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The sweet taste of Mila

Erotic fiction inspired by Mila I in “Rochita

I was spending a few days at my beach house down on the coast. It was great to get away from work and enjoy the late summer weather and the cool ocean breeze. I did some fishing and running, and I was looking forward to some crabbing. At the market, I picked up some supplies and got back in time to see the sunset. I put a pizza in the oven and sat on the deck as the sun went down, watching the birds on the beach.

“Hello, you must be my neighbor,” I heard a lovely voice say in an interesting accent. A startlingly pretty blonde poked her face over the rail of the deck. She introduced herself as Mila, and I invited her to join me for a drink. She had rented the place next door, and we had some wine and the pizza as we chatted. She was very attractive, tall and slim but with lovely curves, and gorgeous long legs.

“So what is this crabbing you are doing in the morning?” she asked.

“Nothing crazy; I get a dinghy for the day, take along a cooler and a bucket, drop in all my pots and wait for the Dungies to come strolling in!”

“Excuse me; a dinghy? Dungies?” she asked with a crooked smile.

“The dinghy is the boat, and Dungies are the Dungeness crabs. You should come!”

“And what do we do with these ‘Dungies’ we catch? Eat them?”

“Oh yes! Delicious! Like nothing you have ever had. If we get any. If not, we drink beer!”

“Well then, I will see you in the morning, Greg.”

She stood up and planted the most delicious kiss on me, lips soft as silk, and then left. Watching Mila walk back to her place in her short, tight dress was something to remember.

The next morning we rode down to the dock in my truck, loaded up the boat and shoved off. The day was beautiful, and we baited and dropped in a dozen pots.

Over a couple beers, Mila told me she loved being in the US because it was less ‘uptight’ than the Ukraine. When I asked what she meant, she was vague, but I got the impression people didn’t approve of her lifestyle. Intriguing.

We caught enough crabs for dinner and headed back, sandy and toasted by the sun. Mila popped back next door to shower, while I got in the kitchen, put the pot on to boil and took a quick shower myself. I had just uncorked some chardonnay when Mila came in from the deck like a vision, in a sexy silk robe that showed off her amazing legs.

We sat on the deck and dined on salad, crusty French bread and cracked crab drizzled in warm garlic butter, all washed down with white wine in the sunset breeze. That breeze off the waves was slightly chilly so we snuggled close and soon were making out, me sucking on her sweet lips. My curious fingers found Mila was indeed wearing nothing under her light robe, and her breasts were warm under my hands, nipples firming up when rolled between thumb and fingers, and even more when licked and sucked between my lips. Her body felt great, skin so supple and soft. She spread her legs for me and my fingers found her slit, buttery with arousal, hairless and smooth.

I stroked her, rotating my fingers around the bud of her clit. Mila closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her. Her slippery essence was copious and I lavished it all around her, rolling her clitoris in my fingertips and then tapping lightly, stroking and circling. Her breathing grew raspy and deep. I felt her flush in the cool evening and knew she was close so I backed off, sucking on her tongue and squeezing her breasts, just brushing the areolae, stimulating them. She pushed my hand lower, sliding my knuckles over her slippery lips. She rocked her hips up to meet me, asking for more. I slid two fingers into her depths, curled them up and flicked through her folds inside. She was biting her lip and breathing deep, her cheeks turning pink, and seemed close again. She had both hands on mine, forcing my fingers inside her. She arched her back and seemed on the verge of orgasm.

“Whoa there, Mila. Not yet, baby.”

“Greg, you bastard! What are you doing?” Her eyes were wild.

“Just wait.” I grasped her slim waist and planted her cute ass on the table right in front of me. I looked up into her eyes. “You can let go now, Mila. Just cum for me,” and I pressed my face between her thighs and tasted her, rolling her puffy folds with my tongue and sucking her wet lips between mine, feeling them quiver.

She leaned back on her elbows and sighed, waiting for it to happen, and I licked her deep, flicking her hot clit and feeling her orgasm, her legs shivering. She moaned urgently and I pressed on, lavishing her wetness with nips and licks, holding her hips, grinding her pubic mound and clit, sending her over the edge again. Her body bucked, back arching as her thighs squeezed my face, coating me with a gush of her essence, sweet and womanly.

