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The MetArt 50+ Club: Emily Bloom

A classic combination of naturally sexy and adorably cute, Emily Bloom is a firm favorite with MetArt members, and a highly rated star of our MetArt 50+ Club – girls so popular they’ve been featured at least fifty times during their modeling career. Her sweet face and sensational figure, particularly her beautiful breasts, make a lasting impression.

EMILY BLOOM: accomplished beauty (55 appearances)

Blue-eyed brunette Emily made her debut at the age of 19 on November 7, 2012, in a “Presenting” photoset by Arkisi. To date she has appeared in 49 photosets (including six girl-girl and one three-girl) and six movies. Her most recent appearance was just a few days ago.

Ukrainian sweetheart Emily has worked with ten different artists: Arkisi 12 times, Erik Latika 11, Marlene 6, Leonardo 5, Karl Sirmi 5, Goncharov 5, Fabrice 5, Alex Iskan 3, Rylsky 2, Fenix 1. She has many appearances that are rated over a 9, with her highest rated being “Runajot” and “Dearve,” both by Arkisi, at 9.4.

At the time of writing, Emily is ranked #2 on the model leaderboard, with a rating of 9.16 based on 5,318 ratings, with 401,055 views and 6,283 members following her. She is deservedly popular throughout the MetArt Network, with multiple appearances on SexArt, Erotic Beauty, Errotica Archives, Goddess Nudes, Eternal Desire and Rylsky Art.

So what is it that makes Emily so alluring? Well, her incredible figure is certainly eye-catching, with a tiny waist and big natural breasts, but it’s the naughty expression in her bright blue eyes that really grabs the attention. She has a playful, fresh-faced girl-next-door appeal, with a sweet smile and an air of not-quite-innocent allure. She’s talented, too, an accomplished singer, musician, artist and actress (see her playing piano and singing in “Sarada” by Alex Iskan); she is the epitome of smart sexiness. Still only 24 and actively modeling as well as pursuing her creative dreams, it will be fascinating to see how Emily continues to ‘bloom’ – there’s no doubt she is a sexual force to be reckoned with!

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

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Phil4549 7 months ago

One of the most beautiful ladies on MetArt.

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    Borbonicon 18 minutes ago

    The days come and the days go...most days are good,and some days are better than just good.
    The appearance of a new Milena gallery is always happily appreciated,and this one is excellent.
    As regards Milena's interests in good and informative reading and great music,suggestions can be made,in yesterdays discovery of a classic from the spiritist literature called - The discovered country by Carlyle Petersilea PDF. VERY interesting.
    Also free is a super performance of Bach's Passacaglia on YouTube entitled 'E. Power Biggs plays Bach Passacaglia & Fugue in C Minor BWV 582'.
    (performed on the Flentrop organ at Harvard University in 1973)
    Another splendid discovery was the delivery of the very new vegan sausages amusingly called 'shroomdogs' which are the finest ever so far tried,and if a way could be found to 'beam them over' to the Ukraine,Milena would also enjoy a lovely dinner with the aforementioned.

    on Vennia

    Grass4myGoat 2 hours ago

    Seller: Can I call you Keif when you are writing bad? Keif Richards might have done more drugs than Ozzie, and the Aerosmith guys combined, yet could still play his guitar like a whiz and tell good stories about folks like Chuck Berry.

    on Vennia

    NEWVERYKINKYME 2 hours ago

    Cara Veselin,

    Sono ancora tanto innamorato di te.
    Spero di rivederti presto dalle mie parti.
    Cerca di stare bene, amore mio.
    Ti amo, ti amo, ti amo. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


    on Pinett

    Digger 2 hours ago

    Glad there are more sets of her keep them coming.

    on Sonina

    NEWVERYKINKYME 2 hours ago

    Another pleasant Vision is offered to my eyes.
    The enchanting Model Sintia is simply fabulous, so sensual and inviting. ♥♥♥
    The change of lights from darkly warm to brightly cold prevents us from a static view of the photographic composition.
    The shots with strong inclination are original and give dynamism to the sequence of the photos.
    The cuts of the body convey the viewer's gaze to the face, while offering much more than a simple portrait.
    Objects abandoned to themselves give freshness to the scenes.
    All that is made of course is not the result of ignorance or inexperience, but responds to a precise design of the artist.
    Only those who do not have a preparation and artistic sensitivity can not appreciate some works like this.
    Thus it provides kindly naive or inappropriate judgments.
    I'm pretty sure you did a Good Work, Mr. Varin. ;-)
    Please, keep it up, Master.
    I simply Thank You, once again. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Good Night…and Dreams full of Great Artistic Innovations…

    on Tirre

    Tristan Heart 4 hours ago

    Hehe 😃

    Well I don't know if I would actually dream of it being what it looked like at first, I just laughed at myself because I was like "wtf???" and then had to go back and to have a second look at the picture to see what it was I had seen hehe 😄

    on Vennia

    ChoReb 4 hours ago

    Yaaay! Roger! ;))

    on Vennia

    Roger 5 hours agoLifetime member


    on Vennia

    Roger 6 hours agoLifetime member

    Perfectly right beetle!!! Milena is a living diamond💎💎💎, but as Her loyal fan, I have every 2, 3 days a new video or photo set of Her, Her official web site!!! Impossible to wait 5 months...😍😍😍

    on Vennia

    Roger 6 hours agoLifetime member

    ❤❤❤I apologize with You my number one Milenshka for my late comment today!!! I'm a loyal meowing fan of this Wonercutie and I have a new video or photo set of Her every 2, 3 days!!! And a big greeting to Your funny meowing Kotik, Milena's cat!!! Miaooooo...😻😍❤

    on Vennia