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The MetArt 50+ Club: Mango A

A stunning blonde with a golden glow, naturally sexy Mango A is a much-loved member of our MetArt 50+ Club, girls so popular they have been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career. She’s the archetypal beach babe, a naturist with an all over tan and an irresistible smile. 

MANGO A: beautiful beach babe (51 appearances)

Russian sweetheart Mango made her MetArt debut a little over five years ago, on June 12, 2012, in a “Presenting” photoset by Vlad Kleverov. Now 27 and with a total of 49 photosets and two movies to date, she still has the same fresh and almost-innocent girl-next-door appeal.

The majority of her appearances have been by Kleverov, who frequently chooses to shoot her on the beach, emphasizing the naturist lifestyle to which she refers in her bio; but she has also shot with four other artists: Ken Tavos, Luca Helios (who shot her two movies, one of which is a cute interview), Erro and Antonio Clemens.

Mango, who is also known as Katya Clover – her real name plus a reference to the four-leaf clover tattoo on her ankle – is still very active as a model, and her ratings reflect her deserved popularity. At the time of writing she is ranked #2 on MetArt, with a rating of 9.18 based on 4,709 ratings, has been viewed 275,157 times and is followed by 6,063 members.

So what is it about Mango that makes her so attractive? Well, here I can speak from personal experience, having been lucky enough to get to know her on location with director Alis Locanta for our sister site Viv Thomas. Mango is quite simply a dream girl. She’s very pretty, with an amazing body (that peachy bottom!), flawless skin and a smile that’s pure sunshine. She’s delightful to spend time with; friendly, sweet-natured and playful. She’s naturally, effortlessly sexy – and she has a sexy voice too! Check out the video interview I did with her for Viv Thomas here and you’re sure to fall under her spell.

For one who looks so sweet and demure, Mango is surprisingly naughty. She’s utterly uninhibited in her lesbian sex scenes on Viv Thomas and SexArt, and on the latter does some kinky things that might surprise you! She is very comfortable with talking about her sexuality, which makes for a fascinating interview.

Mango is super popular with artists too, as Ken Tavos explains: “Mango is one of the most delicious models for photographers to work with. She is capable of giving you great pictures and spending time with her is a treat. The best models express something beyond the physical. Mango is one of those models.”

These qualities have made Mango a superstar throughout the MetArt Network, racking up almost 100 appearances so far. As well as SexArt, where she has 24 appearances to date and is ranked #24, and Viv Thomas where she is #5, she has also been featured on MetArt X, Holly Randall, Goddess Nudes and Domai, rating highly right across the board.

Mango is still an active and in-demand model as well as enjoying her favorite pastimes – traveling, outdoor sports and nudism – and we look forward to featuring this most adorable girl many more times here on MetArt.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

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Phil4549 5 months ago

Katya, you are my dream girl. The most beautiful girl on the entire internet. 10++++++ on everything you do.


Frank -- swplf 10 months agoContributing Writer

I have been following Mango since she first appeared and to prepare my part of her 50+ Introduction I reviewed what the members have said about her from her debut, and it has been a lot. When she appeared being shot by this unknown Artist, Vlad, I was surprised. I had first viewed her on a non-MetArt site where she became a hit almost immediately. There she was Clover. A couple of appearance showed her with her “boyfriend,” it turns out that he was Vlad. She explains it was her relationship with him that was the reason for them to get started modeling. Her “Presenting” set was also Vlad’s first time on MetArt, she is the only model he has shot to appear on MetArt and over half of her appearances have been by him.

In her Bio she stated, “My favorite fruit is Mango” and thus for MetArt she became Mango. She also told us she was a confirmed nudist. In her work with Vlad members sometimes complained that he had her roll around in sand and she was far too tanned. But Mango has never been far from controversy on comments. K obviously liked her and kept her in the rotation and she became our loved beach babe/outdoor girl. Finally on her 25th and 27th appearances we saw her by first Luca Helios and then Ken Tavos. Her appearance by Ken generated 70 (all positive) comments.

At about the same time she branched out and appeared on SexArt working with one of its top Artists, Alis Locanta, and her star rose. Damn! Our sweet little beach bunny could be kinky, his first use of her was in a BDSM film. In “Be My Slave II” Mango played the sub, reprising Dido’s role in the original film. Mango turned out to be a great actress. When Alis did one of his “Girls Love Sex II” (interview) films with her, we heard her voice! “Wow!” At the end of that effort she found controversy again, inserting a butt plug in herself. The comments flew, but her ratings on SexArt soared.

Actually her ratings on MetArt are interesting. I am so glad K trusted this unknown, Vlad, to bring her to our attention, but... the average of her sets with Vlad is only 8.78 whereas with more recent Artists her sets with them average: Antonio Clemens = 9.38; Luca Helios = 9.34; Erro = 9.26; and Ken Tavis = 9.08. One of the most amazing facts about Mango is that her highest rated effort on MetArt is a film – “Luca’s Interview: Mango” on May 24th 2016,with a 9.51. When posted it was the highest rated film in Nine (9) years. Luca also delivered Mango her highest set score, (on my birthday, March 8th 2016), “Elupa” with a 9.43. Mango’s lowest set score came from Artofdan, way back on Nov 22, 2013 “Memorigo” with a 8.07. The next time he posted her Aug 12th, 2015 “Mellia” that set got a 9.19.