And then I went for it again, slipping my fingers inside to find her G-spot and softly massage it while flicking her folds with my tongue. Mila fell on one side, convulsing in orgasm, dishes clattering to the deck.

We stopped for a moment, catching our breath, and Mila moved into my lap, a hand on my package. She looked up with a grin, happy that I was ready. Together we got my shorts off and she stroked my shaft, then guided me inside her in one go, incredibly tight and hot, but slick with her arousal.

She whispered, “Let me do this.” Her hips rolled and her pussy squeezed, wringing jolts of hot pleasure from me. I got all tingly and warm in the cool evening air while Mila humped me. I held her ass tight with both hands and thrust as deep as I could, my cock feeling huge in her tightness. I won't be long, I thought. Then she grinned and slowed it down, milking my shaft so slowly, eyes locked right on mine, biting her lip and diddling herself while slow-bouncing on my aching joint.

She rocked on me, shaking as she came on my cock, and then I thrust hard, feeling jolts of pleasure shoot up my spine. I emptied my balls in several long pulses, Mila hot and sticky inside now.

It was dark, the salty evening breeze finding our exposed skin, but we were warm in each other’s arms, my flesh still firm inside Mila. I had a feeling the week would pass quickly, with such delicious company…


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    Tristan Heart 9 minutes ago

    Ecco? 🤔 hehe 😄

    on Corset

    Fozzinsky 9 minutes ago

    It's Wow!! Wednesday on Met today for sure with four incredible sets. Thanx

    High octane stuff as I couldn't help wondering here why a big barrel of Agip Racing Fuel is kept in someones bedroom!?? It all adds to the mystery as there is nothing like revving up ones sex life. I just don't want to miss out on something!! Juliette does get the pulse racing.

    on Corset

    Tristan Heart 10 minutes ago

    That's true👍 , but I still think we are nowhere near the best she can be and I really think a change of setting could help 😉

    on Corset

    Tristan Heart 13 minutes ago

    Kery, when she first appeared as a model, seemed, for lag of a better words, ordinary, but that quickly changed upon closer inspection, she has so much charm, if her sweet smile doesn't melt your heart, it is likely because you don't have one hehe 😊

    Great set here by Leonardo and gorgeous Kery, thanks guys 😉👍

    on Think Pink

    Grass4myGoat 14 minutes ago

    I don't know if Juliette's corset would cinch in her waist much. Her waist doesn't need cinching it is quite great just as is. Her labia and legs also are great just as they are. I like #98 and similar. Today Luca is the one who deserves hazardous duty pay.

    on Corset

    Digger 26 minutes ago

    Dang, just refound Jessie and am moved by her beauty. Wonderful sexy set ...K we need those other sets Delta shot three years ago. And i appreciate those b&w photos. Thanks Jessie for sharing your perfection.

    on Levinum

    Tristan Heart 31 minutes ago

    Cristin is one of the great ones and I don't just mean her height hehe, she has such a beautiful face with amazing eyes and a great big sweet warm smile that makes you weak in the knees 😊

    I'm not completely sure about the set itself, but as usual when it comes to Alex, even his worst is still pretty good so there's no loss here hehe 😃

    So thanks for yet another set of the unbelievably gorgeous Cristin, portrayed here by the very talented Alex 😉👍

    on Dinner Tonight

    Fozzinsky 45 minutes ago

    Well done K, 'Think Pink' is a title for all time, the old names which I loved & were very clever but they never made me laugh as the suggested inferences of this one did.

    Thanks too Leonardo/Kery for letting those boobs just hang!! No arms pushing them up, no hands holding them in, minimal interference. They are just there in all their natural glory & what a beautiful sight they are too. Sometimes it's just the simplest of things, like the whole set being of a woman in a state of undress on a sofa, are the greatest of pleasures. Quality set all round & in the pink!!

    on Think Pink

    loveu69 46 minutes ago

    I've started a sub-collection folder with just rear bottom views with the models wearing their knickers. These are some of the most erotic views I feel and enhance their often magnificent shape of their bottoms and get your excitement levels raised even higher before you see the delights underneath in more detail. Cristin's beautiful view in #48 is exquisite and is a perfect example of her delicious female form. And then when revealed her 'after dinner' succulent anus would make the perfect desert. 8)

    on Dinner Tonight

    Willx 46 minutes ago

    This set was miles better than the dreadful one that kicked off her appearances here 🙂

    on Corset