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New MetArt model of the month: August 2017

Eleven lovely new models made their first appearance on MetArt in August 2017 – blondes, brunettes and redheads, some petite, some curvy, some shaved, some au naturel, but all gorgeous and eager to get naked for your viewing pleasure. Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Dakota photographed by Matiss. Presented August 14.

Cute as a button, green-eyed Russian sweetie Dakota is a journalism student but dreams of being a dress designer – although with that sensational body, we’d rather she went naked all the time! With small breasts crowned with big puffy nipples, and long brunette hair that reaches all the way down to her perfectly peachy ass, she’s a real head turner. Which is no bad thing, as she reveals, “I like to sing, dance and be the center of attention.”

Vanesa photographed by Luca Helios. Presented August 21.

Elegant Czech beauty Vanesa is a little older than most of our debutantes at 25, which may explain her air of self-assured sensuality. Her amazing figure, with firm abs, perfect-handful breasts and a delicious ass, can be attributed to a love of sports – cycling, running naked on the beach and skinny-dipping in the sea, no matter how chilly the weather. A girl this hot never feels cold!

Carolina Sweets photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented August 28.

Blue-eyed American brunette Carolina Sweets is a petite cutie with an astonishingly fine ass. The delicious, fresh-faced 20-year-old certainly lives up to her name with her adorable college girl appeal. She’s an athletic girl who loves going hiking; who wouldn’t want to spend time alone in the great outdoors with her?

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of August 2017?

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Checkers 11 months ago

Excellent choices Rose, all three are lovely additions to the MET lineup. I hope we see much more from all three of your choices in the months ahead. My favorite newcomer this month is Briana, with her cute little workout outfit, sweet gentle smile, sweet little body and adorable posing style. Honorable adorable mentions to Carolina Sweets, Runa and Dakota.

I think the movie of the month was Jasmine Jazz's "Housework" from August 20. She's quickly becoming a favorite, and Alex Lynn does an amazing job with her.

Set of the month, and maybe set of the YEAR so far for me, is Jeff Milton's "Jinde" from August 10. An absolutely spectacular, superlative, EPIC tour de force of my my all-time favorite model showing off her gorgeous tanlined body. Adorable, sexy, and playful. My kind of woman. :)

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    Fan1 10 minutes ago

    Wonderful smiles from lovely Alise. She not only very kissable, but also very lickable:)

    on Niada

    Fan1 14 minutes ago

    Nice model, but this set is a yawner.

    on Mofene

    10 Quest 57 minutes ago

    Mmm, mmm! I'll meet you in the stairwell Jia...…….

    on Zosaly

    10 Quest 1 hour ago

    In a word- Bountiful...………..

    on Siebu

    Grass4myGoat 1 hour ago

    Arkie2: Aha. Then K has the latitude to go for x-large and jumbo. Not that I don't believe you, but where can one buy x-large and jumbo?

    on Siebu

    Ferret Face 2 hours ago

    Another great set of her great set! Such a perfect girl. So glad she's not P shy, but I LOVE all the great close ups of her big, beautiful, magnificent breasts.

    on Siebu

    Ferret Face 2 hours ago

    Good call. I've always wanted four classifications. Small, medium, large, very large or extra large. I'd apologize in advance for commenting disproportionately on the extra large girls. ;)

    on Siebu

    Arkie 2 2 hours ago

    Medium, large, x-large and jumbo are all egg size descriptions.

    on Siebu

    Sixth Degree 3 hours ago

    Beautiful Agatha and a great set. I may actually prefer the brunette, not sure, guess I'll need to see more of her! I do know I'd like to see a well centered close up shot of that beautiful backside sticking up in the air. ;-)

    on Siebu

    john9876 3 hours ago

    Maxa is a hot girl with a great body. I adore her big breasts and tight buns. Quite a good set with many teasing poses. I really would like to see her in an outdoor set at a pool!

    on Mepalde