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A quickie with sexy MetArt model Adel C

Gorgeous redhead Adel C melts hearts and minds when she’s modeling, with the kind of natural beauty we’d walk barefoot over hot coals to witness – her tumbling titian tresses, cute freckles, perky ass and perfect-handful breasts are once seen, never forgotten – but she’s just as delightful even when dressed down in T-shirt and jeans.

The Latvian lovely, who made her MetArt debut in 2014 and has been hugely popular ever since, with fifteen photosets and three movies to date, recently filmed an interview for our sister site Viv Thomas to coincide with her lesbian movie debut there. You can see director Alis Locanta’s full video interview with her here but here are a few highlights…

“My favorite part of my body is my hair,” reveals the leggy 22-year-old, and it’s easy to see why. Natural redheads are a perennial favorite, although Adel prefers the shaved look, so we’ve yet to discover whether her pussy hair is flame-red too.

Adel’s ambitious, with an eye on the bright lights. “I want to try some acting jobs,” she says. “I want to be like Emily Bloom and go to Hollywood. She’s perfect.” It’s a big leap from the adult world into the mainstream but she’s not that worried. “I’m thinking it’s more like art, not just the naked body. I’m really enjoying what I’m doing. I do sometimes watch my own movies. I’m not an exhibitionist, though. I enjoy looking at the other models…”

Redheads have a reputation for being fiery, and Adel confirms, “I think I’m funny, but I’m shy when I meet people for the first time. Sexually, I’m more dominant. I like smart guys, I think that’s most important. That’s the kind of girls I like too. I like to masturbate. And I have many favorite positions. It depends on the place…”

A true sexual spirit who lives in the moment, Adel reveals, “The most bizarre place I had sex was at midnight on the beach where there were no people. I am a romantic person… I don’t know if I have any sexual fantasy though, because every time I make a movie with girls I do something new!”

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Mofongoman 1 year ago

Charming and sweet! Loved it

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    Billy 6 minutes ago

    Ingrid lovely , Would like to see you more !

    on Presenting Ingrid

    P P Rubbens 50 minutes ago


    on Park Outing

    Borbonicon 58 minutes ago

    Anonymity.A splendid idea. Artist:MetArt Exclusive Pho.Now ,who,along with myself,has had more than enough of amateur photogs delivering witless criticisms of perfect galleries?There must be quite a few.
    'this ain't right' 'that ain't right''always something wrong... In all cases,according to just a little insight and long experience among the general population of the UK,the fault lies entirely with the perceiver,and not in what it is viewing.To take actual names out of the target area is a good stroke of policy.
    Let them go and stamp their little feet in the corner and mutter and fret...they don't know how lucky they are to be viewing such quality in beauty.Away! Begone! Be off with you!

    on I'm Eating You're Watching

    frederic 1 hour ago

    Mh, a real cute bb

    on Presenting Ingrid

    snake 2 hours ago

    she needs a footjob

    on Barbara Vie

    juliocabanaboy 2 hours ago

    ...with cute freckles as well.

    on Skye

    fireball-xl5 2 hours agoLifetime member

    Dear Alice,

    Despite the strongest opposition possible from the extremely cute Kay J, you are definitely my cutie pie of the day and it was you and this wonderful gallery that I chose to masturbate over today, so thank you pretty lady for making me cum.

    Love and Hot Kisses, Paul, XXXXXXXXXX!

    on Park Outing

    Aramus 2 hours agoLifetime member

    I think there's a stunning model somewhere amongst those trees. Hard to tell in the majority of these photos. Another wasted opportunity to really show off the stunning Alice May.

    on Park Outing

    fireball-xl5 2 hours agoLifetime member

    I have to agree, as I've masturbated countless times over each and every one.

    on Park Outing