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Hi MetArt Network Members,
I know some of you have experienced issues while browsing our sites over the last several days. As you might have guessed, we are having network issues that we are working to resolve as fast as humanly possible. We know this is causing some of you frustration while trying to surf the sites and see the content. We would like to credit your subscription for any day(s) that you have experienced issues during this period. Please email with the subject line “Network Issue Credit” and tell us how many days you have experienced network issues over the past week. We will immediately extend your membership by that many days, no questions asked. We appreciate your patience and loyalty. Thank you for being the best members an adult entertainment site could ask for.

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Latest Comments


    juliocabanaboy 2 minutes ago

    Amazing "bedroom eyes".

    on Asprid A

    Grass4myGoat 4 minutes ago

    What a man cave, is Li standard, or an extra option? After her guided tour I think I could choose a good red wine and even remove the cork without ruining the wine. I love her long, straight hair. Thanks for the butterflies because her great inner labia are another of her features that I love. Her breasts are pretty darn fine too. # 81 is nice.

    on Rimatto

    footlover 19 minutes ago

    Oh my god I love this goddess she is really beautiful and I love her perfect feet please more pictures of her barefeet thanks

    on Rimatto

    P P Rubbens 44 minutes ago

    Surely true, butt...

    on Plays

    loosebruce 56 minutes ago

    Veronika represents very strongly what makes a woman a woman.

    on Tenna

    SouthernMaster 1 hour ago

    Not as pleasing as her first set & focused pics would help.

    on Tenna

    Starfire 1 hour ago

    Incredible set with the one and only sexy hot Li Moon.Love seeing you Li Moon genuine erotic excitement. Request more.

    on Rimatto

    Hiker282 2 hours ago

    I have adored Kaleesy since she first showed up on Met-Art. She has such a warm smile and fantastic body. This set is far and above my favorite, no doubt to her working with a new photographer, David Lee. Love the way he captured her smile, which seems much more genuine. Maybe Kaleesy is just a water nymph and her home is on the water. Whatever the case may be, I hope she works with David a lot more as I feel like he's taken Kaleesy's potential to charm to a whole new level!

    on Arali

    Starfire 2 hours ago

    Fabulous set a pleasure.

    on Tenna

    Starfire 2 hours ago

    Nice morning wake up pleasure. Nice location, music.

    on Endless Escape