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Tora Ness – interview with a MetArt artist

Erotic photographer Tora Ness only made her MetArt debut in April 2017, but the talented and creative artist has already made a big impression with her excellent taste in girls and deliciously feminine styling. She has a flair for discovering stunning new models; in particular gorgeous Slava, who has already returned for a second appearance by popular demand, and is one of the hottest new models of 2017. I asked Tora to share a little about her life and work with MetArt members…

Tora, what is your background in photography?

TN: I've taken photographs for as long as I can remember. Constant experiments are an integral part of my photo shoots. Beautiful, naked women are also a constant in my images. This is what inspires me the most and causes an irresistible desire to capture all this beauty and inspire similar emotions in the viewer.

How long have you been creating erotic photographs, and what inspired you to start?

TN: It’s difficult to say what exactly could be considered the starting point. I started shooting for myself, for my girlfriends, who posed with pleasure for me. At first it was just a hobby, which eventually grew into a favorite thing. I am infinitely inspired by the beauty of the female body. I feel sexuality in women, and I want to reveal it, I experience all my emotions in photography.

Do you shoot movies too?

TN: Yes, and you'll definitely see them soon.

Are you influenced by mainstream art, film and photography?

TN: I really love art in all its manifestations. On rare days off I go to exhibitions, watch movies, read books, and draw some interesting ideas for future shoots.

Do you think being a woman is an advantage when shooting erotica?

TN: Models always feel comfortable and easy with me, I create a positive mood, and capture the sensual world of each girl, immersing her in the magical kingdom of photography.

Were you surprised to have such success with your first shoot for MetArt?

TN: I did expect that members would like my debut photoset. That was a successful shoot. Slava arrived for the shoot earlier than me and I found her doing a crossword puzzle, so I decided to use it in the set. I wanted to emphasize that Slava is not ‘just a girl,’ she is intelligent and full of secrets and surprises. I will keep solving this puzzle named Slava for a long while, which I hope will please all the thousands of viewers of MetArt! Still, such high ratings were a pleasant surprise, both for me and for Slava.

Do you prefer studio or location shoots?

TN: Although shooting in the studio gives more control, both over the light and the situation, as you don't have to fight the sun, the wind, and people passing by, I still use every opportunity to shoot on location. This opportunity is rare in our region, we have to constantly monitor the forecast and catch warm days!

Is there a model who inspires you the most?

TN: I am constantly searching and constantly experimenting. I inspire and get inspired myself. And these feelings are like an orgasm – an explosion that doesn't last long.

Do you plan your shoots in great detail, or see how it evolves on the day?

TN: I don’t plan all the details of the shoot, it is very important to feel the model and to reveal her sexuality, there must be a creative approach. Usually I already have a few general ideas in advance that I want to implement, or I get inspired on the spot by the girl I'm shooting.

Do you work with a stylist or do your own styling?

TN: My work, although spontaneous, consists of a number of people's efforts – my team. All the key positions are allocated in such a way that they complement each other and as a result we get a sexy product.

What are your ambitions for your work with MetArt?

TN: I've been following MetArt for a long time, I have my favorite photographers who I like and admire, some of them unfortunately do not shoot anymore. Of course, I would like to contribute to this global resource of eroticism my own vision of female sexuality, to inspire unique emotions through my work, to stand out and win the love of members.

What do you hope the viewers get from your photos? 

TN: I want to show more than just pictures of sexy girls. I want to show the beauty, emotions and moods, the character and individuality of the model. I want members to get acquainted with the personalities of those who look out at them from these pictures. I want to excite and inspire the imagination.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

TN: I would like to address all the members who follow my work. First of all, thank you so much for your kind words and for your criticism. I read everything that you write in the comments, your feedback means a lot to me and my creativity. I'm sure we will have a fascinating journey, full of pleasant surprises and frank moments, in the pages of MetArt.


Members Comments (4)


Lots2admire 1 year ago

Perhaps a Tora Ness website devoted to fans of art and creativity? Sign me up! NessArt- Catchy name ehh?


_fer_realz_ 2 years ago

Rose, thank you for this illuminating interview with Tora. Tora, thank you for sharing your vision of erotic photography with us.

I would like to share a bit of my vision with you as well... I want to encourage you to not be afraid to explore your models' sexuality as well as the other focuses you mentioned in your interview. I want you when you are shooting, to keep in mind the reasons your viewers come to this site. To explain why, I will copy a comment I made to another of MA's new photographers today, Lorenzo Renzi.

"I don't think that MetArt is, or should be, "Playboy." I think that most members come here to see in the models what we cannot see in the pretty girls we pass on the street every day. We can see how pretty they are, and we can imagine what they look like under their clothes ~ but we cannot see under their clothes. So... we come here to MetArt to see what girls look like under their clothes.

"If you keep in mind that members want to be shown what we cannot see in the pretty girls with whom we interact day to day, you should do OK. Don't look down on us or shame us because we want to see their intimate parts.

"That IS why we buy memberships to MetArt, and I think that the photographers who forget that or who feel ashamed of showing that might be making art ~ but are not satisfying the primary desires of most members.

"Go ahead and make your art, and focus on the eroticism of the models ~ but whatever you do, do not forget to also focus on the SEXUALITY of the models, those things that we cannot see in the girls we interact with in real life every day."


Mckennry 2 years ago

"I want to show more than just pictures of sexy girls. I want to show the beauty, emotions and moods, the character and individuality of the model." - It's a response like this that has me hoping to see more shoots and models from this photographer. If her work with Slava is any indication of what to expect - her future work will definitely be worth keeping an eye out for.


Checkers 2 years ago

" I will keep solving this puzzle named Slava for a long while, which I hope will please all the thousands of viewers of MetArt!" Oh, I'm pleased, all right. VERY VERY pleased! She's absolutely devastating, an instant favorite.

Thank for this lovely interview Rose, and very nice to meet you Tora Ness! Your photographic style and taste in women are welcome additions to this site. I hope we see many many more of your sets in the years to come.

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