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New MetArt model of the month: July 2017


Nothing quite compares with the thrill when a girl gets naked for you for the very first time; and in July 2017 we presented twelve gorgeous new nudes, revealing their natural beauty for your viewing pleasure. Whether your preference is for curvy or waifish, ebony beauties or freckled redheads, we had a hot debutante to tickle your fancy. Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Jasmine Hane photographed by Matiss. Presented July 5.

Cute 23-year-old Russian doll Jasmine Hane has not only the perkiest personality but possibly also the perkiest posterior on MetArt this month. Jasmine introduced herself with a flirty smile, describing herself in her bio as cheerful, energetic and positive. The slender brown-eyed babe with tiny tits also revealed that she teaches pole dancing, and loves to dance naked in her apartment, which has no curtains… we envy her neighbors.

Naomi Kiss photographed by Koenart. Presented July 1.

Brown-eyed blonde Naomi Kiss has perfect handful breasts and a very nice, firm little ass, no doubt kept in such fine shape by her love of sports, especially swimming and dancing. The 21-year-old Latvian sweetie looked super-cute in the kitchen, rolling her tight bodysuit down to reveal her porcelain skin, her fantastic boobs and shaved pussy revealed with a shy smile. No wonder she’s already been invited back for a second appearance! 

Vos photographed by Alex Lynn. Presented July 27.

She’s only 18, but newcomer Vos is all woman, her huge natural breasts and voluptuous ass giving her a classic hourglass figure that’s extremely alluring. This sexy redhead with beautiful hazel eyes is from Ukraine, and boob lovers can’t fail to appreciate the way she squeezes those big tits together so temptingly…

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of July 2017?

Members Comments (2)


Hirundo 4 months ago

Tough, tough choices, truly. For me I would begin with Ramona, Rose. She's just adorably cute with a sexy smile and simply a perfect body and she loves to show it off! She also does some tricky knitting while posing for her set! And next I would choose Nicki, a gorgeous, sultry Russian girl with amazing almond shaped eyes and soft kissable lips. Plus her shameless posing has made me a permanent fan. She'd better be back!
But my top choice for new girl of the month is....Mila I.
Yes I know Mila is MetArt royalty, but her return after an hiatus is a very welcome sight and she seems like a new girl. Her sets have been very lovely and even more sexy with the intimate, natural styling, and of course she is just so beautiful! What a woman!


Checkers 4 months ago

Newcomer of the month: Rose, your choices above are excellent, and it's hard to choose just one. But I'm going to go with Kate Chase. Love her fair skin, flirtatious smile, and fine, fine ass. Already anxious for a new set. Honorable mentions to the sweet Naomi Kiss and the voluptu-luscious Vos. A very good month!

Set of the month: Lola Marron in "Moriha." Because it's Lola, who I adore, black and pink lingerie, finger biting, and some ooof-worthy posing.

Video of the month: No doubt for me, it's Hilary in "Awaiting." I finally, finally get to see one of my all-time favorites in motion, and she does not disappoint.

Bring on August!