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The sweet taste of Mila

Erotic fiction inspired by Mila I in “Rochita

I was spending a few days at my beach house down on the coast. It was great to get away from work and enjoy the late summer weather and the cool ocean breeze. I did some fishing and running, and I was looking forward to some crabbing. At the market, I picked up some supplies and got back in time to see the sunset. I put a pizza in the oven and sat on the deck as the sun went down, watching the birds on the beach.

“Hello, you must be my neighbor,” I heard a lovely voice say in an interesting accent. A startlingly pretty blonde poked her face over the rail of the deck. She introduced herself as Mila, and I invited her to join me for a drink. She had rented the place next door, and we had some wine and the pizza as we chatted. She was very attractive, tall and slim but with lovely curves, and gorgeous long legs.

“So what is this crabbing you are doing in the morning?” she asked.

“Nothing crazy; I get a dinghy for the day, take along a cooler and a bucket, drop in all my pots and wait for the Dungies to come strolling in!”

“Excuse me; a dinghy? Dungies?” she asked with a crooked smile.

“The dinghy is the boat, and Dungies are the Dungeness crabs. You should come!”

“And what do we do with these ‘Dungies’ we catch? Eat them?”

“Oh yes! Delicious! Like nothing you have ever had. If we get any. If not, we drink beer!”

“Well then, I will see you in the morning, Greg.”

She stood up and planted the most delicious kiss on me, lips soft as silk, and then left. Watching Mila walk back to her place in her short, tight dress was something to remember.

The next morning we rode down to the dock in my truck, loaded up the boat and shoved off. The day was beautiful, and we baited and dropped in a dozen pots.

Over a couple beers, Mila told me she loved being in the US because it was less ‘uptight’ than the Ukraine. When I asked what she meant, she was vague, but I got the impression people didn’t approve of her lifestyle. Intriguing.

We caught enough crabs for dinner and headed back, sandy and toasted by the sun. Mila popped back next door to shower, while I got in the kitchen, put the pot on to boil and took a quick shower myself. I had just uncorked some chardonnay when Mila came in from the deck like a vision, in a sexy silk robe that showed off her amazing legs.

We sat on the deck and dined on salad, crusty French bread and cracked crab drizzled in warm garlic butter, all washed down with white wine in the sunset breeze. That breeze off the waves was slightly chilly so we snuggled close and soon were making out, me sucking on her sweet lips. My curious fingers found Mila was indeed wearing nothing under her light robe, and her breasts were warm under my hands, nipples firming up when rolled between thumb and fingers, and even more when licked and sucked between my lips. Her body felt great, skin so supple and soft. She spread her legs for me and my fingers found her slit, buttery with arousal, hairless and smooth.

I stroked her, rotating my fingers around the bud of her clit. Mila closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her. Her slippery essence was copious and I lavished it all around her, rolling her clitoris in my fingertips and then tapping lightly, stroking and circling. Her breathing grew raspy and deep. I felt her flush in the cool evening and knew she was close so I backed off, sucking on her tongue and squeezing her breasts, just brushing the areolae, stimulating them. She pushed my hand lower, sliding my knuckles over her slippery lips. She rocked her hips up to meet me, asking for more. I slid two fingers into her depths, curled them up and flicked through her folds inside. She was biting her lip and breathing deep, her cheeks turning pink, and seemed close again. She had both hands on mine, forcing my fingers inside her. She arched her back and seemed on the verge of orgasm.

“Whoa there, Mila. Not yet, baby.”

“Greg, you bastard! What are you doing?” Her eyes were wild.

“Just wait.” I grasped her slim waist and planted her cute ass on the table right in front of me. I looked up into her eyes. “You can let go now, Mila. Just cum for me,” and I pressed my face between her thighs and tasted her, rolling her puffy folds with my tongue and sucking her wet lips between mine, feeling them quiver.

She leaned back on her elbows and sighed, waiting for it to happen, and I licked her deep, flicking her hot clit and feeling her orgasm, her legs shivering. She moaned urgently and I pressed on, lavishing her wetness with nips and licks, holding her hips, grinding her pubic mound and clit, sending her over the edge again. Her body bucked, back arching as her thighs squeezed my face, coating me with a gush of her essence, sweet and womanly.

And then I went for it again, slipping my fingers inside to find her G-spot and softly massage it while flicking her folds with my tongue. Mila fell on one side, convulsing in orgasm, dishes clattering to the deck.

