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New MetArt model of the month: January 2018

January 2018 was quieter than usual for new models, with so many favorites returning that there were only six new faces; but what a hot bunch they were. All shot by different artists, and all with their own special attributes, they graced us with their natural charm and unstudied sex appeal, bringing some sunshine to what is traditionally a dark and dismal month after the excesses of the holiday season. From Varya Shay’s beautiful blue eyes to Andrea Sixth’s long blonde hair and perky breasts, what could lift the spirits more than the sight of a fresh-faced cutie getting naked for us for the first time? Here’s my personal – and entirely subjective – pick of the top three new MetArt models of the month:

Seny photographed by Flora. Presented January 1.

What better way to celebrate New Year’s Day than with a brand new babe – and an exceptionally adorable one, at that! Russian sweetie Seny is just 18 years old, a delightful brown-eyed girl next door with a slender body, lovely long legs and an ass to die for. With her shy smile, Seny looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth; but then the piercing in her navel, shaved pussy and a certain air of mystery suggest she’s not quite as innocent as she looks…

Maxine photographed by Koenart. Presented January 3.

A stunning smile, a fit and athletic body; 24-year-old Latvian lovely Maxine makes an instant impression, peeling off her short and sassy sundress to stand naked in the sand, enjoying the sun – and your eyes – on her beautiful body. Maxine describes herself in her bio as positive, creative and adventurous, and you can certainly feel the happy energy she exudes as she shows off her sexy tanlines. I’m still fantasizing about naked yoga with her…

Saffy photographed by Catherine. Presented January 26.

Voluptuous Saffy has the kind of curves that are so appealing to stroke and squeeze. Those fantastic big breasts grab the attention first of course, but then there’s that soft round bottom… top it all off with gorgeous hazel eyes and a sweet smile, and it makes for an irresistible package. The 23-year-old Russian hottie reveals in her bio that she loves dancing, singing and growing flowers – and that she’s into track and field athletics. The thought of those terrific titties bouncing as she runs is mindblowing.

Who was your favorite new MetArt model of January 2018?

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VictorDj4 10 months ago

'Model of the month' is a great blogpost. It makes you go back to girls you might have missed.

Saffy looks like a girl who might have needed some encouragement to pose nude. She looks great nude - and I'd love to see more curves like hers on MetArt - but many girls who are not as slender as Maxine and Seny think they don't belong on a nude site. Well, of course they do.

Maxine had the only set of these three that was not one of my favorites. Looking back however ,I find that she has this wonderful combination of being very sexually provocative, while at the same time staying that cute girl next door. It's a wonderful combination.


JOHANNES BLT 10 months agoLifetime member

Saffy, too, got my highest marks for January newcomers. That pic you chose Rose says it all! Voluptuous and sensual are my adjectives. I would like to see some makeup variety for those beautiful, big brown eyes (Catherine tends to be as constant as the North Star in this respect). Thanks guys, I now have wonderful images of Saffy's slow motion, bouncing breasts and her doing naked Yoga locked in my head. MMmmmm.


Checkers 10 months ago

Well done Rose! My top three is the same as your top three, and my number one is Saffy. I'm head over heels for her gorgeous face, sweet smile, and OOF OOOF OOOOF devastating body. I think we need video of her jogging. With lots of slow motion. I hope there's much more of her in the pipeline, she's already a favorite.


Rose 10 months ago

Great minds think alike ;-)


Checkers 10 months ago

And ours, too! :)

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    johnschuyler 42 seconds ago

    'Mirror, Mirror....on the wall....'

    on My Throne

    skippy99b 1 minute ago

    Couple of comments. Cristin is an absolutely stunning model. Her proportions are absolutely perfect and her standing form simply awesome. With 12 sets here on MA alone, I'm sure she is developing a devoted following. This set has great lighting, focus and composure, but it seems a little unnatural for the model because it is a porch with a hard wooden chair. Because of that the variety of poses is very limited. Something soft like a blanket of some pillows would have gone a long way to make that chair, that table and even the hard floor better places for a wider variety of poses. And lastly, altough the first few shots display Cristin standing, most are not particularly natural shots. The standing nude shots in teh middle and toward the end are limited to a few shots of her backside and 24 or more shots of her in relatively unnatural standing poses, mostly with one leg on a chair. This woman is Beautiful and there is no need to obscure her nude form or exagerate poses at all. Hopefully, the next set will be from around the corner at the pool.... Thank you for sharing!

    on Thigh Highs

    Squinteastwood 6 minutes ago

    Heels till the end of the pictorial!

    on Cozy Cabin

    Goffo 2 hours ago

    Magnificent nipples. Absolutely mouthwatering!

    on Nozata

    Goffo 3 hours ago

    My oh my oh my....what an absolutely gorgeous bum!!

    on Milede

    Goffo 3 hours ago

    Beautiful woman! Sexy mouth and a lovely smooth, round, brown bum. Mmmmmm!

    on Emylo

    Goffo 4 hours ago

    Can never, ever get enough of this stunningly beautiful lady!

    on Fun Time

    kilroy 4 hours ago

    Funny that you say that, and here one year later, it happens! Now we have our photoset of Luna C with Erro. HOORAY!

    on Luna C

    Squinteastwood 5 hours ago

    Legs and heels best combo!

    on Boyfriend's Shirt

    88chicken 5 hours ago

    Lovely Genevieve: great to see you again. Here's hoping you set a New Year's resolution to go unshaven for 2019! As beautiful as you are, it's time to mix it up a bit.

    on Country Roads