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Taking control

Erotic fiction inspired by Veselin in “Tilane

I’m quite a shy girl in reality, but in my fantasies I am a powerful, sexually assertive woman who just grabs whatever she wants. Lately I have been fantasizing a lot about making a move on my neighbor’s pool guy; he’s the kind of man I would never have the confidence to approach in real life, but here’s what happens in my mind while I touch myself…

I was lying out in the backyard in my skimpy bikini, topping up my tan, when I became aware of Brad’s eyes on me. He didn’t know I was watching him too, my gaze hidden behind mirrored sunglasses. But I was feeling horny, so I decided to have a little fun. I invited him over for a cold beer when he finished what he was doing; when I saw the way his eyes raked hungrily over my near-naked body, taking in the vivid tan lines just peeking around the edge of my bikini top, I knew I could make him my new plaything.

As I handed him a beer I said, “Can I ask you something… I want you to be honest with me. Do you find me attractive?”

“Of course,” he replied.

“So… would you like to get naked with me?” I continued.

His smile widened and he replied, “Absolutely.”

“One thing, though,” I said, “You have to let me be in charge. I guarantee if you let me be in the driving seat from start to finish, you’ll enjoy it.”

“Whatever you say,” he replied, his cock visibly hardening in his shorts.

We went inside and I told him to get undressed and lie on the bed. He was rock hard. I took off my bikini and looked at myself in the mirror. The white flesh it uncovered glowed in contrast to my deep tan, like a spotlight on my breasts, my pussy and my ass. The effect was hot.

I knelt astride Brad’s face, hovering my shaved pussy over him, letting him drink in the delicious sight. When he was straining upwards to touch me, I slowly lowered myself onto his face, grinding against his mouth. Immediately, his tongue lapped the length of my slit, lingering on my clit, then sliding back down again, over and over. It felt amazing and I pressed down harder, greedy for the pressure on my clit. He prized open my inner lips with his tongue, and squirmed it deep inside my wet hole. As he licked avidly I ran my hands over my breasts, squeezing my nipples and rocking my hips to ride the intense sensations.

My hot pussy walls tightened around Brad’s tongue as it caressed my slick pink folds, and it wasn’t long before I felt my muscles start to twitch as orgasmic feelings rose within me. I licked my fingers and started to rub my clit in time with Brad’s tongue thrusts, moving in wide, slow circles at first, then faster and harder. I bit my lip as a warm, intense tingling sensation built up inside me. My pussy muscles clamped on his tongue as my hand moved faster, strumming my clit furiously. I moaned loudly as I started to climax, bucking on Brad’s face, smothering him with my pussy so he could hardly breathe. My body shuddered and my juices flooded all over his mouth and chin.

It was a rush of pleasure for sure, but I still craved more. I leaned forward to grab Brad’s cock, which was so engorged, shiny and purple. I spat on my hand, wrapped it around the base of his shaft, and slid my fist up and down a couple of times. Brad thrust his pelvis up, chasing the sensation.

“Don’t forget who’s in charge,” I reminded him. I could see the concentration on his face as he struggled to keep his hips still. Still gripping his cock, I straddled him so my sodden pussy lips were just nuzzling against the head. I rocked over it, stroking it along the slick groove, making him groan. I sunk down a little lower until the head of his cock was just inside my honeypot, my delicate flesh wrapped around his head, making him quiver with delight. Then I suddenly let go of his cock and thrust down until he was in me balls-deep.

We were both moaning with arousal as I started to ride him hard, building the pace until my thighs were burning. My perky little breasts bounced, my ass slapping against his groin as I impaled myself on his boner over and over again. My second climax was on the rise, and I focused on gripping his cock tighter with my pussy muscles. At the very instant that I tipped over the edge and headlong into orgasm, Brad let out an almighty howl. I felt his hot load squirt inside me, my pussy spasming around his cock as I was engulfed by a wave of bliss.

When I play this fantasy out in my head, I always orgasm as I imagine Brad snapping his hips up to pump his hot cum into me as I ride him. I wonder how he’d feel if he knew I had these dirty thoughts about him?


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Rose 9 months ago

Hot story, Donna!

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    C6C791 17 minutes ago

    There have been some really nice sets this year, but this is the first one I've downloaded. Susie was definitely hotter looking than the fire behind her. What I wouldn't give to get my face between her thighs and ...

    on Mieale

    Copernicus 26 minutes ago

    Susie, to me, is perfect in every way. From her gorgeous face down to her succulent pussy.

    on Mieale

    JimmyJamSlam 2 hours ago

    OMG... what a woman..... i love me some Toxic A .... wow :)

    on Vendetta

    Tristan Heart 2 hours ago

    I'm a big fan of Susie, she somehow always reminds me of a petite version of Candice B hehe :-D

    Honestly with regards to this update, sure it is nice to try something different, but I still prefer her as the smiley, playful and coy Susie that we see in most of her sets, especially since she does it so well, but then again it is probably fun for her to try something different :-)

    on Mieale

    Samurai 2 hours ago

    One of THE great pleasures in life is seeing a pretty, knickerless blonde lifting up her dress. Well done Nika for such a delightful display.

    on Pocone

    Tristan Heart 2 hours ago

    Oh on a side note, you guys still haven't added links from her MetArt profile to her TLE, SexArt and Viv Thomas profiles and vise versa, comon' you slaggers get a move on hehe ;-)

    on Asano

    Tristan Heart 2 hours ago

    The updates commentary writer took the words right out of my mouth, Bambi truly is a stunning girl, with amazing breast, well, honestly all of her body is just straight up gorgeous and I just love her tones, exotic looking skin with dark areolas and nipples, beautiful brown eyes and long brown hair, just amazing :-)

    It's funny when you look at her photos here on MetArt, she might stick her ass out at you, but she still seems to have a sort of soft mild nature to her, most people probably would not guess that she has a background in pornography with a lot of both solo and girl-girl material of which I believe you will also find several great examples of here on the MetArt Network, for that matter one probably also wouldn't imagine she would be the type of girl to post selfies on twitter giving her lucky BF a BJ, but she does that too hehe, so she is a lot more naughty than you would think at first glance ;-)

    Oh, I don't want to forget to also throw props to Erro on this update, some really great work, I especially love the fact that we got to see so many great portrait shots of Bambi, it would have been so easy to get distracted by her gorgeous body, but Erro didn't and made sure we got to enjoy all of her, great job and a big thank you for that ;-)

    on Asano

    mincer 3 hours ago

    I was thinking (sort of) the same.....usually sweet and fun-loving.....turned to a siren for this set. Well said, beetle.

    on Mieale

    Tristan Heart 3 hours ago

    Looking at the updates of the day, I have a really bad feeling that I am going to be repeating myself (again) giving praise to the models :-P

    Hilary is just as gorgeous as she always does, cuddled up on the couch she is looking both adorable and beautiful and I won't lie, those slightly puffy areolas have quite the arousing effect on me, but then again so does everything else about her gorgeous naked body hehe :-)

    I kind of wish Leonardo had gone with a slightly warmer tone for this update, but if I am not mistaken he does prefer to use natural / existing lighting when he shoots, as well as a minimum of postwork, so I guess it does make it a little tricky :-)

    All in all a really great update, at least personally I liked it a lot :-)

    on Amesa

    mcpat 4 hours ago

    whoa! I've been a fan of this model for years dating back to when she went by LeRea on DOMAI, so i've seen many sets. Am i the only one who was questioning if this really WAS Hilary C? It wasn't until around #52 that i realized it was the same girl. Fortunately she has certain features that make her unique :-)

    on Amesa