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New MetArt model of the month: March 2017

Spring was in the air this March at MetArt, with no less than 14 fresh new models to put a little pep in your step! Whether you prefer your girls slender or voluptuous, blonde or dark, hairy or shaved, there was a sweet newbie to enchant you. Here’s my personal (and entirely subjective) pick of the top three MetArt debutantes of the month:

Mazzy photographed by Koenart. Presented March 1

Raven-haired, porcelain-skinned Mazzy had a sultry demeanor that made me look and look again. The 19-year-old Latvian lovely looked stunning in a transparent, figure-hugging black lace dress that barely skimmed the tops of her thighs; even better when she removed it to show off her firm but feminine body.

Patricia B photographed by Arkisi. Presented March 4

Patricia’s beautifully shaped, perfect-handful breasts are certainly eye-catching, but then so are her fabulous bottom and shapely hips. The 20-year-old Latvian brunette said in her bio: “I feel sexy in my skin. I love to have curves and to be a woman,” and it showed. Her confidence and sweetness are very alluring.

Lola Krit photographed by Leonardo. Presented March 22

Blue-eyed blonde Lola admitted to being an exhibitionist, and who could blame her for wanting to show off her lovely body? The 20-year-old Ukrainian babe was cute from head to toe, with a remarkably pert posterior, but it was her pretty face and stunning smile that held the attention. Her playful, self-assured poses suggest she’s a girl who thoroughly enjoys being in the limelight.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of March 2017?

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Checkers 12 months ago

Another month where choices are difficult to decide, but I'm going to say -

Favorite new model - Patricia B. I love her sweet face, delicious curves, petite-girl proportions and, as you called them, perfect-handful breasts. I am anxious for her next appearance. Also really enjoyed the debuts by Mia Chance, Shari, and Mazzy.

Favorite set of the month - Another tough month to choose, but I'm going to go with Lola Marron's "Thinel." Lola is such a phenomenon, and the tan lines only make her hotter. And those shots of her pulling those jeans over her beautiful butt still haunt my dreams. Also really enjoyed Genevieve Gandi's "Martej" and Jeff Milton's "Tameda."

Favorite movie of the month - there were a LOT of good videos in March, but I'm going to go with Barbara Vie's "Magazines." Very, very erotic.

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