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Sexy MetArt star Bambi Joli tells all…

Sultry beauty Bambi Joli has that indefinable star quality that makes you look, and look again, whenever she appears. The slender sweetheart has an exotic appeal, all long legs, high cheekbones and hypnotic brown eyes; her charismatic presence has led to some memorable movies on our sister sites SexArt, Viv Thomas and The Life Erotic. Here at MetArt, the brunette bombshell takes center stage in two solo photosets to date, shot by Erro, whose elegant, glamorous style showcases her leggy allure admirably. Here’s a chance to learn a little more…

Bambi, please tell us about yourself.

BJ: Bonjour, my name is Bambi and I’m 25 years old. I don't have a specific place of residence to be honest, because with such a beautiful line of work as I have, I travel around the world a lot. And I really love it. I enjoy creating something new, like my own collection of lingerie. Also I enjoy reading my favorite authors: Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Sylvia Plath and so on. My favorite music is mostly French, also I love to listen to ambient music. And I have a beautiful Ragdoll cat, with big blue eyes, and chic fluffy fur. I'm a big cat lover.

What inspired you to get into nude modeling?

BJ: Well, maybe it’s because I'm a painter, with the big heart of a person who loves art and performance. For me it is very interesting to play in the adult industry, because I want to show people the merging of two bodies, a light touch to the delicate parts of a partner, the game of emotion and passion. I have been in the industry for two years now.

What is your favorite thing about your appearance?

BJ: I love everything about myself! I really try to devote a lot of time to sports, and I especially love yoga. This allows you to not only look good but also feel relaxed.

How would you describe your personality? 

BJ: Romantic, with notes of violent passion inside. 

Are you more dominant or more submissive? 

BJ: It all depends on the mood! But mostly I prefer to be submissive.

Did you ever have sex with a girl in your personal life before you started to make movies?

BJ: No, never; I'm straight. I love guys, because I love the feeling when he can embrace you with his powerful hands and make you feel safe.

What type of man do you like – handsome, funny, romantic?

BJ: I think that he should contain all these qualities, but the most important thing is your attitude towards each other. Equality, love and a big cock, haha!

What is your favorite position?

BJ: Downward Dog, the Rider, and the Lotus Blossom.

What turns you on? 

BJ: Whispering sweet words from a romance novel in my ear.

Where is the most unusual place you’ve ever had sex? Have you ever done it in a public place?

BJ: Well yeah, I had sex in a cathedral. Long story, sweet memories.

Do you like to masturbate?

BJ: Yes I do. Using my fingers is my favorite way.

What is your favorite sexual fantasy?

BJ: Bondage.

Have you ever had a threesome? 

BJ: No, never.

Did you ever try anything really naughty?

BJ: Yes, but I'm too shy to speak about it. Hope you understand!

What are your ambitions?

BJ: Well the first is that I want to realize myself as a person. That's the most important thing for me. Because I know that many people try to find themselves all their lives, but I feel that I am on the right path. And also to get stability. Family, kids – that's really what I want.

Is there anything you would like to tell your fans?

BJ: Thanks a lot to all of you! Because your support, love, all your comments, all your ideas and wishes really mean a lot to me. Thanks to you, I have achieved a great deal. Know that I really appreciate each of you and will try to continue to please you with my work. Lots of love and kisses xoxo

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Yerff 4 months ago

Bonjour Bambi, we really appreciate you too and have missed you a lot since your last visit back in January. I was very glad to see you will be visiting us again this coming Monday.


Grass4myGoat 5 months ago

@ Rose: You speak to many beautiful MET models. Could you ask the buxom ones what they look for in their personal bras. Is it load carrying capacity, comfort, attractive look, or fabric and finish. Again this is for their personal bras, can they find all four in one bra? Thanks.


Rose 5 months ago

That's an amusing question, I will certainly ask! My very top-heavy friends have to go for strength and practicality above all else, as very big boobs can cause backache if not well supported. Obviously if they are pretty and girly too, so much the better!


Grass4myGoat 5 months ago

Thank you Rose.


