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Get to know busty MetArt model Lucy Li

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Looking simply adorable in her figure-hugging MetArt T-shirt and panties, busty babe Lucy Li wants to share a few of her secrets. Opening up on the set of her recent shoot with artist Luca Helios, Lucy reveals why she likes being a model, what she enjoys doing, and what she looks for in her ideal man. With those huge natural breasts, peachy bottom, pretty face and charming manner, she’s just too cute for words…


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OntoMajorca 7 months ago

Lovely and sexy woman. What ever she is doing to stay and shape and keep that glowing skin, is working..nay say it is probably a lot of sex??? She steams up my glasses in some of her sex scenes and solo work. I love seeing her putting the test to bikinis and lingerie that is 1 size too small. Its a great battle to watch. ;) Keep up the great work Lucy!

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    Ameno 30 minutes agoLifetime member

    Avery is very hot & sensual ♡

    on Funde

    Willx 32 minutes ago

    Didn't care much for the kitchen preamble, but the bed set is fantastic.

    on Malita

    tilda 46 minutes ago

    ~ il look at this later....,/-
    ...I work nights..

    on Setali

    Numitor 1 hour ago

    She was much more beautiful with dark hair than now. Why did she change the colour???

    on Lilit A

    GoddessLover 1 hour ago

    I adore this woman.

    on Rola

    RhinoSpork 4 hours ago

    Amazing debut accompanied by such exquisite feet! Thanks Erro!

    on Presenting Cherry Kiss

    Philogyny 5 hours ago

    I can’t explain it, but every one of Hilary’s sets takes me by complete surprise. This is another example of flawless beauty, but for some reason I keep forgetting her. And then I’m like “What the? Who the? OMG, this woman is amazing!”

    Phenomenal set. That mirror deserves a credit somehow. Duplicating Hilary is Nobel Prize worthy.

    on Tanele

    razersims 5 hours ago

    One of only a few models with a perfect, naturally gaping, pussy. Such a rare and amazing feature.

    on Trisso

    Ratboy 5 hours ago

    Is she the toxic Avenger?

    on Toxic A

    Jesus Christ 7 hours ago

    All these girls are cute. It's really up to the photographer to get the lighting right. This is a good example.

    on Nocco