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A naughty secret from MetArt model Jasmine Jazz

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Gorgeous nude model Jasmine Jazz is one of the hottest new discoveries of the past few months, a flirty brunette with a stunning smile and a slender, sexy body.

While on location with director Charles Lakante recently, the hot 27-year-old Ukrainian babe took a moment to reveal one of her naughty secrets on camera. She’s so cute and charming!

Look out for Jasmine’s movie directed by Charles Lakante over on our sister site MetArt X soon, and you’ll see just how naughty she can be!

Members Comments (2)


Checkers 2 years ago

Someone find me a dental school application. NOW.


Tristan_Heart 1 year ago

Hehe thanks Checkers, made me rofl and I second that :-D

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Latest Comments


    PushTheEnvelope 32 minutes ago

    8.3? WTF? This set should be rated at least a 9.2. What is wrong with you people?

    on Foxy Flair

    zoon 54 minutes ago

    Yes dear friend, you are absolutely right. I hesitated when writing about my remark of what I personally saw as a little, let's put it this way, less than perfect feature... now that I reread my comment and especially after your answer, I feel sorry that I didn't delete that part. I deem unfair to her to put forward my personal tastes, that I'll better keep to myself next time. Thanks Grass4myGoat!

    on Doll Face

    lastoftheV8s 1 hour ago

    Thoughts vs action vs control lol if I had a dollar for every time I saw an attractive woman and I felt like grabbing a handful off ass cheek but didn't I'd be rich lol. Of course a time or two I did do it and it worked out of course those times I picked upon mutual interest and took the risk.

    on Sound Of Music

    Phil4549 2 hours ago

    "Large" for sure!

    on Top Shelf

    Phil4549 2 hours ago

    I agree also Davi, Ignore the idiots!

    on Doll Face

    footlover 2 hours ago

    Oh really I love this young princess I love her perfect feet and really I love her sexy pink slippers her soles absolutely beautiful and perfect suckable toes 10/10 for this perfect princess

    on Pentacis

    kRab54-2 3 hours ago

    Wow!!! An incredulous WOW!!! So … so … so … Wow!!!
    Since first viewing this gallery, I have `studied' all other MetArt galleries of Steffi. Rylsky Art is now recognized as a `must go there' website - very soon!
    MetArt (and its network) has (have?) proved, to me AGAIN - no doubt already well known by long-time members - that it is a bottomless treasure trove of sublime beauties! Some I have seen nowhere else - and I have `trodden countless internet miles/kilometres' - having been retired for quite a while now. What some make take as a `given', is an ever-expanding source of wonder and discovery to me!
    Steffi assumes, swept up in my `just-found-her' rapture, almost immediate mythic standing. Sooooo incredibly gorgeous! And despite a number of explicit poses and close-ups, throughout her galleries, still somehow conveys a sense of purity and innocence. Or am I just extrapolating that mythic thing - or raving in general? Anyway - WOW! I will never be quite the same again - which may well draw applause from `my friends' and family!

    on Sweet Tooth

    kilroy 3 hours ago

    gift wrap, please. Then I can unwrap it myself...

    on Happy Hour

    cmok1951 3 hours ago

    Gracie is a favorite. Her whole body is beautiful. I especially like the backside spreads. Her urogenital triangle is the hottest I've ever seen. In that position I would like to lick her from her clit hood to her anus. Spread her labia , expose her clit and lick it to orgasm. I know this sounds naughty, but it sure would be nice. Hats off to you hands on to me.

    on Rillou

    Mojave 3 hours ago

    Beautiful lady with amazing pussy lips!!!

    on Butterfly Dreams