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A tribute to MetArt artist Slatyonoff

I’m sure members would like to join us in sending condolences to the family of Slastyonoff, one of our most respected artists, who passed away recently.

Slastyonoff was a much-admired photographer and filmmaker, and a great pleasure to work with – cool, with a unique sense of humor, a man who laughed at adversity and was friendly and engaging. For an artist of such prodigious talent he was remarkably free of ego, always open to critique and eager to try out new ideas and collaborate on exciting projects.

Slastyonoff started working with MetArt way back in 2003, and his unique vision of natural eroticism contributed greatly to making MetArt stand apart from the many run-of-the-mill nude sites out there. He was innovating right up until the end, grabbing members’ attention earlier this month with a scorching-hot movie, “Table Dance,” that showed off his creative flair to perfection.

He will be greatly missed. 

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D.Sales 6 months ago

I'm so very sorry. My condolences to his family. He'll be greatly missed.


Victoria 6 months ago

I was so very saddened to learn of his passing. Some of my favorite sets on the entire site were shot by him, and following the path of his evolution as an artist has been very enjoyable.

Godspeed, good Sir. My thoughts are with those that loved you.


Ulysses 6 months ago

Quite simply one of the great photographers, this transplanted Russian, and a primary reason for my joining MET. Having seen bits and pieces of his work elsewhere I decided I wanted to see it all. I was not disappointed. So much good work! Many of the models Frank has listed did their absolute best work for him. He was a master. Rest in peace, Slastyonoff -- and many, many thanks for the indelible images you made. Go in beauty.


Frank/swplf 6 months agoContributing Writer

Up until now most of my statistical and historical work has been limited to our Models but with today’s post I did a review of Slastyonoff’s contribution to MetArt and it was extensive. As Rose pointed out just ten days ago he posted his 613th appearance on MetArt as an Artist with the movie “Table Dance.” I doubt even he could imagine when he posted his first photo set “Alisa” on Jun 28, 2003 that he would still be posting his work on Metart fourteen years later. Or that he would still be rated in the Top Twenty Artists now. But if yobring up his page you find that “Last Week” he was listed as #18 and “This Year” as #15. This out of 277 Artists. Slastyonoff “Presented” us with 55 separate models. He had sets posted of over 250 different models. Seven models he shot are, or will be, in our 50+ Club. Namely: Narkiss (50 times), Koika (33 times), Iveta B (25 times), Eufrat A (20 times), Carina A (10 times), Ashanti A (6 times), & Mia Sollis (6 Times). Narkiss was the 2nd model he ever posted and she would have made our 50+ Club solely by his work! I did not join MetArt to around 2007 but it was because of one of the models he “Presented” that finally got me to join. While Monika A is notone of 50+ she was one of my first personal favorites for her work here and with Erro, where she appears as Tubbea, on his site. Slastyonoff was responsible for exactly ½ of her 36 apperances on MetArt. As I go down the list of models he has posted I see many of the ones who I followed from their work with DeltaGamma and always appreciated Slastyonoff’s different “take” of them, such as Mia Sollis, Lauren Crist, & Carina A. He will be sorely missed.


VictorDj4 6 months ago

When I read it this morning, I clicked on the link to his profile page in the article. The next hour I was completely blown away by so many of his galleries.

Slastyonoff is a photographer who could really make his models shine because he could adapt his style to the model's personality. Where he was quite posh with Iveta B (presenting her on a gold plate), he could be very playful with others.

Speaking of Iveta B: if there ever was one photographer who could capture her beauty the best, it must have been Slastyonoff.

His style of shooting the models both very explicit and artistic (in poses, sets and color) has set a trademark for MetArt.

So thank you, Slastyonoff. May you rest in peace.


Checkers 6 months ago

Oh no, so sorry to hear the news. Slastyonoff had a great eye for glamour nudes, particularly bedroom settings, and he worked with many of the best models on MET, producing some of their best sets. He will be missed around here, and my thoughts are with his family and friends.

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    C6C791 18 minutes ago

    I could easily look at another 126 photos of this sweet little looking pixie. I already looked at these 6 I would especially like to see the one Erro took of Lilit sitting on my face since I couldn't see anything butt her sweet cheeks at the time he snapped it! :)

    on Cooan

    superspicy 51 minutes ago

    Such a warmth, a calmness that she radiates; God bless you Sharon!

    on Sharon D

    superspicy 52 minutes ago

    Her smile warms me to my core!

    on Meyenis

    superspicy 1 hour ago

    Your gaze alone entrances; God bless you Aza!

    on Aza

    cheddar 2 hours ago

    What a lovely woman! Just got the sensation the set ended when it was about to begin. Why all the drama and teasing socks if you're not showing her feet after all?

    on Sminea

    Phil4549 2 hours ago

    Those breasts are gorgeous!

    on Moroa

    DeeDee 2 hours agoLifetime member

    I wonder whether people vote low, and post hateful comments, simply because it's Natasha Schon.

    Rise is spectacular. Although very slender, she has a fantastic athletic form which Natasha has captured perfectly with her soft lighting that highlights the model's contours.

    People who said that it's too dark simply don't know what they're talking about, or perhaps they need to adjust their monitors. Not every set needs to be lit up like Wembley.

    on Milaia

    DeeDee 2 hours agoLifetime member

    This set has 126 photos. What do you want? Three of each one? Wait... don't tell me.

    on Cooan

    coveruinoil 3 hours ago

    soooo damn sexy!!....I don't think I could ever walk out of the bedroom if she was in it!

    on Cetnia

    RhinoSpork 3 hours ago

    Pics #65 & #66 remind me of going to the eye doctor and they ask, "Which is better, one or two? One... or two?" (switches lens focus) I'm usually saying, "Umm, both?"

    on Cooan