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New MetArt model of the month: August 2017

Eleven lovely new models made their first appearance on MetArt in August 2017 – blondes, brunettes and redheads, some petite, some curvy, some shaved, some au naturel, but all gorgeous and eager to get naked for your viewing pleasure. Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Dakota photographed by Matiss. Presented August 14.

Cute as a button, green-eyed Russian sweetie Dakota is a journalism student but dreams of being a dress designer – although with that sensational body, we’d rather she went naked all the time! With small breasts crowned with big puffy nipples, and long brunette hair that reaches all the way down to her perfectly peachy ass, she’s a real head turner. Which is no bad thing, as she reveals, “I like to sing, dance and be the center of attention.”

Vanesa photographed by Luca Helios. Presented August 21.

Elegant Czech beauty Vanesa is a little older than most of our debutantes at 25, which may explain her air of self-assured sensuality. Her amazing figure, with firm abs, perfect-handful breasts and a delicious ass, can be attributed to a love of sports – cycling, running naked on the beach and skinny-dipping in the sea, no matter how chilly the weather. A girl this hot never feels cold!

Carolina Sweets photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented August 28.

Blue-eyed American brunette Carolina Sweets is a petite cutie with an astonishingly fine ass. The delicious, fresh-faced 20-year-old certainly lives up to her name with her adorable college girl appeal. She’s an athletic girl who loves going hiking; who wouldn’t want to spend time alone in the great outdoors with her?

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of August 2017?


Sexy MetArt model Sybil A has the jiggle factor!

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It’s easy to see why sexy Sybil A is one of our most popular models – her pretty face, stunning body and perky attitude make her simply irresistible. The green-eyed beauty with stunning big natural breasts took a moment to tell us a little about herself while on location with director Charles Lakante. It doesn’t hurt that she’s only wearing panties, and those incredible, perfect breasts jiggle with every word she speaks…


Look out for Sybil’s movie directed by Charles Lakante over on our sister site MetArt X soon. She’s poetry in motion!


The MetArt 50+ Club: Irina J

Seductive Russian beauty Irina J is many MetArt members’ embodiment of a perfect ten – and she’s a classic star of our prestigious MetArt 50+ Club, girls so popular they’ve been featured here at least fifty times during their modeling career. Tell and slender with soulful brown eyes, she remains a perennial favorite well worth browsing the archives to discover. 

IRINA J: fantasy made flesh (70 appearances)

Gorgeous Irina made her debut on September 15, 2009 at the age of 18 in a two-girl photoset by Oleg Morenko titled “Self,” with Malena C. Just nine days later, she had her “Presenting” photoset, also by Morenko, which really captured her fresh and natural charm, as well as showing off her cute tan lines as she got naked in a field in the sunshine.

Irina worked with eight different artists: Rylsky, 35; Oleg Morenko, 9; Tony Murano, 8; Albert Varin, 6; Flora, 5; Antonio Clemens, 3; Elexian, 3; and Nicola Rubini, 1. Her most recent appearance was in December 2016, so there may yet be more to come! Of her 66 photosets and four movies, six including her debut were two-girl shoots – four of them with another 50+ Club member, Paloma B – and one, “Coresmos” by Rylsky, was a three-girl photoset that added Liv A to the mix. She has many appearances rated over 9, with her top three, “Ektara,” “Stema” and “Very,” all at an impressive 9.4.

Irena has also appeared on other sites in the MetArt Network: 17 times on Rylsky Art (including five movies); 21 times on Erotic Beauty; as well as appearances early on in her career on Errotica Archives, Goddess Nudes and Domai, under the name Afrodita.

At the time of writing, Irina’s personal rating is 9.14, based on 9,560 ratings, with 9,347 followers and 698,834 views. She is currently at #44 in the model rankings, very impressive for a girl who has not appeared at all this year and is presumed retired. It says a lot about her enduring appeal.

And what was it about Irina that we all liked so much? Maybe her naturally glamorous demeanor, the lovely face with full lips and a distinctive beauty mark; the slender, athletic figure with small breasts and an amazing ass; the pretty pussy, sometimes shaved, sometimes hairy; the graceful moves and sultry smile; no wonder so many members claim her as their “all time favorite.”

In her bio, Irina revealed that she was studying to be an architect – brains as well as beauty! We wish her every success and hope she’ll be tempted to model again some time in the future.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.


A naughty secret from MetArt model Jasmine Jazz

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Gorgeous nude model Jasmine Jazz is one of the hottest new discoveries of the past few months, a flirty brunette with a stunning smile and a slender, sexy body.

While on location with director Charles Lakante recently, the hot 27-year-old Ukrainian babe took a moment to reveal one of her naughty secrets on camera. She’s so cute and charming!

Look out for Jasmine’s movie directed by Charles Lakante over on our sister site MetArt X soon, and you’ll see just how naughty she can be!


New MetArt model of the month: July 2017


Nothing quite compares with the thrill when a girl gets naked for you for the very first time; and in July 2017 we presented twelve gorgeous new nudes, revealing their natural beauty for your viewing pleasure. Whether your preference is for curvy or waifish, ebony beauties or freckled redheads, we had a hot debutante to tickle your fancy. Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Jasmine Hane photographed by Matiss. Presented July 5.

Cute 23-year-old Russian doll Jasmine Hane has not only the perkiest personality but possibly also the perkiest posterior on MetArt this month. Jasmine introduced herself with a flirty smile, describing herself in her bio as cheerful, energetic and positive. The slender brown-eyed babe with tiny tits also revealed that she teaches pole dancing, and loves to dance naked in her apartment, which has no curtains… we envy her neighbors.

