot in over a year, and it's a lovely one. Her combination of big brown eyes and lovely nude body always makes me happy.

    on Appo

    beetle 3 minutes ago

    A charming hairy seduction. Venice, I like you and your body, and especially your fluffy pubic hair, which caress your juicy pussy.

    on Decomo

    ergo 12 minutes ago

    My my ,what a beautiful and breathtaking set of gorgeous Elin . It may not rate high in eroticism but is way up in beauty ,sensuality and technicality .Simply stunning . Probably my first 9 to this set . Bravo Natasha ,bravo Elin . :-) .xx

    on Lontel

    beetle 15 minutes ago

    Gloria Sol, just a queen of models. A real masterpiece of nature, that can not be conceived more beautiful. The face - angel face. The body - classical feminine.
    The best today are the shapely breasts of Gloria. Impact, round and firm. Areoles, almost white, tall and smooth with magnificent nipples. Yes. Gloria is the best newcomer of the year 2016.

    on Kinria

    YouthfulModelsOnly 17 minutes ago

    more youthful models like Debora

    on Debora A

    BBaek 25 minutes ago

    Best of Best.

    on Kinria

    YouthfulModelsOnly 44 minutes ago

    good lighting , worthless poses

    on Lontel

    Fozzinsky 49 minutes ago

    Elin exudes sensual eroticism to the max from every tiny detail and is the perfect model for Natasha. Fully clothed she'd turn Vogue & Harpers Bazaar into sex mags dressed like here in that one piece & heels. Her longing look out through the camera saying "reach out you can touch me, I want you too" looks so naturally sweet & innocent & you just know when you do you're going down real deep lost in the aroma of pure femininity. Into the close ups with beautifully subtle light & shade so tactile & kissable having to restrain ones animal passions to eek out the longest possible pleasure from every moment. My day is lost, more Natasha, give us more Elin.

    on Lontel

    Nightingale 1 hour ago

    I love ❤️ picture number 5.Gloria has something for everybody She is vivacious,has lovely breasts with Puffy nipples and a magic butterfly 🦋.As dear Rose 🌹 says she is hot and cool 😎 at the same time.10 every time.

    on Kinria

    Rose 2 hours ago

    I love Gloria, she has that wild, sexy look in her eyes that's very inspiring! Check out her interview on the blog (click on the interview icon at the top of her model page) – she's cool and funny, as well as hot. Just my type :-)

    on Kinria