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MetArt’s Top Ten models – a member’s analysis

Our resident historian and statistician Frank is today’s guest blogger, with a review of our current Top Ten and his impressions of how it works.

A little background: when we started the 50+ Club it was conceived as a way of honoring models whose careers were significant in making MetArt what it is today, the best artistic nude site on the internet. One of the statistics I give on each model inducted is how many times she has appeared in the Top Ten, which is marked with a red flag.

It became obvious that the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” was in play here, as many models with many red flags to their names are falling far down the ranking. Let’s take Iveta B as an example. If you look her up (on Classic view) now, you will find she is listed as #737 out of 3404 models (on the New site she is #176; all stats correct at time of writing). She debuted on June 30, 2006 and earned a red flag on her 14th appearance on January 13, 2007. She has had 74 Top Ten placements, 74 red flags, with the last coming on May 18, 2011. She is #4 on the 50+ Club list, with 93 appearances. This type of record will probably never be equaled for several reasons.

Before we go on, it must be noted that getting into the Top Ten is not a requirement for getting to the 50+ Club. Our newest inductee Mango A, for example, has 52 appearances on MetArt but no red flag Top Ten placements, even though she is the highest rated member of the 50+ Club right now.

When we started the 50+ Club, several of our models appeared in or near the Top Ten such as Lorena B, our most posted active model with 91 appearances. So what has changed?

Nothing here should be viewed as a complaint about the Top Ten ratings but rather to point out how it has evolved into what it is today. While it is my belief that models have always been rated on MetArt, the earliest red flag Top Ten I found came on January 1, 2007, awarded to Nikky Fox.

Several things happened when the New MetArt site was introduced. On Classic, when you bring up the model list, the numeric position by rating for each model is listed. This doesn’t happen on the New site. The models are still placed in order but on New no numbers are shown. The heading for each model on their home page was also changed to give more statistical information, including a whole Ranking box. In addition if you look at the model’s headshot picture on their home page for the top 99, a little gray icon appears in the lower right corner showing their current placing. The Red Flag is much more visible on the Classic model page but is still there on New, just hidden under the little + sign icon, and on the cover when you click on the photoset.

Now let’s look at today’s Top Ten (as of September 30). Gloria Sol is currently #1, being the only model with a 9.29 rating based on 2,028 votes. In today’s Top Ten, she also leads with eight Red Flags out of 19 appearances, which makes her also leading the appearances table. Four models, tied at 9.28, are listed as #2 through #5. Carolina Sweets was the only new model to join the Top Ten in September and came in at #10 with a 9.25 rating based on 548 votes after only two appearances. In fact, except for Mila Azul, with 17 appearances (now #2 with a 9.28 rating based on 2,125 votes), the other eight Top Ten models have only a total of 41 appearances between them. Of the current Top Ten, all but three were new models this year. The other three debuted in 2016. As K, MetArt's Content Manager, tries not to feature models more than once a month, all of these models are years away from the 50+ Club.

If you look at the numbers, any model with less than a 9.24 rating as of today has almost no chance of ever making the Top Ten. Why? In theory each member can only vote once on each model. Most models get most of their votes in their first couple of appearances and once that model has established her base score the ability to move that is limited. The more votes she has, the less chance of moving her base. She is at the mercy of more members discovering her and voting, or her photoset being good enough or bad enough to get a member to change their vote. Take as an example Mango, again. Her base was established by many sets with Vlad. With her vote total at 4,374 votes, think what it would take to change her 9.18 rating by as little as 0.01. There are nine other models sitting on 9.18, one of these being Katie A, our most recent 50+ Club inductee.

To give you a feel for how fluid this whole Top Ten thing is, I found that on October 1 another new model had won a Red Flag, Riley Anne. This was only her second set to be posted. Her debut “Presenting” set was posted on September 1, 2017. It now shows she had 52,660 views and a 9.25 rating based on 558 votes. Compare that to her set from October 1, which gained an 8.68 rating based on 158 votes after 9,688 views. Her rating box only shows the previous week at #110. Her home page shows a 9.26 member rating based on 510 ratings with 6,008 views. Will Riley Anne with her 9.26 base hold her rating up as more members rate her and let her keep her Top Ten status? We will see!

I am sure every model dreams of being able to say she made it into the Top Ten, with the threshold now at about that 9.26 mark. For many it will remain just that, a dream!

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Patt 4 weeks ago

Very interesting thoughts about the ranking.
I was always disappinted about the actual top ranking, because the longtime top models are missing.
Iveta B ist a very good example and also one of my all time favourite.

Where can I find the "50+ Club list"?


Nick101 1 month ago

Before any new features are added I'd like to see he site fix the keyword search. There are some images that I've been searching for for ages that I cannot find, in part, because keyword search does not work.

There a model who has some pictures where there are 3 images in one picture. I remember the tryptic type image and it'd fabulous but I cannot locate it.


Rose 1 month ago

The keyword search is being totally reworked so it will be much more comprehensive, Nick101. You can also use the orange 'site feedback' tab on the left of your screen to submit suggestions, questions, critique etc :-)


Hirundo 2 months ago

Whoops! Nope, not TLE, Jeanette has also appeared on Eternal Desire, and very beautifully as well!


Ulysses 2 months ago

When is the 50+ Club going to get its own tab for easier perusal?

