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Get to know busty MetArt model Lucy Li

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Looking simply adorable in her figure-hugging MetArt T-shirt and panties, busty babe Lucy Li wants to share a few of her secrets. Opening up on the set of her recent shoot with artist Luca Helios, Lucy reveals why she likes being a model, what she enjoys doing, and what she looks for in her ideal man. With those huge natural breasts, peachy bottom, pretty face and charming manner, she’s just too cute for words…


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OntoMajorca 3 months ago

Lovely and sexy woman. What ever she is doing to stay and shape and keep that glowing skin, is working..nay say it is probably a lot of sex??? She steams up my glasses in some of her sex scenes and solo work. I love seeing her putting the test to bikinis and lingerie that is 1 size too small. Its a great battle to watch. ;) Keep up the great work Lucy!

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    stujo 2 hours ago

    Random thoughts - there's nothing like a beautiful Italian woman. NIPPLES. I haven't seen a wine cork wreath since the 90's. I love Sade Mare.

    on Nozata

    seveneighths2 2 hours ago

    In #32, on the left, is that a duck?!

    on Mulde

    Tristan Heart 3 hours ago

    It's strange, she looks kind of familiar, but even though her beauty is so incredibly unique I can't seem to place her, anyone know if Kira also model's under a different name?

    on Kira W

    PaulDean 3 hours ago

    I'm glad to see Natasha is opening her lens up a little more but what is her obsession with subdued lighting?

    on Boaly

    monkeryma 4 hours ago

    Sade is a hottie. I think there is a naughty side to this girl that's quite exciting.

    on Nozata