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Who is your top MetArt model of 2017?

It’s been a sensational year for admirers of natural beauty here at MetArt, bringing debut appearances from scores of gorgeous new models, as well as featuring the best and brightest stars of artistic erotica. It’s never easy to pick a favorite when so spoiled for choice, but here are the top models of 2017, as rated by our members:

In joint first place, green-eyed brunette Gloria Sol (above) is a stunning sweetheart from Ukraine with a flawless face and spectacular figure. She appeared in twelve new photosets (shot by Alex Lynn, Luca Helios, Arkisi and Leonardo) and a deliciously boobcentric movie, “Perfect Reply,” in 2017 – it seems you guys just can’t get enough of her! Gloria’s big, beautiful breasts certainly grab the attention, but her peach of an ass and the sultry expressions on her lovely face are just as compelling. A true star.

Ranked in first place alongside Gloria is blue-eyed blonde bombshell Nimfa (below), who made her MetArt debut in June and has been featured a further seven times, in photosets by Antonio Clemens and Ron Offlin. Russian babe Nimfa has a slender, ballerina’s body, with long legs and a sensational ass, and she’s flexible too – seeing some of the positions she can bend and stretch herself into is bound to inspire some very naughty thoughts!

Five fabulous foxes are tied in runner-up place:

Gorgeous Georgia, who has the most stunning smile and playful demeanor; busty beauty Mila Azul, a favorite right across the MetArt Network; cute and sassy Anie Darling, who’s just as irresistible in her solo photosets here as her racy movies on our sister site SexArt; breathtaking newcomer Caramel, whose pretty face melts hearts; and adorable Slava, an alluring hottie with bedroom eyes and soft, sexy curves.

Who’s your top MetArt model of 2017, and why?

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loosebruce 5 days ago

I've said it elsewhere, but I've thought it was an extraordinary year for Nikia A. She is my model of the year, hands down. She's developed from a cute college girl to a seductive woman and her expertise in aesthetics shines in the beauty she has crafted and sculptured in her own appearance. I like it that Rylsky took her to other sites. Perhaps that was a commercial move on MetArt's part to get Nikia's followers to subscribe network-wide, but I thought the galleries on the other sites, especially TLE, were a nice branching out for Nikia. I'm very curious about what is in store for this year from her. She was absolutely stunning in her first gallery of 2018.


Checkers 2 weeks ago

Model of the year? Yikes, so many to choose from, and I love Rose's choices above. Personally, I think it's been a tremendous year with some amazing appearances by many favorites. Among others, we've seen wonderful, truly standout sets of Niemira, Li Moon, Mila Azul, Sabrisse, Sybil, Violla, Zelda, Linda Chase, Hilary, and Genevieve, all of whom made regular appearances and appear to be hitting their strides in their careers of driving Checkers crazy and filling up his hard drive.

But if I have to pick one model who's delivered the most consistently all year long, I'm going to go with Kaleesy. One of my all-time favorites, she appeared here eleven times in 2017. Nine sets and two videos, shot indoors, outdoors, in lingerie, in costumes, with balloons, often bottomless (hooray!), and in every set looked as sweet and adorable as a basket of kittens.

My second favorite this year is Daniel Sea. Every set, she delivered with such raw sexual energy, proudly putting her spectacular curve-tastic body on display with confidence and verve. Daldia from April and Sebbia from December are on the short list for set of the year.

My allllllllll-tiiiiiiiiime favorite, Jeff Milton, only appeared four times, but stabbed me in my heart with every appearance. The three sets where she appeared in consecutive months, Jinde from August, Larogi from September, and Fadinu from October, are among her best work. Long may she reign.

As far as newcomer of the year goes, I have to go with Bridgette Angel. The adorable ones here always hit me the hardest, and she has to be one of the cutest little things I've ever seen in my life. Love her pixie frame and charming pinup-like facial expressions too. I hope she models forever.

A close, close second favorite for newcomer of the year is Slava. Such dreamy eyes, such absolute confidence, such magnificent buttocks. Her face alone makes her one of the most erotic women here or anywhere else on the web.

A close, close third favorite for newcomer of the year is Vos. Such gorgeous eyes, such a beautiful face, such a voluptu-luscious body.

Add in some new automatic-download favorites like Georgia, Dakota, Candice Lauren, Jia Lissa, Kate Chase, Lola Krit, and Maxa, and this was a very good year for debut models.

I want to recognize Matiss as my personal favorite photographer of the year. What an absolutely mind-blowing roster of new models he brought to us in 2017. Plus many more new sets by many longtime favorites. With 119 sets, he appeared here about every other day, and I probably downloaded most of them.

