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The MetArt 50+ Club: Irina J

Seductive Russian beauty Irina J is many MetArt members’ embodiment of a perfect ten – and she’s a classic star of our prestigious MetArt 50+ Club, girls so popular they’ve been featured here at least fifty times during their modeling career. Tell and slender with soulful brown eyes, she remains a perennial favorite well worth browsing the archives to discover. 

IRINA J: fantasy made flesh (70 appearances)

Gorgeous Irina made her debut on September 15, 2009 at the age of 18 in a two-girl photoset by Oleg Morenko titled “Self,” with Malena C. Just nine days later, she had her “Presenting” photoset, also by Morenko, which really captured her fresh and natural charm, as well as showing off her cute tan lines as she got naked in a field in the sunshine.

Irina worked with eight different artists: Rylsky, 35; Oleg Morenko, 9; Tony Murano, 8; Albert Varin, 6; Flora, 5; Antonio Clemens, 3; Elexian, 3; and Nicola Rubini, 1. Her most recent appearance was in December 2016, so there may yet be more to come! Of her 66 photosets and four movies, six including her debut were two-girl shoots – four of them with another 50+ Club member, Paloma B – and one, “Coresmos” by Rylsky, was a three-girl photoset that added Liv A to the mix. She has many appearances rated over 9, with her top three, “Ektara,” “Stema” and “Very,” all at an impressive 9.4.

Irena has also appeared on other sites in the MetArt Network: 17 times on Rylsky Art (including five movies); 21 times on Erotic Beauty; as well as appearances early on in her career on Errotica Archives, Goddess Nudes and Domai, under the name Afrodita.

At the time of writing, Irina’s personal rating is 9.14, based on 9,560 ratings, with 9,347 followers and 698,834 views. She is currently at #44 in the model rankings, very impressive for a girl who has not appeared at all this year and is presumed retired. It says a lot about her enduring appeal.

And what was it about Irina that we all liked so much? Maybe her naturally glamorous demeanor, the lovely face with full lips and a distinctive beauty mark; the slender, athletic figure with small breasts and an amazing ass; the pretty pussy, sometimes shaved, sometimes hairy; the graceful moves and sultry smile; no wonder so many members claim her as their “all time favorite.”

In her bio, Irina revealed that she was studying to be an architect – brains as well as beauty! We wish her every success and hope she’ll be tempted to model again some time in the future.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

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Frank -- swplf 11 months agoContributing Writer

Before I became the "the resident historian" here , the third NetArt site I joined was Errotic archives , because I was so impressed with ERRO. One of the models that became one of my favs was named Afrodita. To my surprise at the time, rather than "by Erro" she was exclusively shot by FLORA , not ERRO. While I became aware, because of Indiana = Bella, that some models had multiple "Names" it was not until much later that I realized that Irena J = Afrodita. When I began my "historian" role I began researching all of the models for the 50+ Club in a manner which revealed, hopefully, ALL names they had been called on MetArt Family sites and include his information for Rose to include in her posts for 50+.
On Errotic archives Flora has posted her as late as Sept last year where it was hr 47th appearance,
While Irena J may be retired as Rose points out, Rylsky posted a set of her just last month on his site and there she is still with a Red Flag Top Ten. So there is a chance we have not seen her last set here.

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