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    kilroy 13 minutes ago

    TH, I disagree. Its not that 85 pics is not enough. It is that 120 was the standard for a long time, then it was reduced to 80, much like the trend in grocery items where quantity was reduced for the same price. I have been vocal on this subject, but I would never lower my rating in protest to the number of shots.

    on Dochet

    Barnie 26 minutes agoLifetime member

    Gorgeous gorgeous looks like she really loves showing off her pussy very nice

    on Kenida

    Checkers 3 hours ago

    Boring Jann like always

    on Rasfei

    Sixth Degree 4 hours ago

    Bravo Lisa and Leonardo, bravo!

    on Dochet

    Sixth Degree 4 hours ago

    Beautiful and sexy with a great mane of hair. Thank you for the well lit and well focused intimate photos in this set. Looking forward to more of this lovely lass..

    on Presenting Sherie

    Barnie 4 hours agoLifetime member

    Absolutely gorgeous beautiful so beautiful ❤❤❤

    on Rodina

    Borbonicon 5 hours ago

    What a glow-what a show!A fabulous and perfect beauty with a smile that could light up a city.Amazing.
    That seems to be an interesting book Alise is reading - I wonder what the contents could be.
    I once read somewhere that readers are leaders,and whether that is true or not,the information available to all in the present is a huge benefit to humanity.I love the way that a good book can absorb the attention in such a way that the everyday world passes from awareness and to wander in new landscapes and even strange new worlds is a great way to escape from 'reality'.
    The American science fantasy writer Jack Vance was expert in the latter,and titles such as 'The Eyes of the Overworld' and 'The Dying Earth'among many others are well worth investigating.
    Escape the ordinary!Begone dull care! Thrill to the exploits of Cugel the Clever and the magician Iocunu!Explore distant planets and wonder at bizarre cultures and the strange creations of wizards!
    Jack was a master storyteller,he won many premier awards,and was acknowledged by public and peers alike as the greatest of them all in that genre.I have read everything he wrote,aside from his sideline in detective novels,and wish I could start over with a blanked memory to have it all again.
    Absolutely brilliant.Amazon has all titles.
    And speaking of titles,I note a number of Alise movies and galleries I was not aware of until 20 minutes ago,and here comes another adventure into a different kind of wonderland.
    As good as Jack Vance was and still is,nothing tops MetArt and nothing ever will.
    Thanks to all concerned for making this happy circumstance.

    on Cotio

    JANN 6 hours ago

    nr 96/97 nice pussy spread but why no eye contact /, 33/34 is oke perfect , more pussy spred please

    on Lugena

    Checkers 6 hours ago

    Boring Jann

    on Netheri

    JANN 6 hours ago

    finaly nr 62 pussy spread !!!!!! more please !!!! lifetime membership worth !!!

    on Quedad