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MetArt in 2017: our artists

In 2017 a total of 1,472 postings of photosets and movies appeared on MetArt. 48 different artists contributed, from the most-featured, Matiss, with 217 appearances (see his pic of Genevieve Gandi above) to six artists who had just one appearance each during the year. An average of 29 artists appeared each month. Only ten artists appeared in all twelve months.

As Rose posted in September, we lost our second longest tenured artist when Slastyonoff passed away in 2017. He had debuted as an artist on June 28, 2003. If you’re wondering, the current longest tenured artist is Natasha Schon, who debuted on June 22, 2002. (In the “Archive” section dates don’t appear so all of this is based on our history as it appears now).

On the brighter side, 2017 saw the introduction of seven new artists. A notable new arrival was Alis Locanta, and while this was his first year to appear on MetArt, debuting on New Year’s Day, he is an award-winning director for the Network with his movies on SexArt, where he has been in residence since 2012, and is also a regular contributor to MetArt X, The Life Erotic and Viv Thomas. Another MetArt newbie of note is Tora Ness, who since her debut on April 16 has had 48 postings, and is still climbing in her personal rating.

The artist ratings are fun for a stat hound such as myself. In the current top ten, at the time of writing, we have six who have contributed new work this year: Antonio Clemens, Erro, Arkisi, Catherine, Rylsky and Leonardo. It’s interesting to see the new artists as they start to acquire a following, and also to browse for artists who are no longer active.

Rylsky is currently the most published artist. Since his debut on May 17, 2006, he has featured 1,596 times to date, quite an achievement! In 2017 he had 123 photosets and movies featured.  

Not all artists are full time photographers who specialize in nudes, or in fact any professional photo work, for their primary living income. They come from many different backgrounds, and live in many different parts of the world. However, they do have one thing in common, apart from an appreciation of the female form; every artist I have ever met invests their ego into their work, be it painting, photography, sculpture, even performance art, they are expressing their vision through their artistry. In my opinion, what makes MetArt unique is the variety we get from having so many different artists contributing work. My hope for 2018 is that more members will embrace this variety and try to respect each individual artist for sharing their personal vision with us.  


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Latest Comments


    Grass4myGoat 7 minutes ago

    Sort of like how Davi did before busy work environment curtailed his shooting and commenting.

    on Abien

    Grass4myGoat 14 minutes ago

    Your eyes and my eyes see differently. I think they look very similar. Agree that they both are stunning. I only looked @ Chitane. Caralyn's buns are vastly superior, as are her lady bits. I wonder what their Mother looks like?

    on Mirix

    rufus redneck 15 minutes ago

    Great lady, terrible tattoo.

    on My Wardrobe

    Tristan Heart 30 minutes ago

    From what I know about Caralyn she never intended to make it a career, like a lot of girls she basically did it to pay for her education, but from the results it seemed like she had a lot of fun with it :-)

    Btw, if you are interested, she also have a single release for another site, we are however not allowed to post names of sites not included in the MetArt Network so I can't give you the name of the site, but the name she used there was "Beau D" and if you use "Beau D nude model" in a google search you should be able to find it ;-)

    on Mirix

    Mick the Hick 30 minutes agoLifetime member

    She is more hairy down there than a bearded lumberjack. Eeek!

    on Leupin

    Frank/swplf 37 minutes agoContributing Writer

    Let me echo kilroy's invite and feel free to gove us backgroud about your shoots and how the model wotked with you to produce the set. Such interaction adds to our enjoyment of yout wotk!
    Welcome aboard!!!!

    on Abien

    10 Quest 2 hours ago

    Uh-huh, black is lovely Avery's color

    on Mirix

    10 Quest 2 hours ago

    Must of gone to the Matiss school of color profiling ..............

    on Mya

    Johannes BLT 2 hours agoLifetime member

    Yes, welcome Matthew Phillip, and I'll add my support to Kilroy's comment that we really do enjoy hearing from the artists here in the comment section. Contrary to what you may have heard, most of us are nice, somewhat intelligent humans.

    on Abien

    teenfunman76 2 hours agoLifetime member

    What?!?! Avery and Caralyn are sisters? Caralyn was my favorite model but she retired too early.. Thank God Avery is here! They don't look too similar though.. They are both stunning though..

    on Mirix