Scores are anonymous but comments require you to identify yourself, members sure do comment on Mango. To date there have been over 1500 comments on her sets. One of the repeated questions asked over the years is, since Mango is Russian why she did not utilize Rylsky, Flora, or Catherine, the Russian Artists? Well, while Mango is Russian she comes from far western Russia and not from the area these Artists work. Mango has a private site and on that site she explains how she got started and claims she is an amateur/semi-pro nude and erotic model. “Some people think I am a professional model but in fact it is NOT true.” Considering the Artists she has worked with praise her professionalism, I guess she is just a natural and a truly exceptionally gifted lady both on and off camera. BTW she speaks four languages.

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    TuggieBear 34 minutes ago

    I absolutely love her. She could sit on my face anytime. I just wanna cuddle with her naked. She looks like a good cuddler. Her butt looks so sweet, squeezable, and like a pillow I would rest my head on all the time. I just love everything about her. Her breasts are magical and so is her vagina. Thank you so much for finding this lost angel and bringing her into my life.

    on Jeff Milton

    DUTCHMAN 1 hour ago

    Bring Lavinia back she is only 29 now. Oh Lavinia would we have fun together!

    on Lavinia Chan

    kRab54 1 hour ago

    I have only seen this luscious lady here, at this site - and those appearances draw, unreservedly, my appreciation. As a heavily medicated oldie, I am here to bask in beauty, youthfulness and sensuality - certainly none of my own. Probably an attempt to recall long ago entombed sensations/thoughts/wonders - and Jezabel certainly `ticks' all those boxes (thanks to the vagaries/exaggerations of a long life)! If I was a deeply-immersed fantasist, maybe her past/current practices would detract from those experiences - although innocence at even a soft porn site would seem a `tall order' - and thank God, or what would we be looking at right now! If she were seeking to enthrall my son, I might research more. If I was interviewing her for a job, maybe her other skill sets might need examination. But, no, I am just here to soak in that loveliness. Her past, to me, is irrelevant. I just love ogling her beauty and desirability now. Looking a `gift horse in the mouth' comes to mind - but each member has a right to their motivations for being here. I am happy with mine and the part this video plays in meeting those desires! Beautiful lady - and so far out of my reach that her other pursuits - short of slaughtering puppies - is immaterial.

    on Stay Tuned

    skippy-99 3 hours ago

    This girl is very pretty, but I bet we could make a fortune "leaking" these as the lost Katie Perry nudes.....

    on Deyla

    ArtCurator 4 hours ago

    In my opinion, if there were such a place as a Nude Art Hall of Fame, Alex Lynn's 3 Nasita videos would definitely belong there. This guy really knows what he is doing when it comes to erotic videos. I've only seen his videos of 1 other model, but they were similarly spectacular.

    His Nasita videos are so sexually arousing, yet so tasteful as well.

    An important component of Alex's competence seems to lie in his selection of the right models. You really can't teach a model to do the subtle sensual things that Nasita does in these videos. Either a model has "it" or she doesn't. I would guess that Alex auditions a number of models before he finds the right one.

    In his treatment of both of his models that I have seen, he maintains a "natural look" throughout all his videos. No excessive cosmetics, or other attempts to glamorize the model. He has the knack (and the artistic courage) to portray his models as simple everyday people, and not as recent arrivals from "Beauty Queen Heaven". That is the quality that I look for in Nude Art, and Alex has that nailed down.

    on At The Table

    RichC 4 hours ago

    What a lovely girl! Beautiful face and smile, lovely pussy, great ass.

    on Dominika Jule

    ArtCurator 4 hours ago

    Wow !!! Wow !!! Wow !!! Wow !!! Wow !!! Wow !!! Wow !!! Wow !!! Wow !!! Wow !!! Wow !!!
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    on Sweet Eyes

    ArtCurator 5 hours ago

    THIS is the type of video that keeps me coming back to MetArt. A VERY sexy and VERY artistic video

    on After Work

    SouthernMaster 5 hours ago

    You don't have to make an exception with her since her breasts are definitely not large.

    on Deyla

    ArtCurator 5 hours ago

    Frankly, I don't like Charles Lightfoot's treatment of this model at all, neither the videos nor the photo sets. His "style" here is very out of character with the rest of MetArt.

    1) He has her partially clothed too much of the time.
    2) His photos, on the whole, have a hazy overlay. They are not sharp & clear.
    3) Out 3 photo sets & 3 videos, we only get 1 clear shot of her ass.
    4) The model's poses, both in the videos & the photos seem to be devoid of sensuality.

    I feel that this photographer/cinematographer is too fixated on the "art" part of erotic art. For God's sake, this is a porn site, after all, and not an art museum. Guys come here to get horny, and not simply to admire the aesthetics of an objet d'art. To be sure, most of us come here to see a tasteful, sophisticated, and artistic portrayal of porn, but porn nonetheless. From his work here, I must conclude that Lightfoot doesn't understand that.

    on Jezabel Vessir