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The MetArt 50+ Club: Zelda B

Perky brunette Zelda B is the latest lovely girl to join our prestigious MetArt 50+ Club, honoring models so gorgeous they have been featured at least fifty times. The adorable Russian sweetheart is an all-time favorite for many members, with her fresh and youthful appeal and stunning smile. 

Zelda B: dream girl next door (50 appearances)

A cute and sexy dream girl, Zelda made her first appearance aged 22, in a “Presenting” photoset by Rylsky on October 13, 2012. The playful, candid shots at the beginning as she posed in the street in jeans and sweater immediately marked her out as ideal girlfriend material, a natural beauty with a friendly and approachable quality every bit as attractive as her pretty face and perfect body. She has a slender, sporty frame with a tiny waist, beautiful breasts, tight-lipped pussy, long legs and a sensational ass – the total package, in fact!

Zelda has appeared in 48 photosets and two movies on MetArt to date, by seven different artists: Rylsky 24, Arkisi 20, Leonardo 2, Goncharov 1, Karl Sirmi 1, Alejandro 1 and Luca Helios 1. Only one of her appearances, “Retya,” has been with another model – but then why should a girl so gorgeous share the limelight?

Zelda’s appearances are always highly rated, the majority scoring over a nine, with “Diteca” her highest rated photoset at 9.5. Her personal rating is 9.13 at the time of writing, based on 4,656 votes, with 244,586 views and 5,610 members following her. She is currently ranked #77.  

Comments from members reveal the high esteem in which Zelda is held: “absolute goddess”, “flawless”, “one of a kind” and quite simply “marry me” are the type of epithets she attracts. And it’s been interesting to see her mature throughout her career, from cute girl to confident and seductive woman. Zelda’s most recent appearance was just last month and she is still very active as a model, so we hope we’ll continue to celebrate her beauty here for quite some time to come.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

Members Comments (3)


VictorDj4 5 months ago

Zelda B was, together with Norma A, one of the reasons why I became a member back in 2014.

Zelda B is pure nude magic. It’s not just sexual arousal, she has the talent to grab your attention from the first pic to the last. Already in her first gallery she’s very confident about her body and her sexuality. You can tell she enjoys the act of innocence as much as the act of seduction.

And so, seeing her naked is actually quite emotional for me. You see someone exploiting and enjoying her talent in posing nude. It’s heartwarming.


Frank/swplf 5 months agoContributing Writer

Just an update on our 50+. Zelda is our 25th member of 50+. As of today MetArt is listing that it has had 3,345 models with at least one appearance. At this point our research shows that a total of 41 models have appeared 50 or more times. Thus the 50+ honors just over 1% of the models during our history. We now have 16 more that will for sure be featured here as 50+ers. So far this year 5 models have been added to our list and featured by just now getting to 50. Zelda is one of them. Mango will join us on her next posting. We have worked our way up the list while dropping in the new 50+ers as they reached 50. When Indiana A is reached shortly we are up to a model who has 68 appearances. There are 7 models with 70 or more on our list. Only one, now retired, model is in the 80 or more. In the group of 4 models in the 90+ only two are still active. As far as 100+ there is only one. Ironically her last appearance was almost a year ago when her 127th appearance occurred. The mix of historic, retired, those models with still active careers has been fascinating in my role as Frank and their statistics have revealed much about the growth of MetArt over the years and the role these models have played in its current status of being the #1 site of its style in the world.


Checkers 5 months ago

Equal parts beautiful, seductive, adorable and luscious. Zelda is one of the best of the best there is or ever will be. We are truly fortunate that she decided to pose nude, and extremely lucky that her career has had such longevity. I hope someday she joins the 100+ Club.