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The MetArt 50+ Club: Andrea C

An erotic superstar from the archives, stunning blonde Andrea C is still considered one of MetArt’s all-time top models over a decade after her retirement, and a treasured member of our MetArt 50+ Club, girls so popular they have been featured over fifty times during their modeling career.

ANDREA C: sensational blonde bombshell (72 appearances)

Ukrainian beauty Andrea made her debut on July 22, 2002 at the age of 18, in a photoset by Voronin; and unlike most of our models, who tend to work with several different artists, she shot only with Voronin for her 60 featured photosets and 12 videos. While it has been noted previously that back in those days photosets were often split into several segments, it is still an impressive achievement for any model. MetArt had only existed for a short while, and at her debut, Andrea was only the second model Voronin – now a veteran with over 900 galleries – had ever posted. Two of her movies and 16 photosets were girl-girl, with Sharon E, Katya E, and fellow 50+ member Inna Q. In March 2004 Andrea became the first MetArt model to reach 50 appearances. Her final appearance was on February 1, 2006, in “Gravius.”

Not surprisingly for a model so long retired, Andrea has dropped in the rankings, but still has a rating of 8.15 based on 3,230 votes, with 112,341 views, and is followed by 1,765 members. Back when she was actively modeling she was extremely popular, with an average of two or three appearances a month. Member generated tags for her include “awesome beauty,” “dream girl” and “perfection,” as befits this stunning, freckle-faced girl next door of all our fantasies.

Andrea’s only other appearance on the Network was in three photosets by Voronin on Erotic Beauty in 2005; she was certainly the quintessential MetArt model. Her allure is perhaps best captured in her movies, which though they have a somewhat ‘vintage’ charm now, convey the natural loveliness of a beautiful, athletic girl with small, sexy breasts, a perfect bottom, and a delightfully pretty face. As our artist Rylsky commented on her profile page: “LEGEND”!

Thanks to our resident statistician and historian, Frank, for his assistance.

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Dreamer2 1 year ago

Soon after discovering MetArt in around 2006 I found her; Andrea enchanted with her slender radiant beauty and golden hair. For me, she was MetArt and I was addicted. I cherish her awesome, adorable galleries and today as I am awestruck by Lilit's wonderful, amazing photos, I also recognise that Andrea owns a little bit of my heart.


Tommy Paris 1 year ago

I remember and LOVE this Girl! What a Wonderful Beauty!


JOHANNES BLT 1 year agoLifetime member

This is great nostalgia; thanks Rose and Frank! I remember her now thanks to this revisit. When I first became a member, I was exploring through all the models and thought "fer sure" that she was a California girl. She reminds me of Robin Wright from Forrest Gump and Princess Bride.

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    Checkers 6 minutes ago

    I really like Alekasndrina's first two outdoor sets.

    I FUCKING LOVE Aleksandrina's three more recent indoor sets.

    Maybe it's the controlled environment, maybe it's the lack of a risk of getting caught, but these in these sets she's much more flirtatious, vivacious, audacious, courageous, and outrageously HOT. Good GAWD, what a woman. Love she short-chemise bottomlessness (hooray!), love the extra attention paid to her firm round butt, love the close-up shots that indicate that she was aroused during this shoot. Always love to see that.

    Best set of a truly great day on MET. WOW.

    on Lounge Hotel

    metlover 21 minutes ago

    This girl is smoking hot, beautiful face, perfect figure, delicious looking pussy and anus, and I especially love that there is no hair anywhere except on her head, 10 stars

    on Lounge Hotel

    Checkers 24 minutes ago

    A ten-minute long celebration of why Zelda is one of MET's all time greats. My god. I really love the way she looks in Luca's sets and videos, there's an additional layer of glamour and stylishness laid on top of her irresistible cuteness. Not to mention her translucent-top bottomlessness today. HOORAY!

    What a video, one of the best we've seen here in a while. Love the long, lingering looks at every inch of her bare golden skin. Fantastic.

    on Biking Out

    VictorDj4 36 minutes ago

    #78 and #79 (Casey pretending to pee with the bottle)
    So cool, so funny, so arousing!

    It's such a joy to see Casey having fun while posing nude. I also like the absence of a blanket or towel. It's just: nude girl, rocks and water (and occasionally a bottle).

    on Beach Bunny

    Arsenpo 63 40 minutes ago

    Maravillosa!!! Ojala, disfrutemos mas de su encanto. Genial.

    on Presenting Rada

    Checkers 41 minutes ago

    Ohhhh Haddie, please let me play you like a keyboard. I'd love to see if I can help you hit the high notes. 🙂

    ADORABLE. Haddie has one of MET's cutest smiles, and the way she consistently flashes it while putting on her little display is absolutely fantastic. Love her outfit, love her fearless poses, LOVE her cute little bush, and ohhh myyy, how had I not taken notice of her sweet little bottom before? Her appearances here are quickly becoming one of the best reasons to be a current MET member.

    on Music Lesson

    Goat4myGrass 44 minutes ago

    I seldom watch videos and comment even less frequently. I am very glad to have watched Biking Out. Zelda has always been beautiful and a favorite model She looks smashing here. I really like her pokies, large labia, and mega shapely legs. It was worth the wait to see her buttocks get their due attention (I love to watch them squish and when walking). There is only one nit that doesn't work for me. What the h e double hockey sticks look were she and Luca going for with her lips / teeth when not genuinely smiling? Isn't it great to see a butterfly being created? More videos up to the standard of Biking Out would be a treat.

    on Biking Out

    fan of natural beauty 52 minutes ago

    So lovely, always a treat to see this lady.

    on Lounge Hotel

    Checkers 58 minutes ago

    The tank-top-and-bikini-bottom look is vastly underrated in the grand scheme of sexy beach wear. I love the way Casey splashes herself with her water bottle, and her smile when she peels everything off is absolutely irresistible. I would have loved a closer examination of how the water affected the transparency of her top, but I guess a man can't have everything. 🙂

    on Beach Bunny

    Goat4myGrass 1 hour ago

    Big , little b, what begins with b? Bountiful buttocks just like lovely Aleksandrina has! Also beautiful brunette hair, brown eyes, belly button, brilliant smiles. Aleksandrina has them all and so many more tools in her tool box, such as elfin ears, large labia,and shapely legs ~ oh my. I wager that she would look spectacular in stilettos. Effective use of the mirror. Thanks for the portraits.

    on Lounge Hotel