Grass4myGoat 5 months ago

Depending on how the first batch of models answer or do not, a natural follow on would be to the models with large labia (yum); say if you were to meet your favorite (and mine now that Altea/Antea has hung up her g string). When you are not working, out on the town with friends or just relaxing @ home. What are your go to knickers? Light weight light color medium rise briefs, boy shorts, or...?


Starfire 5 months ago

Super read. Thanks, Rose


Johannes BLT 5 months agoLifetime member

What a sweetheart! As soon as she says "Bonjour", I hear her speaking with a french accent in my head. But isn't she from Russian Federation? A (somewhat) shy Russian Federation bohemian artist that speaks French and does erotic photography. I'm fascinated!

Bambi, you are simply gorgeous, enchanting. I'm an "eyes" person, and boy oh boy do you have some beautiful eyes. Hoping to see more of you soon...

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    PeteLabia 25 minutes ago

    Good set - in 82 it's a shame Alise is pulling her bum open rather than her pussy - but still not complaining too much.

    on Cotio

    loveu69 30 minutes ago

    We have been spoiled today with some delicious ass views from new and established models, Alise-moreno is no exception and her anus is delicious and so inviting to kiss, lick and more. And as dear beetle extols the magnificence of her dark nipples,(and much more too) I will praise her fleshy pink and deep brown anal valley and echo Alise -moreno is perfect for many of us. 8)

    on Cotio

    Sniksoh 42 minutes ago

    Sweet Sherie Oh so soft on the pallet, soft and relaxed debut, once again a beauty from the Russian Federation :)

    on Presenting Sherie

    JANN 46 minutes ago

    perfect !!!!more !!!

    on Hergie

    loveu69 47 minutes ago

    Lisa's mildly open pussy certainly got my pulse going along with having her knickers half way down and stretched across her thighs FDAU, something I always find very erotic and sexy when a woman hasn't fully committed to taking them off. 8)

    on Dochet

    beetle 51 minutes ago

    I do not know, if we can and should compare the photos and performances of Lisa Dawn and Slava. Nevertheless, I want to briefly describe my opinion.
    Slava is indescribably beautiful and rightly on one of the top 10 models of MetArt.
    Lisa is also beautiful, but perhaps not quite compared to the beauty and purity of Slava.
    Nevertheless, I like the photos and the performances of Lisa more. She is sexually much more aggressive, present and seductive than Slava, who acts rather reserved. I do not think, that's just the photographer, it's up to the actresses too.
    I see that not only the perfect beauty of the models, but also and above all the display of your own naked body - at least for me - is incredibly important. And there Lisa has the nose ahead.

    on Dochet

    Nightingale 54 minutes ago

    A lovely 😊,lovely day on MetArt with both Model and Photographer giving it their best,in all 4 shoots.But Slava is my favourite because she has a wonderful smile and attitude and Tora has let her shine.
    P.S. We have not seen a two girl shoot for a long ,long time have they been banned?

    on Vanella

    beetle 1 hour ago

    Alise Moreno is one of those girls, who have never disappointed me. Each of her performances is worth seeing and erotically appealing. Of course, Alise is simply sexually attractive and seductive. But these are other girls too. And yet she is different. She exudes an inner peace and strength, that impresses me every time.
    Today, Alise once again shows everything, she has to offer. Every taste of us is served by her and by Flora. Whether it's total images, or close-ups of her breasts, pussy, anus or feet. As I said, every preference of us is served.
    My favorite photos are those of Alises breasts - are they really medium size or not rather small? She has magnificant almost black nipples. Unique in this beauty and quality.
    And of course the close-ups of Alise's shapely feet, which I want kiss immediately.
    Alise Moreno is perfect.

    on Cotio

    loveu69 1 hour ago

    Wow what a delightful young woman, great debut. That mane of hair is fabulous all the way down to her butt. Speaking of which those FDAU views have me hitting the favorite button, if a new face on MA, or perhaps I should say a new bottom has her showing this level of confidence putting her anus my way, then thats perfect. I also love the dark shadow and wisps of hair around her bits that are so sexy. Welcome to MA, I'm looking forward to your next outing. 8)

    on Presenting Sherie

    Barnie 2 hours agoLifetime member

    Absolutely honey from the very beginning gorgeous

    on Vennia