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Sexy in specs

Erotic fiction inspired by Lola Krit in “Cemina

I’ve always found girls in glasses sexy, but I’m not so shallow that I wouldn’t date a girl with perfect eyesight. Luckily my girlfriend, Lola, finds my fetish amusing and is perfectly happy to indulge me. 

Lola is a fun girl and very uninhibited when it comes to talking about sex. I’m more reserved, and so it was months before she found out about this little kink of mine. One night we had been sending sexy pictures of ourselves to each other, nudes and dick pics and so on, and then the next day she came over and I took some more pictures of her while we were out in the park. Lola asked to see them and I let her have my phone, forgetting that I had edited some of her naked pics from the night before, adding glasses. As she swiped through them, she started giggling.

“How come I didn’t know you had a thing for glasses?” she asked. She was only kidding, but when she noticed the sheepish look on my face she was surprised. “No way!” she laughed. “Well, I can think of an easy way to make you happy…”

I was wondering what she had in mind as she dragged me into the nearest drugstore, but all became clear when she started trying on the reading glasses. My dick was stiffening up in my pants as she posed in each pair for me, urging me to pick out my favorite. She looked so sexy in all of them. By the time we had chosen a pair, paid for them and rushed back to her place, all I could think about was fucking her while she was wearing the glasses and nothing else.

She made me wait in the living room while she went into the bedroom to get ready. When she called me in, I opened the door to find her perched on the edge of her bed, wearing nothing but a loose pink shirt that just barely skimmed her thighs.  

She looked up at me through her glasses and pouted.

“How do I look?” she asked, spreading her legs so the shirt rode up, exposing her naked pussy.

“Oh my god,” was all I could say.

Lola reached out and grabbed me by the belt, pulling me to her. She soon had my pants and shorts off, looking up at me through her glasses as her fingers circled my hard shaft. She started jerking me off, making these sexy little appreciative noises. The she kissed the tip and stroked it over her cheeks and lips, her eyes never leaving mine.

She leaned closer until my dick was pressing against the lenses of her glasses, cold to the touch. Her face tipped up and her tongue flicked out to lick at the base of my shaft, my dick resting entirely on her face, rolling over her glasses as she watched me react.

“Do you like it, baby?” she asked. “Do you want to cum on my face?”

I nodded, dumbstruck, so turned on, aching to get my cock inside her warm mouth. She was stroking her pussy, leaning back on one hand, the other holding my cock gently. She let go for a moment to pull her shirt off, revealing her gorgeous breasts, just the right size to fit in my hands, her nipples hard as bullets from the friction of the material rubbing against them.

She carried on stroking her pussy, sliding a finger over her clit and dipping it inside her wet hole, her shirt bunched up around her waist. With her other hand she started jerking me off again, rubbing my cock over her tits, pushing it hard against her nipples, still watching me through her glasses.

“Suck it,” I said, unable to wait any longer.

Lola smiled with pleasure at my eagerness as she pointed my dick at her mouth, her tongue coming out to guide me inside, big brown eyes always on mine. She sucked me slowly and steadily, making sexy murmuring noises as she slid me in and out of her mouth, the way she looked at me through those glasses driving me wild.

As I started to cum she pulled my cock from her mouth and stroked it, aiming it so I unleashed spurt after spurt of thick cum onto her glasses. It was perfect, each splat landing on her glasses and running off onto her cheeks. She licked up every drop she could reach with her tongue, some of it even dripping off her chin and splashing down onto her tits. It was amazing.

Lola waited until I had finished before wiping up some of the drips with her finger and licking them off, smiling through the cum shower on her face. She scooped up another fingerful and smeared it over her clit, still looking at me through her messy glasses as she frigged herself to a noisy orgasm.

Lola even let me take a photo of her in her glasses, splattered with my cum, her fingers in her pussy. Just thinking about it gets me hard in an instant.


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loosebruce 3 months ago

I enjoyed this fantasy! Lola Krit is one of the few models whose galleries I truly crave to see and can't wait for the next one. I can relate to how she would inspire such writing!

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    Damnn 10 minutes ago

    The world moves on a woman's hips
    The world moves and it swivels and bops
    The world moves on a woman's hips
    The world moves and it bounces and hops

    -- Talking Heads, "The Great Curve"

    on Brita

    Damnn 37 minutes ago

    I'd love to see Riley with the drapes matching the carpet. If you know what I mean.

    on Cetnia

    Seuchensturm 53 minutes ago

    I doubt that it is the model's decision how much she shows in those photos. When you look at Mrs. Schon's photography reaching back to 2002, you won't find any single photo set that shows a bit more of the model than just shadows in the dark or half-hidden private parts in concealing poses. It's the individuell style of that photographer and the will of the model doesn't matter. It's hopeless to get the mind of Mrs. Schon changed. She does this for 16 years and I doubt that she will ever do it better in the future.

    The problem isn't that the photos are too artistic. That's not a bad thing. The problem is that the sets doesn't contain any revealing, provocative or indecent poses and no pussy shots, so the sets are too soft and too unsatisfying for somebody who signed up here to see such material. Art and provocative, revealing shots do not contradict each other. You can mix it both and so Mrs. Schon could satisfy and please many more viewers and the average rating of her sets could be higher than 6 or 7.

    on Lontel

    Tristan Heart 2 hours ago

    Yea I'm not sure I could bare to lose another one of these unique girls, I mean who would be next if we also lost Sabrisse?... Melena?... scares the shit out of me just thinking about it and yet I can't stop thinking about it :-/

    on Pemina

    Tristan Heart 2 hours ago

    A couple of things:

    In this case here on the update with Juck, you have 3 tabs:
    "Gallery: Ladici" "Model: Juck" "Artist: Leonardo"

    Click on the tab called "Model: Juck" and then either click on the button right there that says "Follow" or click on the profile picture to go to her profile / complete gallery page and click on the "Follow" button on that page.

    - However, if you are already following her it will say "Unfollow".

    Also, the notification option is a rather new feature I believe, so if you were already following her before the feature was introduced, you need to first click the "unfollow" button and then click follow again to get the pop-up window asking you if you want the notification ;-)

    Hope that helps :-)

    on Ladici

    C6C791 2 hours ago

    No, right next to her head shot it says: Juck REMOVE (or ADD) FAVORITE or VIEW PROFILE
    Nowhere does it say "Follow".

    on Ladici

    Knackers 2 hours ago

    That last paragraph is particularly well put forward, some of the best models here are certainly no stranger to sexual intercourse and even those that haven't been seen in such a manner online have undoubtedly had quite their share in private, such beauty will always attract advances and to delude ones self otherwise speaks far greater volumes about the beholder than the beholden.

    on Jciela

    Knackers 2 hours ago

    Please tell me you're not counting characters typed in the comments section, not when there are four gorgeous girls, each getting naked in at least 80 images per set?!?!.

    on Jciela

    NEWVERYKINKYME 2 hours ago

    Dear Davi,

    We are very honored to have You again with us!
    This series of Photos so luminous is really pleasant.
    Wrapped in the whiteness of the simple images
    our so seductive and enchanting Model Lauren
    bewitches us with the splendid shapes of her body. ♥♥♥
    ...and the intense blue eyes take us into the dream world.
    I still adore You, Maestro. ♥♥♥

    Good Night...and Tranquil Dreams...

    on Jciela

    Knackers 2 hours ago

    No frills I meant, although having Lauren over for a barbeque would be rather nice!.

    on Jciela