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MetArt’s Top Ten models – a member’s analysis

Our resident historian and statistician Frank is today’s guest blogger, with a review of our current Top Ten and his impressions of how it works.

A little background: when we started the 50+ Club it was conceived as a way of honoring models whose careers were significant in making MetArt what it is today, the best artistic nude site on the internet. One of the statistics I give on each model inducted is how many times she has appeared in the Top Ten, which is marked with a red flag.

It became obvious that the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” was in play here, as many models with many red flags to their names are falling far down the ranking. Let’s take Iveta B as an example. If you look her up (on Classic view) now, you will find she is listed as #737 out of 3404 models (on the New site she is #176; all stats correct at time of writing). She debuted on June 30, 2006 and earned a red flag on her 14th appearance on January 13, 2007. She has had 74 Top Ten placements, 74 red flags, with the last coming on May 18, 2011. She is #4 on the 50+ Club list, with 93 appearances. This type of record will probably never be equaled for several reasons.

Before we go on, it must be noted that getting into the Top Ten is not a requirement for getting to the 50+ Club. Our newest inductee Mango A, for example, has 52 appearances on MetArt but no red flag Top Ten placements, even though she is the highest rated member of the 50+ Club right now.

When we started the 50+ Club, several of our models appeared in or near the Top Ten such as Lorena B, our most posted active model with 91 appearances. So what has changed?

Nothing here should be viewed as a complaint about the Top Ten ratings but rather to point out how it has evolved into what it is today. While it is my belief that models have always been rated on MetArt, the earliest red flag Top Ten I found came on January 1, 2007, awarded to Nikky Fox.

Several things happened when the New MetArt site was introduced. On Classic, when you bring up the model list, the numeric position by rating for each model is listed. This doesn’t happen on the New site. The models are still placed in order but on New no numbers are shown. The heading for each model on their home page was also changed to give more statistical information, including a whole Ranking box. In addition if you look at the model’s headshot picture on their home page for the top 99, a little gray icon appears in the lower right corner showing their current placing. The Red Flag is much more visible on the Classic model page but is still there on New, just hidden under the little + sign icon, and on the cover when you click on the photoset.

Now let’s look at today’s Top Ten (as of September 30). Gloria Sol is currently #1, being the only model with a 9.29 rating based on 2,028 votes. In today’s Top Ten, she also leads with eight Red Flags out of 19 appearances, which makes her also leading the appearances table. Four models, tied at 9.28, are listed as #2 through #5. Carolina Sweets was the only new model to join the Top Ten in September and came in at #10 with a 9.25 rating based on 548 votes after only two appearances. In fact, except for Mila Azul, with 17 appearances (now #2 with a 9.28 rating based on 2,125 votes), the other eight Top Ten models have only a total of 41 appearances between them. Of the current Top Ten, all but three were new models this year. The other three debuted in 2016. As K, MetArt's Content Manager, tries not to feature models more than once a month, all of these models are years away from the 50+ Club.

If you look at the numbers, any model with less than a 9.24 rating as of today has almost no chance of ever making the Top Ten. Why? In theory each member can only vote once on each model. Most models get most of their votes in their first couple of appearances and once that model has established her base score the ability to move that is limited. The more votes she has, the less chance of moving her base. She is at the mercy of more members discovering her and voting, or her photoset being good enough or bad enough to get a member to change their vote. Take as an example Mango, again. Her base was established by many sets with Vlad. With her vote total at 4,374 votes, think what it would take to change her 9.18 rating by as little as 0.01. There are nine other models sitting on 9.18, one of these being Katie A, our most recent 50+ Club inductee.

To give you a feel for how fluid this whole Top Ten thing is, I found that on October 1 another new model had won a Red Flag, Riley Anne. This was only her second set to be posted. Her debut “Presenting” set was posted on September 1, 2017. It now shows she had 52,660 views and a 9.25 rating based on 558 votes. Compare that to her set from October 1, which gained an 8.68 rating based on 158 votes after 9,688 views. Her rating box only shows the previous week at #110. Her home page shows a 9.26 member rating based on 510 ratings with 6,008 views. Will Riley Anne with her 9.26 base hold her rating up as more members rate her and let her keep her Top Ten status? We will see!

I am sure every model dreams of being able to say she made it into the Top Ten, with the threshold now at about that 9.26 mark. For many it will remain just that, a dream!


New MetArt model of the month: September 2017

September 2017 has been a sensational month for new MetArt models, with no less than 18 gorgeous new girls making their debut appearance. These fresh faced foxes were all eager to get naked and display their natural charms, many of them for the first time on camera, with one notable exception. Stunning Alexis Crystal, who debuted on September 13, is a popular star throughout the MetArt Network, with some incredible movies on our sister sites SexArt and Viv Thomas; if you’re not familiar with her work you should certainly check her out! Anyway, here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Riley Anne photographed by Charles Lightfoot. Presented September 1.

Blue-eyed blonde cutie Riley Anne got the month off to a flying start, with a seductive striptease and a naughty smile. Slender, with a golden tan, perfect-handful breasts and a mindblowing ass, she knows just how to grab your attention. The 22-year-old American sweetheart reveals in her bio that she likes to hang out in her pajamas – what could be more tempting than the offer to ‘Netflix and chill’ with her?

