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The MetArt 50+ Club: Lidiya A

Stunning redhead Lidiya A is a classic member of the prestigious MetArt 50+ Club – girls so popular they have appeared at least fifty times during their career. The green-eyed Ukrainian cutie had all the charm, beauty and personality to make her a top model and fan favorite.

LIDIYA A: sparky redhead (68 appearances)

Perky Lidiya made her debut on October 25, 2005 at the age of 18, in a “Presenting” photoset by Sunrise. Between then and her final appearance in February 2011, she appeared a total of 68 times, 27 of which were videos. Goncharov shot 49 of her appearances, and she was also shot by Fenix (6), Vononin (5), Sunrise (4), Max Asolo (3) and Vlad Egorov (1). Lidiya also appeared six times on Domai, and once on Goddess Nudes.

An impressive 17 of Lydia’s appearances were with another girl, and one was a memorable four-girl pile-up, “Reunion”; she always looked like she was having a good time pairing up with another cutie for some not-quite-innocent fun.

Indeed, a lot of Lidiya’s appeal is due to her sweetly mischievousness playfulness, reflected in her pixie-like features and ready smile. Her stunning looks didn’t hurt, of course; long-legged and slender with beautiful breasts and a curvy ass, she was the dream girl next door.

Like most MetArt stars who are no longer active as models, Lidiya’s ratings have fallen, and at the time of writing she is rated 8.5 based on 8,206 votes, with 209,762 views, and 4,269 members following her. These numbers don’t really reflect her huge popularity during the period when she was featured regularly. Members universally described her as “perfect”: perfect feet, perfect breasts, perfect smile, in fact “perfect everything.” Whether lounging on a bed or splashing in the sea, frolicking in a flowery meadow or posing on a luxury yacht, Lidiya always looked like the ideal companion; and in the dreams of many MetArt members, she still is.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

Members Comments (5)


Finnman 1 year ago

For me she was also the major reason for joining Met and she still is one of my all time favorites here.


zone 1 year ago

She had a body and a great smile moved well and is seriously sexy. She kept many men up with her former sets.


LoveTheLadies 1 year agoLifetime member

Lidiya's set "Free" is the reason I first joined Met Art - that cover photo was so tantalizing. So glad to see her getting props on the blog - she's a phenomenal beauty. I could look at her photos all day long - and there are days that I did.


vahman 1 year ago

It is sad there were not more sets and her last one was shopped to death.

In today's metart, people would hate her sets. Reason: no pussy closeups.

How times have changed...


Checkers 1 year ago

Lidiya was a major, MAJOR reason why I joined MET all the way back in the day. That playful, delightful smile still haunts my dreams to this day. She always looked like she was having the time of her life in her sets, and it made her appearances absolutely irresistible.

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    Phil4549 2 hours ago

    Damn she's "Gorgeous"

    on Trenah

    Phil4549 3 hours ago

    Perfect girl, perfect set, even her feet are perfect. Great job Karl.

    on Carono

    Jane 3 hours ago

    I would love to check out your contestants, dark storm

    on Presenting Ivy Wolfe

    Jane 3 hours ago

    Alse, you said it! I hadn't looked at "mainstream porn" in a while I think it's safe to say Ivy's finally found a photographer she deserves

    on Presenting Ivy Wolfe

    Revenant 3 hours ago

    Such a beautiful girl. It's a shame that she doesn't work with better director Alis Locanta make such a messy movies :/

    on Analise

    brandonski 4 hours agoLifetime member

    In no time, we should see her on SexArt.

    on Presenting Ivy Wolfe

    gemini 4 hours ago

    I, for one, like the way some models, Nancy among them, feature across all three Met sites. With the different formats, we get to see three different aspects of her personality, or three phases so to speak. I find that interesting, the MetArt, MetArtX, or SexArt personalities. I have no problem with models who only visit one site, either. It's their choice and I enjoy whatever they care to share. I also think that the Met sites do what they do better than any comparable site I've seen. No criticisms from me. Thanks, Rose.

    on Strawberry Season

    Itsthewildcat 5 hours ago

    Awesome as always! One the very best models here, and everywhere, obviously 😍

    on Taste My Sweetness

    Swurf1 5 hours ago


    on Rupie

    gemini 5 hours ago

    Oh, my God. Nancy is absolutely one of the most beautiful, sexy, erotic, exotic, and enticing women to have ever graced any of the sites. Drop dead gorgeous, stunning, any expression of beauty fails to come close to adequately describing her. Thank you for sharing her with us.

    on Strawberry Season