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    Notatorytosser 14 minutes ago

    Absolutely gorgeous.

    on Alice Shea

    Deltagamma 1 hour ago

    Ciao NVKM, stanotte sono più stanco del solito a causa di una giornata lunga e impegnativa, ma mi sono preso almeno il tempo necessario almeno per leggere i tuoi messaggi con le tue considerazioni, mai banali e sempre interessanti e approfondite, che meritano almeno un eeew
    Risponderò meglio domani..
    Buona Notte e a presto!

    on Cilena

    Casey 2 hours ago

    What a glorious swipe-mate...

    on Torona

    jack69is1 2 hours ago

    Spectacular newcomer. Welcome Avery, and thank you for sharing your stunning beauty with myself and the Metart community.

    on Presenting Avery

    VictorDj4 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the information.

    I've looked up the pics from Nika on the toilet. They are very cute and arousing.

    on Cilena

    A Morous 4 hours ago

    Divine intervention is suspect here. This young beauty has blessed METART with over a dozen sets, shot by multiple artists, and not one bounded off the path of righteousness in pursuit of the siren Creative Genius. It turns out that goal is reached as a team at METART. For those of us grateful gazers who explore both north and south of a young goddesses hips, we were taken aback by the gentle lines and feminine grace, time and time again within this collection of sets. Kenya's beautiful long legs and slender, elegant arches were given fine tribute. I feel Kenya is good for another forty sets, so celebration of success shall be focusing the camera lens upon this beauty once again.

    on Kenya

    NEWVERYKINKYME 4 hours ago

    Riguardo me: non lavoro più in fabbrica da quasi un anno...un posto orribile e assurdo popolato da spregevoli omuncoli...e sono completamente libero...che bello!
    Ho sposato l'Arte.
    Dispongo di tanto tempo per scrivere.
    Sto studiando lingue.
    Lo so che sei affaticato...puoi solamente leggere i miei scritti; sono contento così.

    Ciao e alla prossima.

    on Cilena

    NEWVERYKINKYME 5 hours ago

    Riguardo il tuo nome d'arte...non era difficile; la chiave di tutto era il Delta...
    Sei l'unico che ci scrive così tanto...come mi scrisse kilroy...un bravo ragazzo, ma è troppo rigido nei giudizi.
    Mi ha risposto Luca Helios e Rylsky...più avanti scriverò ad Albert Russo...mi scriverà un giorno qualcosa.
    I fotografi russi sono incredibili!
    Mi rivolgo quasi sempre agli Artisti e cerco sempre di sostenerli dal punto di vista psicologico...
    un raggio di Sole che trafigge e rischiara le Tenebre.

    Buon Riposo.

    on Cilena

    NEWVERYKINKYME 5 hours ago

    Ciao Davi,

    Rieccomi nuovamente.
    Tranquillo e sereno...puoi anche rispondermi più avanti...noi siamo sempre qui.
    Ho indubbiamente più stima del Fotografo però il contributo della modella è ovviamente essenziale.
    Riguardo le modelle si potrebbe erroneamente e sbrigativamente pensare:

    E' un lavoro leggero, leggero...è anche bello farsi fotografare...tanto fa tutto il fotografo..."

    Invece se pensiamo e valutiamo più attentamente...
    una Modella dovrebbe continuamente rispettare una dieta e aver cura del proprio corpo,
    eseguire esercizi fisici quotidiani per mantenerlo tonico, scegliere e acquistare abbigliamento adeguato e in sintonia con il Set, saper eventualmente e indipendentemente utilizzare svariati mezzi pubblici per trasferirsi anche all'estero, conoscenza almeno della lingua Inglese per comunicare con il fotografo e non da ultimo saper posare e interagire con il medesimo...e altre cose importanti che sicuramente ho trascurato...
    Quando la giovanissima Veselin si è recata negli Stati Uniti per lavorare si è ritrovata per diverso tempo completamente sola...un suo eventuale problema rimaneva un "suo" problema; il fotografo avrebbe potuto risponderle freddamente "problemi tuoi!"
    Vediamo che ...non è così semplice come potrebbe sembrare.
    Dipende a che livello si lavora.

    E cosi per il fotografo..."basta un click!"...e non è assolutamente vero.

    Ho cominciato a fotografare e subito ho incontrato innumerevoli difficoltà tecniche...dovrei intraprendere un serio corso di Studi per conseguire dei risultati soddisfacenti.
    Esistono dei metodi e degli insegnanti che alla fine non ci sono strade facile da seguire.
    Alcuni commenti negativi mi fanno sorridere nella loro bonaria ingenuità..."e smettiamola con queste foto in bianco nero" , altri sono sconcertanti...per esempio valutano un disastro un meraviglioso Set.
    Sarebbe un grave errore non inserire le tue foto originali che ti contraddistinguono per dare credito a giudizi espressi da persone completamente impreparate dal punto di vista artistico.
    Mi dispiace per loro se non sono in grado di fin dei conti è un loro problema.
    ma non devi farti condizionare da tutta questa negatività...devi andare avanti!

    Gli artisti non vanno criticati; vanno compresi.

    In fabbrica sorpresi un metalmeccanico servirsi di uno scampolo di tessuto recante un meraviglioso motivo floreale per rimuovere il grasso in eccesso cosparso su una macchina...o di ritorno da un viaggio in Grecia..."mah, c'erano solo vecchi ruderi all' Acropoli di Atene".
    E' pazzesco, è pazzesco!
    Chissà cosa direbbero dei tagli nelle tele di Lucio Fontana...non riuscirebbero mai a comprendere l'idea potente, dirompente e rivoluzionaria che sostiene il semplice, banale gesto.
    Ma io vi comprendo tutti, profondamente e perfettamente!


    on Cilena

    Hipshot13 6 hours ago

    The face says pixie, the body says WOMAN! the two together is delightful! That face could melt the coldest heart and that body could ignite a raging fire in ones very core!
    I for one, think the blond pixie cut is really fantastic and really fits her. The contrast between the the messages given off by her sweet innocent face and her smoldering hot body is mind bending!

    on Careno