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Latest Comments


    Seemann 32 minutes ago

    I'm glad this was mentioned as even it is not my fetish I noticed that..

    on Ortatu

    Nonya Biz 58 minutes ago

    She is my absolute favorite, I signed up for MetArt because of her. I'm curious though, Is MetArt still working with her since she had her breast augmentation?

    on The MetArt 50+ Club: Sapphira A

    loveu69 2 hours ago

    I know that I rave about more or less every woman's anus on this site, but I do have to say that darling Anie does have one of the very finest of beautiful and delicious anal views there is, one of the best of the best, it's intoxicating and a pure sexual delight, and today there is just so many perfect images I'm spoiled for choice. Life's so hard like that sometimes. 8)

    on Difeta

    Deltagamma 3 hours ago

    Ciao NVKM,
    prendo qualche minuto del pochissimo tempo libero per rispondere almeno a te in ossequio alla tua considerazione del mio lavoro, per la quale sono onorato.
    Grazie per le belle e profonde parole, sento che sei una persona speciale che vede oltre le immagini e le pose. Non mi stupisce più di tanto il fatto che ti definisca più interessato agli artisti che alle modelle. La connessione è forte tra i due, ma è l'artista che determina quali modelle rappresentare e in che modo, in che stile, e le modelle cambiano, la sola costante è appunto l'artista con la sua visione e i suoi stilemi.
    Non mi dilungo più di tanto perchè l'ora è tarda e la stanchezza dei praticamente tre lavori che porto avanti oltre all'impegno della famiglia si fanno sentire, ma le parole di apprezzamento come le tue sono energia e motivazione pure, e per questo ti ringrazio.
    Proverò a rispondere a qualcuna delle tue domande nei prossimi giorni, spero di avere più tempo nel fine settimana, magari torna a controllare i commenti di tanto in tanto.
    Ci 'sentiamo' domani con il set di Nika O, spero.
    Tanti cari saluti a te!
    P.S. Hai perfettamente indovinato l'origine del mio nome d'arte! Complimenti!!

    on Repima

    Rc446 3 hours ago

    I'm in Love!!!!!!

    on Gantra

    Deltagamma 3 hours ago

    Dear friends, sorry for joining the conversation so late but I had a long day at work and then priority goes to my family when I am home.
    But despite the little time I am excited to have another set featured today after yesterday's comeback.
    I have read all comments and I value each one of them, even the critics which I try to take into account to continuously improve my work.
    I don't know if I will be able to answer all the comments so before I feel too tired I'll inlcude in my background on the set also some notes that will answer your questions or critics.
    This set was shot in Prague on the same day Vanessa's debut set was also shot (Frank, sorry for not giving you the info in time for your comprehensive comment, which by the way is right on the spot as usual), which is Enavo, published May 2014: it was November/December 2013 and it was my second shooting with her, we had our first one year earlier but unfortunately her sets were not considered for publishing at the time; she had a different look and the same angelic beauty, I am curious to know if any of you would like to see one of those sets, I shot 5 sets for Metart and 1 in Sexart/MetartX style - if you are interested to see one of those sets let me and (most importantly) K know and we'll figure out.
    So, those of you who guessed it was an older set were right.
    It was the beginning of our intense collaboration (not counting the previous shooting) going from Autumn to early 2015, with many shootings together in between.
    I must confess that I have to agree with those who consider this a not particularly inspired set, with an uninteresting setting, harsh lighting and repetition in poses. But there are reasons why I submitted this set and I believe it was worth being shown to you.
    This was sort of an extra set, Vanessa was supposed to leave to join her family for a Sunday meal but she agreed to shoot a last set, might be that having some sort of a time pressure influenced the shooting but not that much.
    For those who don’t like the setting, I am a fan of simple, plain settings with little distractions, so that the model is in the spotlight. I love the classic art nude settings, with a plain background and a simple element to help the model with poses, like a chair.
    The harsh lighting, true, most of you know that I work essentially with natural light unless it’s really necessary to use artificial lighting like in this case. I didn’t take flash lights during that trip so I only used a LED light which was not powerful enough (as most portable continuous lights) to bear a soft box, but I didn’t dislike the shadows because in this case they helped detaching Vanessa from the plain background, and gave to the set that overall 'art nude' feel. A style choice, in the end.
    The poses might have been a bit repetitive and too many similar shots have been included in the set? True, and that is entirely my fault, or better.. it’s Vanessa’s fault. Photography is my passion, and with some models it still happens that I become a victim of their beauty, like in this case. Besides shooting slightly different poses/angles in order to be sure to capture her beauty in all possible shades, I was also literally hypnotized by Vanessa’s look and smiles and I could not stop shooting or ask her to change poses too quickly.
    The same thing happened during the selection of the photos for the set: I didn’t have the heart to delete several photos which were similar because to me even those photos showed a shade of Vanessa’s grace that deserved to be shown to you.. I was too weak to hit the delete button.. those sweet eyes… simply irresistible. I had actually planned to go for a second round and decrease the number of photos, but in the end I didn’t have time before submitting and K was looking forward to getting my sets, so I ended up having an extra-large set, but hopefully some of them appreciate quantity in this case.
    Actually another reason why you see this set is that there will probably be not many more chances to see Vanessa here or any other erotic site: unless anything changes, she has most likely stopped performing as an erotic model.. I have tried to arrange a few shootings last year but she is now in a phase of her life in which she is not willing to expose her nudity any longer. That’s really sad for all of us who like her, I will try to see if there is some hope to see her again shooting, but if nothing changes we will have to rely on what I have left in my archive, which is a few sets from 2014 or the very first ones from 2012.
    I guess that’s all I have to say on this set, thank you again for the interest and the very nice words for Vanessa and for our work, I am really grateful to all of you for the support you show me, it’s not easy to keep up with everything right now but you give me very good reasons to make an extra effort.
    Talk to you all tomorrow again with Nika O’s set!

    on Repima

    Tafi 3 hours ago

    Anie is incredibly beautiful and smoldering with sexyness! Always great sets and always a lot of her lovely pussy in a high percentage of the shots! Awesome! (76% in this set, fabulous! and so was Vanessa today!) Great art by all involved, particularly Anie!

    on Difeta

    Tafi 3 hours ago

    Vanessa is beautiful, alluring, and sexy! Great set and loved seeing her pussy in 72% of the photos; awesome! For me, that's perfect, I want to see the head to toe beauty of the model, with a special emphasis on her lovely femininity, those luscious folds and curves of supreme female beauty.

    on Repima

    the_tdog 4 hours ago

    Winter is here.

    on Ortatu