We stopped for a moment, catching our breath, and Mila moved into my lap, a hand on my package. She looked up with a grin, happy that I was ready. Together we got my shorts off and she stroked my shaft, then guided me inside her in one go, incredibly tight and hot, but slick with her arousal.

She whispered, “Let me do this.” Her hips rolled and her pussy squeezed, wringing jolts of hot pleasure from me. I got all tingly and warm in the cool evening air while Mila humped me. I held her ass tight with both hands and thrust as deep as I could, my cock feeling huge in her tightness. I won't be long, I thought. Then she grinned and slowed it down, milking my shaft so slowly, eyes locked right on mine, biting her lip and diddling herself while slow-bouncing on my aching joint.

She rocked on me, shaking as she came on my cock, and then I thrust hard, feeling jolts of pleasure shoot up my spine. I emptied my balls in several long pulses, Mila hot and sticky inside now.

It was dark, the salty evening breeze finding our exposed skin, but we were warm in each other’s arms, my flesh still firm inside Mila. I had a feeling the week would pass quickly, with such delicious company…


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    I really like Alekasndrina's first two outdoor sets.

    I FUCKING LOVE Aleksandrina's three more recent indoor sets.

    Maybe it's the controlled environment, maybe it's the lack of a risk of getting caught, but these in these sets she's much more flirtatious, vivacious, audacious, courageous, and outrageously HOT. Good GAWD, what a woman. Love she short-chemise bottomlessness (hooray!), love the extra attention paid to her firm round butt, love the close-up shots that indicate that she was aroused during this shoot. Always love to see that.

    Best set of a truly great day on MET. WOW.

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    This girl is smoking hot, beautiful face, perfect figure, delicious looking pussy and anus, and I especially love that there is no hair anywhere except on her head, 10 stars

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    A ten-minute long celebration of why Zelda is one of MET's all time greats. My god. I really love the way she looks in Luca's sets and videos, there's an additional layer of glamour and stylishness laid on top of her irresistible cuteness. Not to mention her translucent-top bottomlessness today. HOORAY!

    What a video, one of the best we've seen here in a while. Love the long, lingering looks at every inch of her bare golden skin. Fantastic.

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    #78 and #79 (Casey pretending to pee with the bottle)
    So cool, so funny, so arousing!

    It's such a joy to see Casey having fun while posing nude. I also like the absence of a blanket or towel. It's just: nude girl, rocks and water (and occasionally a bottle).

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    Arsenpo 63 40 minutes ago

    Maravillosa!!! Ojala, disfrutemos mas de su encanto. Genial.

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    Checkers 41 minutes ago

    Ohhhh Haddie, please let me play you like a keyboard. I'd love to see if I can help you hit the high notes. 🙂

    ADORABLE. Haddie has one of MET's cutest smiles, and the way she consistently flashes it while putting on her little display is absolutely fantastic. Love her outfit, love her fearless poses, LOVE her cute little bush, and ohhh myyy, how had I not taken notice of her sweet little bottom before? Her appearances here are quickly becoming one of the best reasons to be a current MET member.

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    I seldom watch videos and comment even less frequently. I am very glad to have watched Biking Out. Zelda has always been beautiful and a favorite model She looks smashing here. I really like her pokies, large labia, and mega shapely legs. It was worth the wait to see her buttocks get their due attention (I love to watch them squish and when walking). There is only one nit that doesn't work for me. What the h e double hockey sticks look were she and Luca going for with her lips / teeth when not genuinely smiling? Isn't it great to see a butterfly being created? More videos up to the standard of Biking Out would be a treat.

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    fan of natural beauty 52 minutes ago

    So lovely, always a treat to see this lady.

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    The tank-top-and-bikini-bottom look is vastly underrated in the grand scheme of sexy beach wear. I love the way Casey splashes herself with her water bottle, and her smile when she peels everything off is absolutely irresistible. I would have loved a closer examination of how the water affected the transparency of her top, but I guess a man can't have everything. 🙂

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    Big , little b, what begins with b? Bountiful buttocks just like lovely Aleksandrina has! Also beautiful brunette hair, brown eyes, belly button, brilliant smiles. Aleksandrina has them all and so many more tools in her tool box, such as elfin ears, large labia,and shapely legs ~ oh my. I wager that she would look spectacular in stilettos. Effective use of the mirror. Thanks for the portraits.

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