Anata photographed by Koenart. Presented September 17.

Adorable girl-next-door Anata has an endearingly unstudied air that suggests she has no idea how sexy she is. The tall, brown-eyed 20-year-old Ukrainian babe loves to watch and play sports, which explains her fantastic figure, with long legs, lovely small breasts and an ass that begs to be grabbed. This was her first time in front of the camera, and the mischievous sparkle in her eyes suggests it won’t be the last.

Alicia Love photographed by Matiss. Presented September 25.

Russian newcomer Alicia Love is absolutely my type, a sultry brunette with an athletic physique – love the hard abs and firm but curvy ass – and an alluring air of mystery. As well as hitchhiking and warm summer nights, the sexy and sociable 19-year-old reveals that she loves to read classical literature in French, and write poetry and songs. Brains as well as beauty…

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of September 2017?


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Latest Comments


    Frank/swplf 4 minutes agoContributing Writer

    Arkie: Davi acually covered this point on the first set he ever did of Vanessa when he replied with his to a comment: "Her skin is 99% as smooth as you see it, K and Jon actually want the model to appear as natural as possible on the photos, so unless there are some blemishes which shatter the harmony of the image I would not retouch it." Hewasone of the first to actualy NOT hid Melina's kitty and Sapphira scar. BTW Sappkira was inducted into the 50+ Club by Ros on the Blog TODAY!

    on Repima

    NEWVERYKINKYME 9 minutes ago

    Ah! dimenticavo...
    Curioso il tuo nome: "Deltagamma".
    Ho pensato spesso al significato di queste due lettere giunte tra loro.
    Ambedue richiamano il sesso femminile nella forma: la delta di Venere (è pure un libro composto da racconti erotici della scrittrice statunitense Anais Nin) e il secondo mi ricorda anch'esso la forma stilizzata in altra maniera dell'inguine della donna.
    Presumo di aver indovinato.
    Un nome d'arte molto erotico.


    on Repima

    NEWVERYKINKYME 41 minutes ago

    Ciao Davi,

    Appena appare il tuo Set voto immediatamente 10/10 come tutto quello che realizzi ancor prima di aver ammirato le foto...così anche tutto per ciò che hai creato in passato...è un dovere morale dal momento che sono il tuo più grande ammiratore nel mondo.
    Identico "modus operandi" per Albert Varin, Natasha Schon e altri grandi Artisti che adoro.
    Mi sono iscritto a questo sito dapprima per vedere il mio amore Veselin...di riflesso ho adorato Albert Varin e conseguentemente mi sono felicemente imbattuto nel tuo lavoro.
    Stranamente sono più interessato agli Artisti che alle Modelle.
    Ti ho visto di spalle in una foto e di riflesso nell'occhio di una modella che ritraevi...penso che sei un uomo molto affascinante, raffinato, intelligentissimo, professionalmente preparato.
    Non so se riuscirai a metterti in contatto con la mia amata Veselin...risiede in Moldavia e ha lavorato a Odessa per Albert Varin e Melwin.
    E' lontano e fuori dal tuo raggio di azione...devi valutare tu.
    A me farebbe tanto piacere ammirarla nuovamente.
    Ho corretto tre delle sue menzogne e mi hanno attaccato e cancellato immediatamente.
    Ma io amo la Verità...e per esempio è molto difficile per me raccontare bugie.
    So che disponi di pochissimo tempo libero e scrivere per noi è una cosa bellissima e gentile da parte tua.
    Le foto in bianco e nero e le manipolazioni cromatiche conferiscono interesse e dinamismo all'opera; molti iscritti non riescono ad apprezzare o a capire, come scrivesti tu una che cosa vogliono questi qua?
    Purtroppo alcuni fotografi sono stati aspramente criticati se non addirittura insultati pesantemente e si sono giustamente astenuti da un qualsiasi intervento...fantasmi.
    Ti sembrerà strano, ma sono molto più interessato agli Artisti che alle Modelle.
    Attendo pazientemente i due set di Celeste...è una modella meravigliosa...sembra di porcellana.

    Tanti cari saluti. :-)

    on Repima

    C6C791 54 minutes ago

    Very disappointing, far too few butt shots.

    on Repima

    NEWVERYKINKYME 1 hour ago

    Ciao Davi,

    Perfect Set as always You have created for us.
    I adore the Black & White Photos to the end of Your precious Work.
    The enchanting Model Vanessa is real a sweet Angel.
    I would run into her arms and feel her warm embrace. ♥♥♥
    Incredible Artist You are!
    Very, very, very good, Maestro.
    Keep up the good Work!
    ...and remember: I am still the greatest fan of You in the whole world.


    on Repima

    Casey 1 hour ago

    Bodacious breasts and an awesome tight body...and I love the fuzz around her garden of delight.

    on Gantra

    Picture Lover 2 hours ago

    A delight in every way possible.

    on Difeta

    Picture Lover 2 hours ago

    Maybe we should all chip in and buy Miss Schon a flash for Christmas.

    on Ortatu

    Dark_Storm 2 hours ago

    Anie is one of those rare delights, a brunette with freckles.

    on Difeta

    Dark_Storm 2 hours ago

    This ain't Vogue. We didn't need 49 lead-in shots of a clothed model. Should have cut 29 of them and made this an 80 photo set.

    on Ortatu