Finally, it appears that 2017 was the end of the line for a lot of my personal favorites. It's been months since we've seen sets by Emma Sweet, Iva, Emmy, Sivilla, Lola Marron, Nasita, Stefany Sonri, and Una Piccola, among others. If they've moved on from modeling, I wish them all the best, and I hope as their lives go on, they look back on their time on MET with great fondness and pride.

All in all, a great year on MET, and I can't wait to see what 2018 brings us.

Please pardon the book I wrote here, I've been saving these ideas up. :)


Nightingale 2 weeks ago

Have you not forgotten someone??? What about your old girlfriend lookalike.The most beautiful girl on MetArt who seems to have disappeared. SHELLI.!!


Checkers 2 weeks ago

Oooooooooooooh, Shelli. Need to see more of her, and soon. Two sets (well, one and a half, the other was a two-girl set) is not nearly enough. :)


Rose 2 weeks ago

Mmmm, very nice choices! The ones above aren't my personal faves by the way, they are the top rated models as of December 31st. Gloria is a particular fave of mine though, with her sultry Hispanic look (I know she's Ukrainian, but in my dreams she speaks Spanish to me!).


Checkers 2 weeks ago

Gloria could speak in a Porky Pig voice, I wouldn't care. She's so damn gorgeous.


ChoReb 2 weeks ago

That's easy! Debora A is my favorite model at Met these days. This year followed by Emma Sweet (please, bring her back!) and Elle Tan (my luck, that she had a set late in the year!).

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    NEWVERYKINKYME 34 minutes ago

    Hi Dear Davi,

    Another beautiful and so perfect Set You are showing us!
    All is well balanced and complete.
    You have surely a great sense of balance.
    When I watch Your splendid Photos instead I lose my balance.
    Paula is so wonderful...Great Paula! ♥♥♥
    Naturally I appreciate the Photos at the end of the Work as always.
    I am very much obliged to You, Maestro...once again. ;-)

    Good Night...and Quiet Dreams...

    on Renci

    NEWVERYKINKYME 50 minutes ago

    Hi dear friend kilroy,

    How are You?
    I hope You are very well!
    I like Your comment about Davi's Work.
    Well written, my dear friend kilroy!
    I totally agree with You.
    I have a lot of work, but at the weekend I will send You a satisfying message by Email with all my considerations. :-)


    on Renci

    The 1 hour ago

    She is truly gorgeous, but the smoking is a HUGE turn-off.

    on Savon

    erict 2 hours ago

    One of the fun/creative photo shoots as of late. Very nice.

    on Savon

    SouthernMaster 2 hours ago

    The number of sets per day is irrelevant. MA could offer 10 sets a day & if a particular photographer or model is wildly unpopular, they should & will hear from the members. That's Consumerism 101.

    on Cesade

    NEWVERYKINKYME 2 hours ago

    Hi Philogyny,

    How are You?
    I hope You are fine!
    I do not know how to thank You for Your Wonderful Words.
    I adore Natasha Schon and her Model Elin. ♥♥♥
    ...and naturally...Many thanks to MetArt!

    Bye to All.

    on Cesade

    C6C791 2 hours ago

    I don't know what I like more. Paula, Davi's photography, or Paula being photographed by Davi. One thing I do know is that I love the way Paula poses...she is one sweet looking woman with one sweet looking pussy! I remember Paula from sometime back when I first saw her in I think it was the magazine Gallery. Loved her then, love her now. I so happy that the only thing "shy" about her is her name.

    on Renci

    NEWVERYKINKYME 2 hours ago

    Hi Rose,

    I am a superpositive You know well.
    So I try to help me feel better about myself.
    MetArt' Members should attend a course of Arts education...really.
    and then a course of too...really
    ...and then we can write something good...maybe.

    My first Motto is:

    "I am very kind towards everybody".

    My second Motto is:

    "We are all little pigs". You too, I hope. ;-)

    Thank You for Your Nice Words.
    My life is hard, but I resist.
    I love You, Darling. ♥♥♥

    Oh! Today there is Davi! Fantastic!

    on Cesade

    C6C791 2 hours ago

    Looks to me as if the cigarette was just a "prop". As for the rest of the set, "No está bien" or Americans say, "no bueno". Poorly focused and shitty exposure for all but a dozen or so shots. No excuse acceptable.
    ps. This is my first bad review after being a member of MA for I think about 7 years.

    on Savon

    Casey 2 hours ago

    Ah Candice, you have such a bountiful handful.

    on Savon