Naomi Kiss photographed by Koenart. Presented July 1.

Brown-eyed blonde Naomi Kiss has perfect handful breasts and a very nice, firm little ass, no doubt kept in such fine shape by her love of sports, especially swimming and dancing. The 21-year-old Latvian sweetie looked super-cute in the kitchen, rolling her tight bodysuit down to reveal her porcelain skin, her fantastic boobs and shaved pussy revealed with a shy smile. No wonder she’s already been invited back for a second appearance! 

Vos photographed by Alex Lynn. Presented July 27.

She’s only 18, but newcomer Vos is all woman, her huge natural breasts and voluptuous ass giving her a classic hourglass figure that’s extremely alluring. This sexy redhead with beautiful hazel eyes is from Ukraine, and boob lovers can’t fail to appreciate the way she squeezes those big tits together so temptingly…

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of July 2017?


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    Frank/swplf 4 minutes agoContributing Writer

    Arkie: Davi acually covered this point on the first set he ever did of Vanessa when he replied with his to a comment: "Her skin is 99% as smooth as you see it, K and Jon actually want the model to appear as natural as possible on the photos, so unless there are some blemishes which shatter the harmony of the image I would not retouch it." Hewasone of the first to actualy NOT hid Melina's kitty and Sapphira scar. BTW Sappkira was inducted into the 50+ Club by Ros on the Blog TODAY!

    on Repima

    NEWVERYKINKYME 9 minutes ago

    Ah! dimenticavo...
    Curioso il tuo nome: "Deltagamma".
    Ho pensato spesso al significato di queste due lettere giunte tra loro.
    Ambedue richiamano il sesso femminile nella forma: la delta di Venere (è pure un libro composto da racconti erotici della scrittrice statunitense Anais Nin) e il secondo mi ricorda anch'esso la forma stilizzata in altra maniera dell'inguine della donna.
    Presumo di aver indovinato.
    Un nome d'arte molto erotico.


    on Repima

    NEWVERYKINKYME 41 minutes ago

    Ciao Davi,

    Appena appare il tuo Set voto immediatamente 10/10 come tutto quello che realizzi ancor prima di aver ammirato le foto...così anche tutto per ciò che hai creato in passato...è un dovere morale dal momento che sono il tuo più grande ammiratore nel mondo.
    Identico "modus operandi" per Albert Varin, Natasha Schon e altri grandi Artisti che adoro.
    Mi sono iscritto a questo sito dapprima per vedere il mio amore Veselin...di riflesso ho adorato Albert Varin e conseguentemente mi sono felicemente imbattuto nel tuo lavoro.
    Stranamente sono più interessato agli Artisti che alle Modelle.
    Ti ho visto di spalle in una foto e di riflesso nell'occhio di una modella che ritraevi...penso che sei un uomo molto affascinante, raffinato, intelligentissimo, professionalmente preparato.
    Non so se riuscirai a metterti in contatto con la mia amata Veselin...risiede in Moldavia e ha lavorato a Odessa per Albert Varin e Melwin.
    E' lontano e fuori dal tuo raggio di azione...devi valutare tu.
    A me farebbe tanto piacere ammirarla nuovamente.
    Ho corretto tre delle sue menzogne e mi hanno attaccato e cancellato immediatamente.
    Ma io amo la Verità...e per esempio è molto difficile per me raccontare bugie.
    So che disponi di pochissimo tempo libero e scrivere per noi è una cosa bellissima e gentile da parte tua.
    Le foto in bianco e nero e le manipolazioni cromatiche conferiscono interesse e dinamismo all'opera; molti iscritti non riescono ad apprezzare o a capire, come scrivesti tu una che cosa vogliono questi qua?
    Purtroppo alcuni fotografi sono stati aspramente criticati se non addirittura insultati pesantemente e si sono giustamente astenuti da un qualsiasi intervento...fantasmi.
    Ti sembrerà strano, ma sono molto più interessato agli Artisti che alle Modelle.
    Attendo pazientemente i due set di Celeste...è una modella meravigliosa...sembra di porcellana.

    Tanti cari saluti. :-)

    on Repima

    C6C791 54 minutes ago

    Very disappointing, far too few butt shots.

    on Repima

    NEWVERYKINKYME 1 hour ago

    Ciao Davi,

    Perfect Set as always You have created for us.
    I adore the Black & White Photos to the end of Your precious Work.
    The enchanting Model Vanessa is real a sweet Angel.
    I would run into her arms and feel her warm embrace. ♥♥♥
    Incredible Artist You are!
    Very, very, very good, Maestro.
    Keep up the good Work!
    ...and remember: I am still the greatest fan of You in the whole world.


    on Repima

    Casey 1 hour ago

    Bodacious breasts and an awesome tight body...and I love the fuzz around her garden of delight.

    on Gantra

    Picture Lover 2 hours ago

    A delight in every way possible.

    on Difeta

    Picture Lover 2 hours ago

    Maybe we should all chip in and buy Miss Schon a flash for Christmas.

    on Ortatu

    Dark_Storm 2 hours ago

    Anie is one of those rare delights, a brunette with freckles.

    on Difeta

    Dark_Storm 2 hours ago

    This ain't Vogue. We didn't need 49 lead-in shots of a clothed model. Should have cut 29 of them and made this an 80 photo set.

    on Ortatu