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The MetArt 50+ Club: Yarina A

Sexy star Yarina A is the latest gorgeous girl to join the prestigious MetArt 50+ Club – models so popular they have been featured on MetArt at least fifty times during their modeling career. We just can’t get enough of this blue-eyed beauty with the fantastic figure and sultry smile.

YARINA A: leggy lovely (50 appearances)

Stunning Yarina may have just set a new record for fastest time to join the 50+ Club. The Ukrainian cutie made her debut in a “Presenting” set by Goncharov on November 15, 2012, at the age of 19. A mere 55 months later, she has made her fabulous fiftieth appearance, a veteran model at the tender age of 24.

It’s easy to see what makes Yarina so popular: as well as those mesmerizing blue eyes, she has an athletic but womanly body, with incredible long legs, a fine ass, pretty pussy with butterfly labia, perfect-handful breasts, and a subtle air of sultry teasing that is very alluring. She typically sports a neatly groomed ‘landing strip’ of pubic hair, and a cute navel piercing, and while her natural hair color is dark brunette she sometimes goes for a blonde-streaked summer style.

Yarina has appeared in 45 photosets (three of which are girl-girl) and five movies, and worked with six different artists: Leonardo 17, Goncharov 10, Arkisi 9, Fabrice 8, Luca Helios 3 and Fenix 3. At the time of writing she is ranked #61 with a rating of 9.15 based on 3,819 votes, with 4,768 followers, and has been viewed 178,146 times. She has appeared on only one other site on the Network, Arkisi’s site Eternal Desire, where she has 12 appearances and is ranked #7.

In her bio, Yarina reveals, “I am a student and studying to be a lawyer. Also I love modeling and now work as a photo model.” Our resident historian Frank had this to say: “I am not sure I have disclosed this before, but while I am now retired, when I practiced, I, too, was an Attorney, in fact a deputy prosecutor for several years, before going to the dark side as a defense attorney. I can tell you when opposing counsel was as stunning as Yarina it took a real effort to stay focused on the case and not the ‘opposition’!”

With brains as well as beauty, we are sure Yarina will go far – but we hope she’ll also continue to model for MetArt for a long time to come.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

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Samico 9 months ago

Just perfect

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    Alex-M 17 minutes ago

    Natascha Schon is definately the wrong photographer for Elin - someone like ERRO would be much better. Elin is a wonderful girl: Beautiful face, a delicious and curvy body. The only prob is the photographer...

    on Elin

    Picture Lover 50 minutes ago

    But they will keep bringing her back.

    on Lontel

    lezvoyeur 1 hour ago

    There is only one thing to do with a woman like this. Make love to her and take your time. You may never be that lucky again. Such beautiful long strong features. A real woman.

    on Lontel

    PushTheEnvelope 3 hours ago

    They're under new management as of last June. Ria Rose was the last explicit CGOM and 99% of what they've posted since has been very tame. From the end of 2014 until last year they were posting some pretty explicit stuff but it has unfortunately ended. Now MetArt is the only erotic nude art I can find that I like. I hope they recruit some more Playboy+ models so we can see them legs spread and flaunting themselves again

    on Hot Read

    Ulysses 3 hours ago


    on Lontel

    Dreadnought66 4 hours ago

    Too damned bad she was a one-shot-wonder --

    on Presenting Genie

    Tokyo Sukimono 4 hours ago

    A Japanese agrees to you with both arms up high.

    on Lontel

    BAGUACHAUN 5 hours ago

    she is a fav, first beautiful greenish eyes with perfect eyebrows, the areolas are fantastic, the labia and vulvas are scrumptious, perfect legs and ass what else could you want

    on Kinria

    wabos 5 hours ago

    An absolutely stunning model. She is breathtaking. Thank you.

    on Lontel