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The MetArt 50+ Club: Katie A

Cute, perky and with a wonderfully pretty face, Katie A is an adorable member of our MetArt 50+ Club, models so popular they have been featured at least 50 times. She’s as sweet as she is sexy, with a fresh and almost-innocent allure, and a playful attitude that suggests she’s a whole lot of fun.

KATIE A: sweetly sexy (54 appearances)

Ukrainian sweetheart Katie made her debut at the age of 20 on Feb 20, 2013, in a “Presenting” photoset by Alex Iskan. She is still an active model, with her most recent appearance just a few days ago, and of her 54 appearances to date, all are photosets; two of them girl-girl and one three-girl, “Karedi” by Erik Latika with Emily Bloom and Milena D.

Katie has worked with six different artists: Arkisi 19, Alex Sironi 19, Erik Latika 6, Fabrice 5, Karl Sirmi 4 and Goncharov 1. At the time of writing, Katie is ranked #10, with a rating of 9.18 based on 3,923 ratings. She has been viewed 407,610 times and is followed by 5,185 members. The majority of her photosets are rated over 9 – an impressive feat in itself – and her highest rated, both at 9.4 and both by Arkisi, are “Jarna” and “Sejila.” Katie has also appeared on other sites in the MetArt Network: Errotica Archives, Eternal Desire, Stunning 18, and Rylsky Art (as Delicia).

In her bio, the blue-eyed babe says she wants to become a nurse, although we can’t help thinking the sight of her would raise blood pressure rather lowering it! Members are devoted to the athletic, angelic cutie with the perfect ass and dazzling smile, describing her as a “stunning beauty” and “absolute goddess.” We look forward to seeing much more from this charming star here at MetArt.

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

Members Comments (3)


zoon 3 months ago

It is a pity that such a treasure of human being has had the now-too-common idea of tainting her skin with a pair of hideous tattoos in the shape of ribbons and also in a foot (thankfully, that immediate turn-off is not visible in Metart).

What is the psychology behind permanently harming the skin? That goes way beyond my understanding but I know there is a method that removes tattoos using laser. For such a marvel as Katie, that would be a jolly good idea.

She is healthy, she is flawless, she is perfect. Her skin is so beautiful, so why ink it??? Also her eyes, her face, her expression, her breasts, her build, her vulva, her hands, her hair, her everything!!!


Rich 5 months ago

Thank you Rose, for your beautifully written article on Katie A and to Frank, your historian. (I could have told you all that if you'd asked:)

I am a great fan of Katie and greatly disappointed in the fact no one has taken the time, or have not been interested in working in video with her.

The other thing about her sets - I'm not a big fan of girl/girl sets and found the threesome almost boring. My view is a beauty such as Katie is perfection in her solo work, but with others around her the center of attention, which rightfully hers is removed to a certain degree. If the other girls were pug-ugly, (they're not), but if they were pug-ugly I would not have been distracted from Katie at all. As it was, I'm more confused about the sets than disappointed.

Long May She Reign, and if her desire to become a nurse, I'll be booking a bed in her hospital. Bugger the consequences, I love the way she makes my heart beat. I'll live for decades:)

But I hope she remains loyal to her fans and continues her association with Arkisi and Alex.

To Katie, may I say there are many beautiful women at Met-Art, but you are one of the few Perfect 10's. Thank you for sharing your beauty and femininity.


Frank/swplf 6 months agoContributing Writer

I really have little to add about Katie but there are a couple “facts” that are interesting.

Katie snuck up on us making the 50+ Club and as you see she had got to 54 appearances before we inducted her. She actually had her 50th back on May 22, 2017 in one of her two model sets with Emily Bloom, whom we will induct to 50+ soon. Thus she made it to 50 in just 53 months. Which means she has appeared almost monthly since her debut. With K’s “only once a month” pattern this is quite an achievement and reflects on her popular status. BTW not only on MetArt but all of the sister sites all of her appearances have been photo sets, i.e. NO movies!

I was totally surprised while doing my prep on her to discover she has tattoos. No where on MetArt is there any hint they are there. While Arkisi has also used her on his site. Arkisi has used her 12 times on his Eternal Desire site where she has had Top Ten Flagged three times. In the first 11 no sign of the tats. Then in his 12th set of her two things happen. First it is solely Black and White photos, and second it features her pair of Ribbon “Bow Tie” Tattoos on her lower abdomen. A very stunning set, IMO.

Another surprise came from Stunning 18, Antonio Clemens has never used her on MetArt but on his site he has featured her in eight photo sets. Antonio is currently the second highest rated Artist on MetArt and has posted 334 times, including sets with several of our 50+ Members and many Top Ten Models, but none of Katie. On Stunning 18, f rom the first time he presented her, the Tattoos have show. He even on her third appearance titles the set, “Ribbons” an obvious reference to the Tats. . She is currently rated #9 with a 9.51 rating there.

So now you have “The rest of the story!”

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    C6C791 18 minutes ago

    I could easily look at another 126 photos of this sweet little looking pixie. I already looked at these 6 I would especially like to see the one Erro took of Lilit sitting on my face since I couldn't see anything butt her sweet cheeks at the time he snapped it! :)

    on Cooan

    superspicy 51 minutes ago

    Such a warmth, a calmness that she radiates; God bless you Sharon!

    on Sharon D

    superspicy 52 minutes ago

    Her smile warms me to my core!

    on Meyenis

    superspicy 1 hour ago

    Your gaze alone entrances; God bless you Aza!

    on Aza

    cheddar 2 hours ago

    What a lovely woman! Just got the sensation the set ended when it was about to begin. Why all the drama and teasing socks if you're not showing her feet after all?

    on Sminea

    Phil4549 2 hours ago

    Those breasts are gorgeous!

    on Moroa

    DeeDee 2 hours agoLifetime member

    I wonder whether people vote low, and post hateful comments, simply because it's Natasha Schon.

    Rise is spectacular. Although very slender, she has a fantastic athletic form which Natasha has captured perfectly with her soft lighting that highlights the model's contours.

    People who said that it's too dark simply don't know what they're talking about, or perhaps they need to adjust their monitors. Not every set needs to be lit up like Wembley.

    on Milaia

    DeeDee 2 hours agoLifetime member

    This set has 126 photos. What do you want? Three of each one? Wait... don't tell me.

    on Cooan

    coveruinoil 3 hours ago

    soooo damn sexy!!....I don't think I could ever walk out of the bedroom if she was in it!

    on Cetnia

    RhinoSpork 3 hours ago

    Pics #65 & #66 remind me of going to the eye doctor and they ask, "Which is better, one or two? One... or two?" (switches lens focus) I'm usually saying, "Umm, both?"

    on Cooan